Top 10 Most Disgusting Things That People Can Do


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81 Love One Direction

If you agree with this, you do everything on this list. I've seen you do all of them, and I know you throw a lot of your own poop

I like One Direction, it's not bas bad as Justin BARFER.

82 Use the Toilet and Not Wipe
83 Spit
84 Fart in Public
85 Lick Their Nose V 2 Comments
86 Watch New Family Guy Episodes
87 Get Naked and Watch Nickelodeon
88 Eat a Cute Fluffy Kitten

I may like dogs better, but they're still cute. WHY, I ask, WHY would someone do this.

Who would even do this?! - Powerfulgirl10

Now this is disgusting. The poor, innocent creature! It only lived so short…NEVER DO THIS PEOPLE! (Unless it's a cookie). - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Poor kitten... poor little kitten... WHO EATS CATS?! WHOOO?!?!?

89 Pee Off a Bridge V 2 Comments
90 Throw a Bloody Tampon In Somebody's Face

That is some disgusting right there why on earth would someone do that that's like pissing blood on someone

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91 Kiss a Monkey
92 Having All About the Bass As Your Ringtone

That's just cruel. Who would do something like that? - Popsicles

93 Watch Happy Tree Friends

This show is so disturbing yet my friend finds it funny... - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

I watched this when I was about 9 or 10 thinking it was some little kid show. I was laughing so hard but disgusted t the same time. I watched every single episode

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94 Replace all the milk in your kitchen with horse semen

I had my mouth wide open while after reading this, and looking up the definition of semen. I started drooling on afterward. I'm officially disturbed. - Powerfulgirl10

V 2 Comments
95 Help a Horse Masturbate

I legit laughed when I heard this - SansTheComic


96 Blow Your Nose On Somebody's Food
97 Burp the Alphabet In One Burp
98 Make Out With a Frog
99 Drink Fat Bastard's Stool Sample

Austin Powers reference

100 Shart

Part crap, part fart. I would have said half CENSOR, but nope...

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