Top 10 Most Disgusting Things That People Can Do


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101 Look Up Furry Porn

Excuse me Sir or Madam. Can I pour bleach on my eyes and gauge them out with a spoon since I looked this up on Google? - Powerfulgirl10

I just looked it up, I'll just pretend I didn't see that...

I'm going to cut my eyes out

Well, this person done it.

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102 Make Fart Noises When People Are Eating
103 Go Into Stores With Display Toilets and Poop In Them
104 Pronounce Cool Whip As Cool Hwhip
105 Burp and Then Saying "MMMM, Tasty!"

That's funny, but gross...

106 Blow Your Nose In Your Hand
107 Drink Your Own Pee

That's as gross as heck!

108 Watch Porn

Porn is disgusting - Neonco31

Not really a big deal I personally don't but still not a big deal

I got made to by the person who made me

I regret watching this now. - Popsicles

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109 Incest

Oh god...the worst thing...along with homosexuality - Ananya

110 Lick jam out of someone's belly button

Sorry, I was watching a little bit too much Total Drama Island... - NicholasYellow

Exactly HOW did the jam get in there?

It's a reference to a Total Drama Island episode. Somebody had to eat jam out of somebody else's belly button as a dare. - Catacorn

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111 Kill Themselves
112 Like Dora The Explorer
113 Play Pokemon Go
114 Lick their fingers after eating something
115 Hide stuff in their bra
116 Listen to Kanye West
117 Eat a Dog
118 Not using a bidet

It's not hygienic and if you use one you'll only have to use one toilet paper sheet - Abby45823

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