Most Disrespected Mods of Icanhazchat

The Top Ten Most Disrespected Mods of Icanhazchat

1 Titsorgtfo aka Ellis

Nothing says mod than a married man pretending to be 18

He is the reason why all those hate threads are on /soc, he created the first few when they got into an argument, if he can't have her, no one can

Banned and still do not know why

I am banned and have never been there. What the... ?

2 Stimp

cool jerk, likes to bate on cam Bank is a manipulative jerk who weasels his way into people's good graces, then backstabs them for power and control over a room. If you don't make him a mod, he throws a bitch fit and has someone ban you from any room he manages to gain power in.

Banned me for no reason,

3 Bank

Bank is a manipulative jerk who weasels his way into people's good graces, then backstabs them for power and control over a room. If you don't make him a mod, he throws a bitch fit and has someone ban you from any room he manages to gain power in.

Bank is a capper and a blackmailer. He is not to be trusted under any circumstances; he will tell anyone anything that he thinks is required to reach his goals, whatever they are.

Capper, blackmailer, whiner, manipulator, weasel. Also erratic and one of the biggest suck-ups anywhere.

He caused so much drama over time that he just deserves to be voted most disrepected!

4 Randommm

Random is the best! She is all around real and actually cares about her viewers. Will keep coming back!

Thinks she's gods gift to the universe but only cares about eating and playing skyrim

5 Axel
6 Mrthrope

just clicked because I hate blackmailers, I hate he dies hehehe

they screw up the caps and make the girls cry, it's so stupid, then other girls get scared of showing, why spoil the fun

Also know as the famous capper and blackmailer - Aussie

7 randobandito
8 MrFrozty
9 delaney
10 Wickerheart

Just a low life. Claims to be 25 but looks more like 40. Can not get his owns girls on the internet so has to resort to making others do his dirty work, to the extent that he forces others to put him in a position of power in their rooms. I feel sorry for those poor fools that allow him to bully them around.

Wow what a looser. Has kicked and banned the most girls ever, and usually because they will not chat to him, or do what he wants. Likes to upset the girls to the stage where they are glad to be rid of him.

Someone who is just an ass, breaks his owns rules and others rules that have been agreed on, but expects everyone else to follow them... And if someone else breaks a rule he really has a go at them and has even banned some people... A double standards mod

Simply can not control himself and that is why they have nothing better to do all day except make others lives miserable. He can not hold down a job because of the way he is and so he spends his life on internet chats. A really sad case that needs a lot of help.

The Contenders

11 Don

It in unconscionable that Don still exists on ICHC. When you consider all the mayhem he has created behind the scenes he is either a mad genius, or just mad.

Everybody hates Don because he writes in complete sentences with proper punctuation; he is a living "tlr" machine.

I love Don. I wish he'd come back because I want to have his babies. He is 82 and his junk looks like George Clooney.

After what he did that time, who can forgive him? He should not be allowed to mod any room so long as this is a free country and lolcats are allowed to be kept as sacred animals.

12 stevenwoo

A dick! Bans for no reason and demands you bring girls to cam to get back in! Needs to feel powerful by putting down others.

13 wedbetter
14 grasshopper

All of this sounds about right, pretty much a just another basement dwelling virgin that will only ever have sex with rosie palm

Is this is that domesticus dumb a** from TOG he chats like a professor or something but looks and acts dumber than a box of rocks

Thrown out of TOG... Helped destroy FYT... Admittedly is scared to private girls... Now an owner of fail room /failpulse... Epic record

Such a creep has been tossed out of so many rooms... A major BETA always a follower never a take charge person

15 Elguapo

Elguapo is a piece of crap who gets butthurt incredibly easily.

16 Sharpshooter
17 riiiight
18 foggy
19 Rhinoanon
20 loltrolls
21 Supervisor

When he's in mod mode he really is a very good mod. Keeps the girls happy and applies the rules fairly if not a bit stringently. But I've also seen him decide to start kicking people as a game or not because they've done anything and other types of childish behavior. Either way one of those mods that's best to stay under his radar when he's around.

22 Wrath

Carries on like a disgruntled little child. Can't articulate the reasons behind his actions-- shares similar characteristics with the intellectually poorer members of the primate family.

Just a huge ass. If he don't like you screen name, he bans you. I kind of feel sorry for him. This is all he has and is all alone in life.

Changed his name from Wickerheart in a lame attempt to disguise who he really is and all the bad comments about him

Can't live by the rules he sets for others. Plays favorites. Prissy little bitch.

23 Tacobelltroy

Scares girls off by harassing them. Caused two of my favorite girls to leave the room.

24 lattrommi

He grosses me out every damn time I come across him. He doesn't ban people, just him showing up is enough for people to flee in huge quantities.

His links are the most vile depraved things ever.

Gross. He's literally one of the worst people I have ever met. I really hope that he is the worst.

Don't click his photos they are like rancid milk with chicken in a mason jar.

25 King

Banned because they "didn't need any more lurkers." I participated in chat. Brand new to the site.

Blackmails chatters into getting more girl otherwise bans em

Exceptional wanker, banned me for knowing how to PM with a new account. Not even kidding.

Banned me for going to other rooms. What a dick.

26 bigbootybitch

Hates it when you message girls and makes up stories about you.

Records and blackmails the girls, makes girls his slave and makes them call him boss and demands they do stuff with their dogs or he will send their nudes to their employers/school/fb friends.

27 i1269n4q

I just found this list and want to say... I1269n4q was tough but he was also fair... From what I could see he never had any support from his mods!

Probably the worst mod on naughtybutnice at the moment. This old creep has a kid and goes around scaring girls with his pictures. His channel is his personal dating scene, he asks girls to be his "e-girlfriend". Many girls have since left that room because of his creep level. Beware girls. Madmin!

He is a filthy pig biker. He creeps on the girls and claims not to. He scared away so many girls. Even his own mods hate him.

28 Gordon_Freeman

He is a very rude person and causes lots of butt-hurt of people in his rooms which result in a lot of drama. - chrome

29 Nuclearrat

Lets people masturbate in his bedroom, is fun, likes walks in Minecraft.

This guy let people fat in his room

Was talking degorratary statmenst on gays and lesbos

30 Feetz

Aka known as jewbacca, a real piece of work the quintessential a** hole, thinks he is all that and a bag of chips!

31 Coaster
32 dell
33 orangez

Underrated mod, because hjadssde is so awessdaome and amazing! I really like orange because he is an awesome mod! I cannot believe he is so awesome! Anyone like him? Asd

34 Quarrrrk

He's the best, hands down

This man is a god

35 Garf
36 terminallanceryan

Real piece of work, a grammar Nazi

Yeah, He's a huge dick.

By the way. Your comment should read, "He's a real piece of work; a grammar Nazi."

Smug a**hole on the usual icanhazchat mod powertrip

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