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61 Superman IV: The Quest for Peace
62 Silent Hill
63 Sin City

Can't understand what's possibly disturbing about this film. then, one could say, 'Eastenders' is disturbing too.

64 Inglourious Basterds

In no way is this film disturbing besides the subject matter. Tarantino is a master at turning even the darkest themes into fun comedic action. - TheRiceKing

First Die Hard and now Inglourious Basterds?

65 Kill Bill - Volume Two
66 Apocalypse Now Redux
67 Undisputed II - Last Man Standing
68 Babel
69 Edward Scissorhands

How can this disturb anyone? - jack2244

70 Saving Private Ryan

It's a brutal movie and extremely intense but it does not phase me - jack2244

71 Freaks V 1 Comment
72 The Butterfly Effect V 1 Comment
73 Hounddog

This movie is just messed up. Have not seen it? Well then, it has a 12 year old Dakota Fanning getting RAPED.

V 1 Comment
74 Seven
75 The Victim
76 The Green Elephant

This is so disturbing and gross at the same time and on so many levels. Two Russian guys are held as prisoners and have to survive. One part in which one of the guys takes a dump and feeds it to the other prisoner. It would s so disgusting and sadistic

77 Gladiator

... I saw someone get chopped in half at the waist. In detail. But it was a great movie. Definitely not the most disturbing but pretty bad.

78 Inland Empire

That face scene, holy crap, I just wanted to cry. So disturbing. And those rabbits? Holy god.

79 Cannibal (2006)
80 Hostel: Part II
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