Top 10 Most Disturbing Movies

Well, well, here is a list of the movies that make you think....why???

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81 Jade

Extreme violence, strong language, strong erotic sex scenes, full female nudity.

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82 The Expendables
83 Freaks

This movie came out 80 years ago

84 The Butterfly Effect


85 Hounddog

This movie is just messed up. Have not seen it? Well then, it has a 12 year old Dakota Fanning getting RAPED.

This movie is not all disturbing besides one scene. WHERE A 12 YEAR OLD GIRL (played by Dakota Fanning) GETS RAPED BY PERSON LIKE 3 TIMES HER AGE. *shudder* it is so messed up.

86 Seven
87 Visitor Q
88 The Victim
89 Gladiator

... I saw someone get chopped in half at the waist. In detail. But it was a great movie. Definitely not the most disturbing but pretty bad.

90 Inland Empire

That face scene, holy crap, I just wanted to cry. So disturbing. And those rabbits? Holy god.

91 Aftermath
92 Cannibal (2006)
93 Saw VI
94 August Underground
95 Schindler's List
96 Dead Alive

It may be extremely gory, but some of it is done commedically.

97 Threads
98 Come and See
99 Hostel

This was a pretty disturbing movie.

100 Hostel: Part II
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