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81 Inland Empire

That face scene, holy crap, I just wanted to cry. So disturbing. And those rabbits? Holy god.

82 Cannibal (2006)
83 Hostel: Part II
84 Pink Flamingos

Why isn't this higher?!? Way way higher, it should be in the top 5

No I haven't seen the movie, only small clips and a description of the plot and that was enough to give me a weird feeling in my stomach... Cringes

85 Grotesque

Grotesque is quiet a bloody Japanese horror film I've seen the trailer and MY GOD! It was bloody

Dumb cheesy movie but still a bit disturbing

86 Oldboy

Should be in the top ten, One of the most disturbing films I've ever watched, and it still manages to be one of my favorites. - TheRiceKing

This isn't up high because no one knows this.

I certainly never heard of this.

87 Donnie Darko
88 Casino
89 Ostermontag
90 Vase de Noces
91 Grotesque
92 The Machinist
93 The Dark Knight

I think I can see why it's on here. BECAUSE HEATH LEDGER AS THE JOKER!? I saw the trailer I wanted to see it but I couldn't because my mum said it "too scary"

This movie is the only pg-13 movie on this list and it is not disturbing!

94 The Hills Have Eyes

This movie... It was not scary... But it was so... Just bad. Just a bad situation. Very hard to watch.

95 Rosemary's Baby
96 The Happening

I know it did terrible but some of those suicide scenes were very disturbing.

97 Kids
98 Akira
99 Splice
100 Mulholland Drive

Can't believe it was not in the list... the most confusing and disturbing movie ever

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