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81 Freaks V 1 Comment
82 The Butterfly Effect V 1 Comment
83 Hounddog

This movie is just messed up. Have not seen it? Well then, it has a 12 year old Dakota Fanning getting RAPED.

This movie is not all disturbing besides one scene. WHERE A 12 YEAR OLD GIRL (played by Dakota Fanning) GETS RAPED BY PERSON LIKE 3 TIMES HER AGE. *shudder* it is so messed up.

84 Seven
85 Visitor Q
86 The Victim
87 Gladiator

... I saw someone get chopped in half at the waist. In detail. But it was a great movie. Definitely not the most disturbing but pretty bad.

88 Inland Empire

That face scene, holy crap, I just wanted to cry. So disturbing. And those rabbits? Holy god.

89 Aftermath
90 Cannibal (2006)
91 Saw VI
92 August Underground
93 Schindler's List
94 Dead Alive V 1 Comment
95 Threads
96 Come and See
97 Hostel

This was a pretty disturbing movie.

98 Hostel: Part II
99 Elf

Gives me the chills every time ah

100 Pink Flamingos

Why isn't this higher?!? Way way higher, it should be in the top 5

No I haven't seen the movie, only small clips and a description of the plot and that was enough to give me a weird feeling in my stomach... Cringes

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