Hatsune Miku x Kagamine Len


I feel like this ship is too obvious. I'm starting to wonder if so many people ship it just because Miku is the most popular FEMALE vocaloid and Len is probably the most popular MALE vocaloid. When I ship vocaloids, I focus on how they sound together. For me Miku and Len are not exactly the best sounding duo, although there are some songs where they sound 'ok' like 'Ton Ton Mae'. Therefore I can only see them as friends, or Miku is a big sister figure to Len and Rin.

The reason I am starting to hate this ship is because of those obnoxious Miku x Len shippers who feel they need to ruin everyone else's ships. I ship Len x Gumi and I love listening to the songs they sing in. Unfortunately when I look down at the comments, it's filled with Miku x Len shippers hating it because it's Len with Gumi instead of Miku. It's unnecessary. You wouldn't expect Len x Gumi shippers to go up to a Miku x Len song and comment "Ugh no it should be Gumi instead of Miku". I sometimes see Miku x Len ...more

I personally like this ship. I think it's way better than KAITO x Miku. I am bit saying I don't like KAITO (he is my favorite vocaloid) it's just Len and Miku are so cute together in my opinion!

Not necessary. Shame on you who made this vote. What r you implying? A war between us vocaloid fans? Shame. We fans have our very own opinion but there is no need for you to suppress your opinion That YOU KNOW will cause conflicts. Shame on you who vote as well. Stop making the vocaloid fandom look worthless and un-smart. Sorry if this is considered as offend. I am simply expressing what should we really do. Rather than starting wars... you know how people'll feel when they see this list. please be more cautious

To all those defending, I get that you like this ship or not but can you just understand that not EVERYONE dislikes this ship mostly for their 'age'? I personally can't like this ship (though I see its potential) mainly because I find Miku unsuitable to Len. (Or rather, I just don't ship Len with anyone.) Not because of her age, but I just can't seem to like it just like that. Their appearance really to me, do not match (and don't tut at me when I'm pretty sure you judge on appearance too). To anyone who tells me that people shouldn't base their ship on colours or voices then please do tell me why you cannot ship RinLen? They only look eerily similar because of their colors (pretty sure most of you wouldn't think they are mirror images if they have different colors) and people still judge on their voices for being done by same actress too!

I don't really find anything disturbing about this. Age doesn't matter really! As long two people really loves each other then it's fine right? To the fan girls or fan boys: If you really do love Miku or Len you're ready to just ignore your feelings for them and just watch them be happy! If you want them for yourselves then, dude, that's just pure obsession! I'll understand if you're a yandere though.

Well that's all!

This ship is just... Too much. Why do people even ship it? Miku and Len are total opposites, so why do people even bother? The reason I don't ship it is because their personalities wouldn't work out if they DID date. What I mean is that Miku, first of all, is more of an energetic and sociable person, while Len is shy and calmer than her. This wouldn't work out. Len would eventually get annoyed by Miku always being hyper since he likes it chill. This ship has so many things wrong with it, and I just don't approve, it weirds me out.

Come on guys, I think the age difference shouldn't matter. I mean miku is lik 20 years younger than kaito. And who says the guy has to be taller, I'm a feminist and if a girl like a guy who's shorter, than good for her. And Rin is viewed as Len's twin, and I'm not into twincest. The two are good I'd say. They have different interests which would make things fun, and when Len's down Miku's happy smile could cheer him up. And so I ship this couple.

This list should more accurately be called : "Vocaloid pairings, In my opinion don't like." because that is all we are doing, If I say I don't like a pair you like, you probably wont like me saying it. There is pairs I like also, I'm OK with it if you don't like the same ones. Not everybody is not "hater" (stupid word) It's called having an opinion. We can still be friends even if we don't like 100% of what each other likes, right?

I really don't care for Len X Miku, myself It's fine with me if you do though.

I just think that this ship is kinda weird. Don't ask why, I just think it is. I understand that a two year age difference isn't that important, but in high school I think it makes all the difference (come on people, you've been there right? ). The last part I dislike about it is that Miku is actually taller then Len (I'm sorry but even if it's by two inches it still kinda seems weird). That is just my opinion. If you oppose it, more power to ya, I'm just letting everyone know my opinion as you are. (kinda strange but the first two on this list are actually the first two on the best vocaloid couple's list >-<')

Miku and len? Really? I didn't see lots of video about they together.. len is always with rin when singing and often with miku.. miku is always singing witg kaito and often with len and they are not soulmate like a pair of shoes their color is blue and yellow, is there a shoe with the right blue color and the left yellow color? Of course NO yellow should be with yellow and blue should be with blue. Rin should be with len and kaito should be with miku that is OTP forever and by the way I ship luka x gakupo because the color is same (purple&pink)

Honestly, I bet the majority of the people who voted for this were pissed off Rin x len shippers. I'm not labeling every individual, but even if you don't particularly like this ship, it doesn't make it "disturbing". And if you are going to say how their "age gap" is too far and that Miku is a pedophile, there is nothing wrong with a two year age gap!

I find this ship not quite something to my taste since I view Miku more as a biological or figure older sister to Len. So, it's kinda the same reasoning people have for LenxRin. Besides, I found that Miku looks similar to them anyway (what with the eyes that are eerily the same, the similar clothing and I'm pretty sure Rin would eventually look like her anyway if she grows her hair out that long. Plus, seriously? So people'd start hating on Miku if we gave her the Kagamine colour scheme and change her last name to Kagamine? ) since it IS my own portrayal so *shrugs*, they're not suitable together. But that's just me.

I don't like this paring. I don't ship Miku with anyone, really. I only ship Len with Luka or Kaito. I don't like Rin x Len either. Or Kaito x Miku. The pairings I do like are : Len x Luka, Kaito x Meiko, Kaito x Len, Kaito x Luka, and sometimes Luka x Gakupo or Gumi x Len.

What the hell? It's worse when you ship Len with Luka. Len X Miku for the win. - SHREKPOOT

Honestly, it bothers me when people hate on Miku x Len based on a 2 year age difference, then turn around and ship Miku with Kaito (who is at least 10 years older), or Len with Kaito, Luka, or Rin. They'd rather ship pedophilia or incest instead of a generally cute ship with potential.

I don't generally don't hate this pairing, but I don't see how they would be compatible. Their personalities don't just match up at all in my mind. Len and Miku don't share a lot of chemistry, so the ship doesn't make sense to me. I could note that their is also an 2 year age gap, but that doesn't disturb me too much either. I suppose I just dislike that I haven't seen much chemistry with them. I would also like to note that this is completely my opinion and that this post itself causes a fuss over vocaloid fans. It would be bets if everyone just enjoyed their ships and kept it at that. And yes, I'm a hypocrite. I apologize.

I see them more as a family kind of relationship. Can't really see them as a couple, but it's not that awful.

They don't have matching voice. Miku's voice is sweet, while len's voice had POWER. It's different for MiKai, You can soften kaito's voice so it matches with miku.

The color doesn't make sense. And Miku is older than len. Face it. I don't care (miku x len shippers) said "OH! THE COLORS DOESN'T MATTER! AGE DOESN'T MATTER! " well, it matters to me. Their colors doesn't match at all, Teal And yellow? Ugh. About the age, it is DISGUSTING to love men who is younger than a women. DISGUSTING.

And my last reason... THIS SHIP ISN'T CANON. Well, maybe, all other ships isn't canon too. But, for example, like rin x len, they have many duets together in project diva songs. Miku and len? NONE! HA! 'Monochrome dream eater' doesn't count. Len tricked her, he never LOVED her. It's not even a duet between them. And, in concert, they only appeared together in Shake it. Rin and len? THEY APPEARED IN SUKI KIRAI, BUTTERFLY IN YOUR RIGHT SHOULDER, AND MANY MORE! Heck, I am saying this ...more

I don't like this ship...like at all. To me when I think about their personalities I think that Miku x Kaito and Len x Gumi would be the better ships for these VOCALIODS. Miku looks like she would be crazy and nice but way to serious about singing. Kaito is perfect here. He is crazy over ice cream and Miku would keep him singing. Len is also crazy and nice but seems like he is stubborn about which songs he sings and isn't to serious about it. Len and miku are best friends in my mind and Gumi with her crazy awesomeness would be perfect for him. That is just my opinion and how I see VOCALIODS.

I disagree with this one they're two years apart a 14 year old Len, and a 16 year old Miku that just doesn't sound right

Agreed. I never liked this, I already said "Len x Gumi is my pair! " So I never expected something like this..

I dislike Miku x Len as much as any Len x Gumi and Luka x Miku shipper, but I would not go as far as saying it's the second worst shipping. My guess is that these ships are so high is because these people barely know vocaloid. - felispasta

I have to agree on this. I know there's an age gap, but that doesn't matter at all. It's just how they look together. It really disturbs me a lot. I'm ok with it being around, but I prefer it just being left off for others for now. Colors and voices don't matter at all really, as I said I don't really like the actual looks of Miku x Len, they don't really match in my opinion.

I disagree with this the most! It's disturbing! Rin and Len is fine because they are mirror images depending on the song! This is disturbing, and I hate it when someone puts it as their OTP. ( Sorry ) I don't care about their age gap, it's just disturbing. (Okay it's disturbing too) Their voice don't match at times. It gives me the headaches!

Um len and miku are cute together... They're a good match. That's my opinion

No comments...i am neutral here, I am just vote for the pairings that less favorite in my list plus I don't really super to them.(don't angry kay? This just my opinion, so STFU you the one who don't agree with my opinion...same as you I have my own opinion...)