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21 Kaito x Kagamine Rin

I find it hard to ship this, it's like shipping Haku and Oliver, I don't have anything against it but it's hard to imagine

I used to ship this a lot, but know that I kinda look at it.. I don't know. I still have a slight interest in the ship but I don't know how I feel about it.

Come on, guys. She's 14.

That age gap eugh

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22 Kaito x Kagamine Len

What the heck do you mean huge age difference? I've looked and I haven't been able to find Kaito's age anywhere, although most people think he's in his late teens or early twenties. The age difference isn't all that big if he's in his teenage years. You could argue that Len, being thirteen (or was it fourteen? ) is to young to be dating someone Kaito's age. You may have a point there, but don't shove some bull crap down my throat about a large age difference when Kaito has no official age.

If Len was female, no one would ship it. Their voices don't look that good together AND Kaito is way older than Len. People always forget age gaps when it comes to Yuri and Yaoi.

I don't know what it is about this pair but I LOVE them while I know a lot of people who ship them I have to say I'm the biggest! BEST. VOCALOID. SHIP. EVER!

Wow, this ship has a LOT less hate than I thought, and I'm really glad! I love Banana Split so much, their voices are great together and they look cute as a couple. And no, I don't ship it because of Yaoi/shounen ai, I ship it because of the other two reasons. And the whole 'age difference' is bull, since Kaito has no age. He could literally be shipped with any vocaloid

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23 Kamui Gakupo x Hatsune Miku

Their voices clashes with eachother. Gakupo has a very low and manly voice, while Miku has a childish, weird and high voice. Purple and turquoise don't fit either.

This is just like Miku x Kaito in the sence that Gakupo just seems way too old for her.

Their voices sound good together especially when using Miku dark with Gakupo power, they harmonize nicely and there s a form of mutual respect between the two as in neither of them take over the other like in their cover of Tsugai kogarashi or the cuter close x cloths overall I think they should be made to sing together more often.

Miku - "popipopipopipo"
Gakupo- *kidnaps girls* *rapes them*
So, no. I don't think that will work out very well.

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24 Kaito x Kaito

It's not disturbing, it just shows how Kaito has a massive ego. But still, the ship two different Kaito modules. His Classic module and his Cyber Neko module. I have NO idea how it came about! But yeah, that's the ship, and I do not approve it.

They are the same person

This is definitely the most disturbing in my opinion. I didn't even know this existed.

Best ship. Truly legit.

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25 Ryuto (Gachapoid) x Kiyoteru

Lord, no! Please! This is even worse than Yuki x Kiyoteru! Do the words 'age difference' mean anything to the people who ship this?

I dislike Gachapoid. He shouldn't be shipped with anyone. He should be put in the corner (sorry if I'm being too mean, but I don't know anyone else who dislikes him, so I have to vent a little! )

Ryuto is 7. Kiyoteru is 22. This is one of the cases where age actually matters, because Ryuto is 7.

Just disgusting...

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26 Oliver x Len Kagamine

Oliver seems a lot younger than Len to me (personally), even though there's only a two year age gap. Still, I wouldn't want that to mean I totally rule them out in terms of shipping. I really love the ship - I think it's adorable - there are just other people I like to ship them both with more than each other.

Nah. Don't know why but this pairing throws me off. Maybe because I have always seen Oliver as being 100 percent straight. I'd rather ship him with Rin and Len with Piko. - SueDonom

I honestly don' see why people find this disturbing. The two sound great together, and I think they look nice together too. I just don't get the people that sexualize them or the ship. - ProSkellyArcher

This ship is really messed up. It's one of the worst I've ever seen. People only ship them because of the blond hair and other weird reasons. Oliver is straight.

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27 Kaito x Ice Cream

This is actually a little fun. Having this to throw off shipping wars is pretty fun, especially the part about ice cream!

This is best ship. I support 100%

This ship is not that disturbing. It's a crack ship so it doesn't really need to make sense, why would you be against this? It's just a joke.

The best ship. I like it.

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28 Oliver x Seeu

THIS SHIP IS JUST WRONG. SeeU is FIVE YEARS OLDER. I personally ship Oliver and Rin, it makes much more sense, there is only a two year age gap. I have no idea why SeeU x Oliver is more popular than that ship. This may just be because I never really liked SeeU though...

SeeU is FIVE years older than Oliver. In my mind, that is just wrong.

Jeez they might be siblings for how much age difference there is between them.

WHAT?! This is a thing? :/ these two are impossible to ship honestly... I like SeeU but her voice doesn't mix with anyone but Oliver is 12... 12! Where I am from, it is far too young for a relationship...

Maybe as friends or brother/sisterly sort of bond?

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29 Kaai Yuki x Oliver

This is so much less disturbing than Oliver x Seeu. Let me give everyone complaining about age difference a piece of info. Oliver is 12. Seeu is 17. That's only 1 year better than Len x Luka. But since they apparently look good together, people overlook that and ship them to their hearts content. Yuki x Oliver is cute. I'm not particularly obsessed with the ship, but they look good together, their voices go well together, and there is only a three years age difference between them. So it's not disturbing. Full stop.

I found this ship cute. I don't see what's wrong with it, it's only a 2-3 year age difference.

Why is this even on the most disturbing list? These two are really cute!

SO CUTE. Why is this here? Imagine it, then look me in the screen and tell me it's not cute. - Winterush

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30 Akita Nero x Kagamine Rin

Neru's voice is Rin's toned down, so I kind of see them as the same person.

Just like Neru X Len, it really disturbs me. I like Rin, but I sorta hate Nero. Nero is a Boukaloid, Rin is a Vocaloid. Boukaloids hate Vocaloids. To me, they were not made for each other. Also, this pairing should be on the top of this list.

I don't know why butt I find this pairing pretty cute
Like not as cute as my other ships but still cute
There's only a one year age difference too - SueDonom

31 YOHIOloid x Maika

I completely agree. Their voices really don't compliment each other. They don't exactly sound bad together but their duets sounds flat and uninteresting and I could think of so many character they'd match better with.

I've heard that their respective creators ships them together which I suppose would make them as canon as a vocaloid-pairing can be (though no vocaloid-ship will hopefully ever be canon) and yes their designs match which is most likely also an intentional thing from their creators. But this only makes me think that a lot of fans ships them out of convenience, and how many times have I not heard the argument "this is canon therefor it's perfect"? Or "this is how the creators wants it so they're obviously made for each other". I guess that this could make it sound as if I'm shipping Kaito x Meiko simply out of convenience too since KaiMei-fandom so often uses the "they were literally made for each other"-argument but the thing is that ...more

I don't get why there's so much hype for this pairing Maika has a slight accent in her voice and yohio's voice sounds very clear and young. Maika's accent somewhat gets in the way when she's singing and also there voices are late in keeping up with the tune so I don't think they go together. Plus Yohio is 17 and Maika is 19... Still like an adult dating a young person

I didn't know that YOHIOloid was shipped

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32 Prima x Calne Ca

I don't think anybody ships this, lol...

I love Calne Ca, but can the fandom please refrain from shipping her with anyone? It's bizarre.

Why is this a thing?

Isn't Calne Ca that girl in Bacterial Contamination? :/

If so, this doesn't make sense and I wish I voted this instead...

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33 Len x IA

Too bad IA isn't popular. I like a love triangle idea of IA x Len x Miku. Kinda like Acute, but instead of KAITO and Luka, it's Len and IA. Except Miku doesn't try to kill anyone question: Why do some many people die in Vocaloid?!

I love IA, but she's definitely one of the much more popular ones. - SueDonom

I ship this so much

This is my favorite ship of Vocaloid! >< they are just really cute together. They sound nice. The only thing that is missing to become this ship more popular a a song. WE NEED A IAXLEN SONG GODAMNED!

I didn't really know if I should hand over my pure-hearted and innocent IA to Len. I mean Len is given the role of playboy. But still their covers are so so so miraculous.

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34 Kaito x Gakupo

They may actually work in the right situation. Meiko and Kaito wouldn't work, mostly because when Meiko gets drunk, Kaito would be sent to an early grave, and Magnet had me sold on Miku and Luka

This could be possible if you saw them as gay

Can't really ship it...

Nah same as MeiLuka BROTP - SueDonom

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35 Oliver x Big Al

This is one of the few Vocaloid pairings that makes me feel very uncomfortable. Last time I checked, Oliver was a shy twelve year old boy while Big Al was a twenty three year old man who seems like anything but shy and quiet... Their voices don't sound very nice together and there is an obvious sign that points towards pedophilla.

Shoot the person who came up with this. Jesus christ. PEDOPHILIA. IS. ILLEGAL.

Nope father and son

Wow. People ship this? Just imagine it WAIT DO NOT IMAGINE IT I GOT THE WORST PICTURE IN MY HEAD!
You don't really want Big Al to be a p├Ždo do you? - Winterush

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36 Piko x Iroha

I ship Piko with Miki because they are both robot and they seems counterpart of each other, but yeah this ship is not too bad, I guess - Sere

Honestly, Piko is way to gay to be with anyone other than Len.

Hm...not to...bad

37 Anon x Kanon

Nope, I've got a twin and trust be, twincest isn't wincest, it's just plain weird.

This should be second, right under Yuki x Kiyoteru since I think Pedophilia is SLIGHTLY worse than Incest but incest like this is still awful and disgusting :/
I mean, why is Rin and Len at the top? This is confirmed!

Anon and kanon are confirmed for twins. Can we refrain from morphing the fandom into a twincest cesspit? Thank you.
(Although if you have any better ideas, I need to get these two out of the way for my shipping chart) - Winterush

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38 Akaito x Kaito

They are the same person in a different color scheme. I like them as a split personality thing (Kaito is the actual person, Akaito is an alter ego) and them as lovers is disurbing.

Seems like they are the same people

Get some hair dye and a new coat and suddenly you can date yourself. Seems legit

In one hand, it's selfcest/narcissism. In the other hand, Akaito and Kaito could be considered as brothers. In the spontaneously grown third hand, it's like the Kagamines.

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39 Utatane Piko x SF-A2 Miki

I don't actually ship this, but they go really well together, can't deny that. They've both got those adorable pieces of hair sticking off their head and they just all 'round fit. But whatever. I'm just that weird kid who put Len x Miki on the list.

Hate this pairing. They don't actually sound good together at all. People only ship 'Em because of their ahoges. I can't see Miki as anything but a girl in her early twenties while I see Piko as being 15. I'd rather ship Piko with Len, Gumi, or Rin since they sound adorable together and Miki with Kiyoteru for the same reason. - SueDonom

I LOVE this particular pairing so much! I don't see anything wrong with it.

I can see this being cute

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40 Rin x Gumi

How have I not come across this?! This is a great ship! They look really cute together and there isn't really an age gap because Gumi's age isn't confirmed. It's only confirmed for her to be set in her teenage year, suggesting she'll be around 14-17 maybe? Plus their voices go so good together. I ship this now.

This ship is adorable! Gumi and Rin sound great together, maybe even better than Gumi and Len! They look cute together, too!

Shut up, Yuri is awesome.

Wha? Disturbing? I find it cute :3 It's even logical too (Orange Carrot ) I'm fine with a cute yuri ship like this one sooo this isn't quite disturbing unless you dislike yuri or just despise this ship because you ship them with someone else...

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