Most Disturbing Vocaloid Pairings

Well, I was asked this question by my big brother, and I already know a few people's. So I want to see what you guys think. And yes, Utau and Derivatives (Relatively Well-known ones) do count, because in my book, anything (of this sort) or anyone who have 3 or more original songs do count.

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41 Akaito x Kaito

They are the same person in a different color scheme. I like them as a split personality thing (Kaito is the actual person, Akaito is an alter ego) and them as lovers is disurbing.

Seems like they are the same people

Get some hair dye and a new coat and suddenly you can date yourself. Seems legit

In one hand, it's selfcest/narcissism. In the other hand, Akaito and Kaito could be considered as brothers. In the spontaneously grown third hand, it's like the Kagamines.

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42 Rin x Gumi

How have I not come across this?! This is a great ship! They look really cute together and there isn't really an age gap because Gumi's age isn't confirmed. It's only confirmed for her to be set in her teenage year, suggesting she'll be around 14-17 maybe? Plus their voices go so good together. I ship this now.

This ship is adorable! Gumi and Rin sound great together, maybe even better than Gumi and Len! They look cute together, too!

Shut up, Yuri is awesome.

Wha? Disturbing? I find it cute :3 It's even logical too (Orange Carrot ) I'm fine with a cute yuri ship like this one sooo this isn't quite disturbing unless you dislike yuri or just despise this ship because you ship them with someone else...

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43 Oliver x SONiKA

Really? who invented this? and people like this ship because...

Nooo not Oliver!

Oh great, I stumbled into the disturbing part of the fandom looking for interesting ships.


44 Rin Kagamine x Kaito

This is like Len x Kaito, except worse because... I can't really explain it. I know in my mind Kaito is twenty, so that's six years of an age difference.

This is more phedophile, it's just a big no.

45 IA x Haku

When did this get here?

*looks up Haku x IA*

46 Vy2 Yuma x Gumi

I love this ship both of them are perfect and they sound wonderful together

Nah, they look and sound great together. They're not exactly my OTP. I ship Gumi x Len but Yuma x Gumi would be my second Gumi ship


No,no,and NO! This is the best ship,their voices are amazing together and have some cute pictures,to me this is the best ship ever

47 Vy2 Yuma x IA

I think vy2 and ia is a best for me to ship. I like they hair, very cute.

48 Oliver x Mayu

I've put them because I think is a great ship, just trhee years of difference, both evil-like blonde teenagers with yellow eyes (Mayu is a yandere and Oliver has a kind of double personality, I'm talking of his red eye); It is strange for me that there are not many fan art... what do you think? - Sere

49 Tone Rion(v4) x Rana

Too kawaii - Sere

50 Prima x Miku Hatsune

Hm, maybe they should be friends. because Prima tried killing Rin, who killed Miku.

Most old fashioned paired with most modern?

Ya pair a yandere with someone who is compassionate. Not to mention the fact that Prima looks like a kid and miku is a teen.

51 Miriam x Meiko
52 Oliver x Gumi

To me, Gumi is about 17. I don't think she has an official age, but I haven't checked. Anyway, she just seems way too old for Oliver.

Gumi looks like she's about 16 to me, while OLIVER's officially twelve. So yeah no Gumi x Lily and OLIVER X Rin - SueDonom

Age, it looks weird. Isn't Oliver like twelve?

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53 Len x Gakupo

It just disturbs me since together they sound like man and child, song wise. Don't really like seeing Len with Kaito either, it makes Kaito and Gakupo look like a bunch of pedo-perverts.

The age gap is way too big. It saddens me because I can't help but ship it.

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54 Kasane Teto x Kagamine Len

Nope. Teto was 31 but fans complained so she turned 15. This pairing is not cute. It's like shipping Neru and Len here! Never shall this pairing be canon.

This ship disturb me a lot. Teto is 31 years old and Len is 14! (Yes Teto is 31) She is an old adult and Len is a Teenager. Teto could really be Len's mother.

Actually, Teto WAS 31, but then the fans got so angry they halved it (kind of) and made her 15. That's what my friend told me, anyway.

Don't ship it, but you guys gotta get your facts straight. Yes, Teto is 31, but her chimera age is 15, if I remember correctly. It's not because fans were angry.

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55 Miki x Len

I think they're cute together! I ship it a bit. These two are never really put together though unfortunately. :(

I've never really thought about it before but it is actually kind of cute

I actually kind of like this shipping, but I want to know what everyone else thinks of it.

That would be cute

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56 Rana x Zhanyin Lorra

This was a thing? Anyway, aside from not knowing it existed, this is where age gap truly matters. You're shopping a fetus with a corpse, if we're thinking about it in a "human" sense rather than whatever Lorra has going on.

Because here, age difference matters. Rana is zero and Lorra is one hundred sixty five. even if they both look like teenagers not to mention it is Yuri and Lorra is pretty much an alien.

No. There is 163 YEARS OF AGE DIFFERENCE. When did we suddenly ignore age because something looked cute? The maximum age gap I tolerate is 5, personally. - Winterush

You've gotta stop doing these things. They don't even speak the same language, Rana is Japanese while Lorra is Chinese. And I don't think shipping Rana with somebody will ever be right, because you know how Rana wears a lot of white? Think white = innocence. Now think, how could anything take that away from her? I won't stand for this... what is this even what is the fandom doing stop.

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57 IA x Yuzuki Yukari

I ship this harder than me x food

Nope. They sound nice together but I don't ship it, for reasons I really don't know. - ProSkellyArcher

I love Yukari, and IA. They would be so cute!

I like this :3 I think it is my second favourite Yuri ship (Miku x Luka wins in my book though )

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58 Leon x Hatsune Miku

This is all so random. People can ship whoever the hell they want, get over it. Have you ever actually stopped and thought "Why am I even doing this? "?

Every ship is a ship but this ship is god-awful.

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59 Miku x Haku

I don't really think this should be a pairing to be honest. I see them as sisters than lovers.

I don't think it's a great ship but it's cute. You'll agree if you see daughter of white and wooden girl

Agreed I can't figure out how this world work out

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60 Rin x Luka

I would have never thought of this. Then I saw Project Diva's Gemini video with Luka instead of Len. I'd seen the Rin and Len one. It was cute, sure but as soon as I saw Rin and Luka together, something totally clicked.

Is there any proof or songs? Drop pop candy is the only thing that comes to mind and it doesn't really talk about them. It's just a song that can be applied to anyone.

I think they sound better than Len and Luka duet

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