Most Disturbing Vocaloid Pairings

Well, I was asked this question by my big brother, and I already know a few people's. So I want to see what you guys think. And yes, Utau and Derivatives (Relatively Well-known ones) do count, because in my book, anything (of this sort) or anyone who have 3 or more original songs do count.

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61 Len x Piko

Why is this here? Why!? It's definitely better than Len x Kaito or Gakupo or whoever...

I kind of ship it, actually, not too much, but it's pretty cute.

Oh come om their adorable

I am indifferent, it isn't disturbing and good for a Yaoi ship (I am more of a Yuri fangirl) :3

I still like Gumi x Len and Piko x Lapis

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62 Kaito x Ritsu Namine

Wait...Kaito is depicted as a middle aged man according to Kei, while Ritsu is canonically a six year old boy...Where is Chris Hansen when you need him?

63 SeeU x USee

Never heard about it... Well I think... Just like Rin and Len.. If I don't consider them siblings.. It is fine to me but I ship Rin and Len more to be honest..

Who is USee? Sorry, haven't heard of USee - mayamanga

They are considered as brother/sister and still people ship them. That just nasty af.

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64 Rana x Ryuto

Rana looks about 11 though her official age on the website is 0, (for all we know she was a robot like Miki built to look like a preteen girl) and Ryuto is roughly 7.
For some reason I more prefer Oliver and Rana and Yuki and Ryuto since they look more in the same age group.

(I'm in support of this, but there is no "best pairings" list, so...)

If you want to ship Rana with someone, she's 0 and Ryuto is 5, so this is the safest ground to be on. - Winterush

65 Kyo X Rana
66 Rana x Big Al
67 Megurine Luka x Hiyama Kiyoteru

I think kiyoteru is the blue guy in Luka's song "answer", the silhouette is really similar and they have similari age - Sere

68 Kyo x Galaco

I have heard some cover of this two, they are cute in my opinion - Sere

69 Megurine Luka x Hatsune Miku

How is this disturbing? Luka is a beautiful and charming 19 year old. Miku is a cute and peppy 16 year old. The two go perfect together. So what if there's the three year age gap? Kaito is presumably older than Luka and people ship him with Miku and some even younger Vocaloids like Len but few seem upset over that. Lots of couples are a few years apart in age. That's not creepy or unusual at all. And really? Miku x Luka shippers only pair the two together because of Magnet? No. Many other songs feature Miku and Luka as a duet such as "World's End Dancehall" "Kagome, Kagome" and "Ai Dee". Miku's soprano blends perfectly with Luka's alto. Did you know that KEI, the official artist of Vocaloid and designer of the main six, ships Miku and Luka as do some of the team at SEGA who works on the Project Diva and Mirai games? Don't believe me? Read the Unifficial Hatsune Mix by KEI. There are many Miku x Luka incidents. In Project Mirai particularly, there are many references to the pairing ...more

To everyone saying that people only ship them because of magnet, the major aspect of Vocaloid are THE SONGS, so of course people will ship couples because of their songs! It would be absolutely weird if people shipped pairings that don't have popular songs together, like LenxMiku! That argument doesn't make any sense, and they are not overrated, they actually are a good pairing, they sound good together (Look at how many duets they have together, producers definitely like them). And it's not just because of Magnet, they have plenty of other extremely popular songs like World's End Dancehall. And other songs, less popular, but still popular, Akatsuki Arrival, Ai Dee and plenty of others, just check the Vocaloid Wiki's duet page, they have a lot of duets. And about not hearing them in World's End Dancehall, it was Wowaka's choice, you can perfectly hear them together in other songs.

How is this flipping disturbing?! Luka's only 4 or 5 years older than Miku! There's nothing wrong with that! Infact they look really good together! And I don't ship them because of magnet no just no, I ship them because of how cute they look together! This list is just trash! Miku and Luka were the reason I even LIKED yuri! And their persona's go really great together too! Miku is a bubbly preppy teenage girl while Luka is a elegant mature adult who's always there for Miku actually. If you read hatsune mix and the Acute manga you'll see that Luka has always been there for Miku comforting her and helping her through problems. Also Luka and Miku have been shipped MANY TIMES IN REAL VOCALOID SONGS so I don't see how this ship is disturbing. Sure people don't ship it but it's definitely NOT disturbing! Even in the Hatsune mix manga there were some Luka x Miku moments! It even talked about if Miku fell in love with Luka! Trust me I read it. Either way this ship is DEFINITELY NOT disturbing ...more

Not everyone ships this because of magnet. I shipped it before I even heard magnet (I found World End Dancehall, Ai Dee and Akatsuki Arrival first weirdly enough)
Besides. Who cares if it's because of magnet, it's a valid enough reason. It's a beautiful love song.
And 16 is the age of consent (At least in Russia where I live. Think it's younger in Japan) and the age gap isn't that bad. - felispasta

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70 Lily x Megurine Luka

This ship is okay with me. I was never big on lesbian or gay shippings but sometimes, just accept what's there.

Considering they're both mature and they sound alright together, I don't see why this couldn't work.

Their Ievan Polkka duet made me ship it a little big but I prefer Gumi with Lily and Luka with Gakupo - SueDonom

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71 Sonika x Gumi

I seriously see Gumi and Sonika as siblings. They practically have the same colour scheme.

72 Rin x Piko

Now this I can work with I can picture these 2 together yea they would a cute couple!

I'm kind of leaning towards this right now, if I ever ship Rin with anyone. They look pretty good and their voices sound good together. But for now, I'm just looking into it...
So what do you guys think?

I ship it really hard.

NOW this I like
It's just like they are best friends
And Rin lives to tease Piko about is girliness
And Piko loves to tease Rin about her flag chest
And then they're just have an amazing friendship
Bordering on romance...
It's more of a BROTP though - SueDonom

73 Gumi x Gumiya

I love this couple best! They are so cute and romantic and funny. They are awesome!

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74 Kageito x Kagami Kawaiine

...This ship was created in my mind...

This is the most kawaii ship ever
So kawaii desu

75 Wil x Yuzuki Yukari

Ogodwhy. THESE TWO DON'T MATCH AT ALL. Sometimes don'tcha think the moon-bunny-esque anime-styled Yuzuki Yukari would never match the sketch-styled, somber, dark tone of Wil? Never will this be mentioned unless people want to talk to me, who will nitpick the hell out of this ship just because you support it when I laid it out clearly that IT WILL NOT WORK.

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76 Oliver x Hatsune Miku

No not my otp I love miku x kaito more!

No guys.
Shipping doesn't work this way.

77 Len x Teto
78 Yuzuki Yukari x Yuuma

I've never seen the problem with this one. I haven't heard them together, but I could see this working.

Imma just say I can't imagine this. Not that it will stop me trying to find a duet of the two.

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79 Tei Sukone and Mayu

NO! Look, yes, they're psychotic murdering teenagers. Meaning the slightest argument would end with one in jail, the other in a grave. It's a ship that wouldn't end well. NO.

I hardcore ship this. Two yanderes, being cute and overprotective of each other and constantly telling each other "no no it's alright I can defend myself". No relationship issues because they're madly in love with each other.

A double yandere ship is cute At first.. But then they probably might kill each other in the end.

Okay, I need to make a point here.
Mayu= Yandere.
Sukone= Yandere.

What do yanderes do? Kill! A small argument will result with one in jail, the other in a grave.

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80 Tei Sukone x Rin Kagamine

Really, it's just the yuri version of Tei x Len. It's probably what would happen if Len died and Tei decided not to resort to necrophilia. Still, seems like it might be cute? I've heard a couple of duets with them and they were good so...

I'd find it cute. Tei possibly going for Len, mistakes Rin for Len, then realizes her mistake but keeps Rin, since that's the closest she's got to a Len body pillow.

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