Most Disturbing Vocaloid Pairings

Well, I was asked this question by my big brother, and I already know a few people's. So I want to see what you guys think. And yes, Utau and Derivatives (Relatively Well-known ones) do count, because in my book, anything (of this sort) or anyone who have 3 or more original songs do count.

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81 Clara x Bruno

If I shipped these two. They're the only two I can imagine each other with. Like Kaito and Meiko (Besides that I go stupid sometimes and ship Kaito with himself or ice cream) and also like with Leon and Lola. They match well to me. - felispasta

I see nothing wrong with this ship, Clara and Bruno are practically made for each other

I just don't get what's so bad about this ship..

This ship is actually the cutest and least wrong ship in my mind. Why is it bad? - Winterush

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82 Ryuto x Gakupo

Brown is a good song but... This should NOT be a ship... It is disgusting *Goes to vomit*

*cries for humanity* Why... ;-;

What. The. Heck. Why is this a thing?!

83 Tohoku Zunko x Wil
84 Dex x Ryuto Gachapoid
85 Sachiko x Sweet Ann
86 Kyo x Kaito

Normally I don't see them as gay but I think they sound good together not sure on appearance

87 Aoki Lapis x Kaito


Well,lapis for me is like the moe girl that always tries to help and kaito the overrated diva that has all Yamaha money lmfao.They just don’t fit why is this here

88 Kasane Teto x Hiyama Kiyoteru
89 Kamui Gakupo x Sachiko

They hava a similar style and they look/sound good together. In some songs Sachiko is Ia's mother, Gakupo could be the father; what do you think? - Sere

90 Leon c Cyva and Lola x Cyman

The two first engloids siblings of their own companies, one with black skin and hair, the other one with black skin and blonde. They could be great together - Sere

91 Haku x Luka

Not so popular but they are really cute together - Sere

92 Miriam x Teto Kasane
93 Lily x Miku
94 Macne Petit x Ryuto

Similari colour scheme, both kids, in a Magnet cover they are cute together - Sere

95 Macne Nana x Makune Hachi

Nana is Hachi's idol, could this be a thing? - Sere

96 Ona x Hiyama Kiyoteru

They both need more love - Sere

97 VY2 YUma x Luka Megurine

I've this strange headcanon that vy2 is the guy in the song "Just be friend" before he tinge his hair. - Sere

98 Miriam x Haku
99 Yuu x Kokone
100 Nekomura Iroha x Otomachi Una

The two little girl with short hair and long ponytails wearing very big animal hats with opposite colour llike Kaito and Meiko, just love this - Sere

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