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21 1996 Kentucky Wildcats (Basketball)

They won the championship. Nine players went to the NBA. The "second" team reached the finals the next two years, winning again in 1998.

22 1983-88 Edmonton Oilers (Ice Hockey)

Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier, Paul Coffee, Jari Kurri, Grant Fuhr... this team was STACKED! -

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23 2003-2004 Arsenal FC (Soccer)


24 2011-2013 Red Bull Racing (Formula 1)
25 2011 Philadelphia Phillies (Baseball)
26 1980-1995 West Indies Cricket Team

The epitome of world dominance.

27 1995-97 Cleveland Indians (Baseball)
28 1992 USA National Team (Basketball)
29 1956-1966 Saint George Dragons (Rugby League)

Won 11 consecutive premierships. Name me one other team in the history of all sports that can say that they have done that?

Name one other sporting team that has won 11 consecutive premierships. That's right, I didn't think so...

11 consecutive titles can't be argued with! - graham.clayton.906

30 1927 New York Yankees

Ever heard of Murderers' Row?

31 1975-76 Cincinnati Reds (Baseball)

No doubt should be in the top five best teams in all sports ever -multiple gold gloves, hall of fame hitters, power, speed, above avg pitching, and coaching. Could beat any MLB team any year in a seven game series!

32 1990's LSU Baseball Team
33 2014 New Zealand All Blacks (Rugby Union)

Undefeated in 2014. Over 85% win rate and one of the oldest teams in sport (1884)

34 1988 McLaren F1 Team

15 wins from 16 races, 10 of which were 1-2's, and nearly as many points as everybody else put together.

35 2012 Cincinnati Reds (Baseball)
36 2000 Brazil Men's Volleyball

Won everything through an entire decade

37 1993 Pittsburgh Penguins

The best NHL team to never win the Stanley Cup - SteelCity99

38 2005 Chicago White Sox (Baseball)

never a doubt since opening day that they were gonna go all the way!

39 2006 - 2011 Queensland State of Origin Team (Rugby League)

Read these names: Darren Lockyer, Billy Slater, Cameron Smith, Johnathan Thurston, Cooper Cronk, Greg Inglis, Sam Thaiday, Darius Boyd, Matt Scott, Dave Taylor, Justin Hodges - CHAMPIONS!

40 2011 FC Barcelona (Soccer)
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