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21 Spetsnaz, Russia

Best in the world

22 Snow Leopard, China
23 Vietnamese Special Forces Service

One of the deadliest threat to the US and Allied forces during the Vietnam War

24 Indian MARCOS

These guys are like Ghost. They come in for operation, finish the job and walk away quietly. Clearly, Invincible.

They r 8 times winner of best international special forces..

Politicians are only obstacles

They are one of the best in the world...

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25 Israeli Commandos
26 Philippine Scout Ranger

Best anti-guerrilla forces in the world, tagged as the most formidable fighter, 10,000 operatives of this unit plus appropriate weapons can conquer the world. The beginning of stealth warfare.

The best jungle warfare in the world..Like a black panther

They can fight and defend even with lack of technology and weapon. They are the best skilled elite force.

Only the best survive the rangers

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27 JTF2, Joint Task Force 2 Canada
28 Dutch Korps Commandotroepen

Awesome training and respected by all Spec ops WW

Respected and loved by all. One of the most profesional forces in the world, greetings from a Grom vet

Best sf in the world

29 French Foreign Legion

What Happen On This? , One Of the Best 2nd Regiment Parachute and Elite troops in The World

30 SSG Commandos, Pakistan

These big guns can handle anything no matter what situation they are the most bravest among the in this list

When it comes to them, THEY DO IT!

What about the notorious I.S.I?

31 Shayetet 13, Israel
32 Syrian Tiger Forces
33 Irish Army Ranger Wing (ARW)

The Army Ranger Wing (ARW) of Ireland is one of the most elite special forces units in Europe, and the world. They have been in existence since the 1960s, and officially since 1980. They conducted sanctioned missions and "black ops" on every continent, plus peacekeeping duties in Somalia, East Timor, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Cyprus, Lebanon, Western Sahara, Liberia, and Chad, among others, losing just 3 personnel. With an operational strength of 200 men, these are the cream of the crop from the Irish Army. A fighting force that is trained to kill with their bare hands, they train alongside US Army Rangers (75th regiment), Delta Force and the SAS, plus many more. They are among the best equipped EU special forces, and are currently tackling pirates in the Gulf of Aden/Indian Ocean, Somalia, close protection duties for the United Nations mission in Lebanon, security and intel. gathering on the Syrian border with Israel (Golan Heights) and training other special forces ...more

34 U.S. Marines

Can some one please explains why terrorist are better then all these other "good forces"?

35 Iranian Army's NOHED Special Force.

Brigade 65 of iran's airborne special forces known as the NOHED is the most fearful force in the middle east. they have proven themselves in thousands of occasions such as iran iraq war,gulf of aden and today they are fighting the isis in iraq and syria.
they are trained in hostage rescue,counter terrorism,urban warfare,guerrilla warfare etc.

36 Sri Lankan Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol

This is the only one special force that won a war during last few decades by defeating the most ruthless terrorist organization "LTTE". This top-secret group went on to play a huge role, operating deep behind enemy lines, gathering intelligence and eliminating key targets. Until now, no one has ever filmed this elite unit, and until the end of the war, the government kept their very existence under wraps

I am a sri lankan, I know for real these guys are bad ass

It's so sad nobody listed Sri Lankan special forces in top 10 list.. SL special forces doomed LTTTE terrorist group..

Excellent.LTTE develop tremors on hearing the name

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37 CIA (S.A.D.) 'Special Activities Division'

The chosen few; best of the best.
The United State's ultimate Special-Op is highly secretive, and it recruits from JSOC-(DevGru, Delta-Force, Force Recon... Etc. Even Grey Fox) With more elite/less combatants than JTK2! These guys do everything:

• Sabotage
• Kidnappings
• Reconnaissance
• Hostage Rescue
• Counter Terrorism
• Bomb Damage Assessment
• Personnel and Material Recovery

-Often deploying as many as Six to One operatives.

Interesting Fact: "Since CIA SAD's existence, it has been the first unit into every warzone, from Iraq to Afghanistan, gathering intel."

38 Pgk Polis Malaysia

The best special unit I heard about when staying in Asia.

The real deal to set foot in operation

39 South African Special Forces

They are the best in Africa if not the world I'm proud of our special forces we rank amounts the best of the best we fear naught but god

Our better is better than your best

Just because their South African

Have a look at the sapstf

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40 Indonesian Kopaska
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