Top 10 Most Elite Special Forces

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41 SFOD-D, Delta Force U.S.
42 Sri Lanka Army Commando Regiment

They are superb. The are like sas.

Best soldiers whith best powers

43 Special Operations Force, Singapore
44 Malaysian PASKAU

The best airborne is southasia.. I admit even I'm not Malaysian.. Based on fact

45 Albanian SWAT Team R.E.N.E.A.
46 Indonesian Detachment 88

Special Task Force to counter terrorism
Well planned strategy is worth than 1000 man

47 Indian Garud Commando Force

The Garud Commando Force is the Special Forces unit of the Indian Air Force. It was formed in September 2004 and has a strength of approximately 2000 personnel. The unit derives its name from Garuda, a divine bird-like creature of Hindu Mythology.

It is one of the best special force in Asia!

48 Indian Ghatak Force
49 Italian GIS
50 Austrian Jagdkommando
51 Quds Force, IRGC Iran

The Most Elite Spec Op Forces On The Planet

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52 SOG, Sweden

It's fine that it's not top on the list, because they aren't an elite force... They are a special force and deserves top 5, any SOG operator could beat any Navy SEAL any day...

Coming from an American: SOG operators are underrated. Why? No one really knows anything about them. Lots of somewhat secret infromation about the SAS and Navy SEALs have been leaked though people writing books and making movies about them. This does to a certain extent runin their secrecy. Though it may be small, the Swedish armes forces are neutoriously very well treaind, as through exercesises conducted with US Green berets during the excersise Aurora 17 last month, both parts determined that the Swedes matched their US counderparts with relative ease. This list ranks the most well know forces near the top, because they are the forces that people are informed about. Like Delta Force, the SOG are true quiet prefessionals that work in the shadows. In reality the SOG belongs in the top 10 if not top 5 easily.

53 Indonesian Denjaka
54 Indonesian Paspampres
55 CGSU, Belgium
56 'QARTAL' Special Forces, Azerbaijan
57 Australian Commando

They are the tuffest soldiers and they don't do it for the pay they do it for adrenaline and there country

58 Danish Frogmen
59 Special Services Group Pakistan

Its best elite group, how come at 56? whoever made list is dumb

To know us, fight with us or against us... For them they would either kill you or get killed... there is no other way out... one of the best trained and most motivated men to have on ones side wa

60 Special Action Force, Philippines

Toughest police unit you can have in the world!

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