Top 10 Most Embarassing Cars


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1 Toyota Prius

A Really ugly car helps the earth but really ugly - ballaboi17

It is sorry I can't explain the worst name for it

It is also boring

To ship all the equipment and technology, its more polluting than a RR sport.

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2 AMC Pacer

I think there is 1 left a is buried somewhere in mars, nasa hid it from the world when the car came out. - flavaj

haha this car looks so retarded - Okami

wow I would buy one just to blow it up - 7beach77

3 Nissan Sunny Hatchback

Very, very, very, very etc. ugly, slow, useless, boring and to just sum it up, very, very, very stupid. Why, Nissan, Why? - iRock253

nissan designed this car with squared paper, pencil, and ruler, and it took them 5min to drawing! - flavaj

4 Tata Nano

way too small peter crouch woudnt fit jeremy clarkson woudnt fit richard hammond is probably the only person who could fit but why would he and its horribly ugly

Tata Nano! AWesome?... DUH! It sucks to the core like! DUDE LUK @ IT! MAN sumhow I would prefer a TOY FERRARI over it!

5 Edsel Bermuda

This is probally the ugliest car I ever saw. I mean its cool its old, but SOME old cars are actually pretty cute.

who every drives this car life has gone wrong, even my gran wouldn't drive this - flavaj

6 1980 Ford Mustang

This is truly a crummy car! I had three of them, and they all crashed in wet rain! The police said they wouldn't handle on wet pavement, and it wasn't the tires! I had an unslidable tire type, proven not to skid on pavement! The car got enough wind on it, and you can't handle that thing very well with the wind head on or side on! It made me go to the hospital for three weeks!

this was a ok drag car because of its shape but OMG what was ford designers thinking, look like a Nissan sunny 1987 maybe it was the same designer
- flavaj

7 Aston Martin Lagonda

Not unless you have the 2015 model. ^_^

8 Austin A90 Atlantic
9 Citroen SM

this just show in the 70s citroen tried to kill themself - flavaj

10 Hearse

Too general to be on this list

The Contenders

11 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

Not even embarrassing at all.

You can change the paintjob to make it look less embarrassing. - SelfDestruct

12 Ford Fiesta Hatchback

Brainwashed liberal college kid car.

13 Pontiac Aztek

This Pontiac Aztek is one of the more ugliest cars that ever hit in production! Because when the concept version was made in 1999 it looks good & attractive! When when they did a production of if it looks awful! It looks so awful that I actually led Pontiac into failure!
The Aztek discontinued in 2005 due to the low sales of it!
Around 2007 it became number ones ugliest cars of all time!
That car looks so bad that Pontiac is no longer!

14 Tatra 603
15 Saab 99

only doctors drives them for some reason - flavaj

16 Lamborghini Murcielago

Did Bill Gates put this on the list?

17 Nissan Cube

This car is so Butt Ugly


18 Chevrolet SS
19 1998 Dodge Stealth R/T
20 Proton Saga

Car made by Malaysian-government owned company and Malaysians are forced to buy this car because the government puts a 100% tax on foreign cars

21 PT Cruiser
22 Nissan Juke

Ugliest car ever made.

23 Hyundai Tucson
24 2019 Toyota Supra
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