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I Love My Parents

I can really feel the sadness of losing my parents when I listen to this song, even though they are still alive. It's nearly as if buckethead's emotions transfer unto the life he has lived and what he has been through. Honestly brought me to tears

Glad to see this list. Some people say Slash is better because he has more emotion in his songs/solos. While Buckethead just keeps shredding for hours. They probably never tried Buckethead's songs.

Sail on Soothsayer

It almost like I can feel his sadness while writing this piece...

It's the most gut wrenching piece of music out there.

This is his saddest song. He wrote it after his Aunt Susie died.

It gets me every time


Without this one the "bucket of emotions" is 50% empty.

Laugh out loud, why wasnt this song on the list? Somewhere In the big solo, he bends more emotionally than slash in november rain.


This song brings tears in my eyes every time I listen to it! Pure emotion... He is god, a true talented guitarist šŸ˜Š

Big D's Touch

The first time I heard this song, it took me somewhere. Somewhere I had never been before. Quite honestly, many of Buckethead's songs take me places but there are only a hand full that bring me to that place every time. Big D's Touch is the one that is guaranteed to put me in a mindset and it feels somehow relatable with actually saying anything. It speaks without words. Buckethead truly is a master of the language of music.

Melody at its best...


Very deep and touching guitar arrangement by Buckethead. It is simply incredible how he can come and go over based on the same riff. His soloing in this song is one of the best, and show how good and talented Buckethead is. And above all, it touches me and changes my emotion every single time I listen to it.

This song was number 4 on my top 10 buckethead song list and I would probably put it at number 2 on this list. But there's only 1 maybe 2 parts that are really emotional but it's still a really great and really pretty song.

If you r searching for Buckethead Emotional songs then definitely Padmasana must be your 1st choice (but everyone have their own choice so I have mine ;) ) 2nd best I love my parents,

Such a long and incredible song, the depth behind this in all aspects of the song is just outstanding.

A Real Diamond in the Rough
Separate Sky
Allowed to Play
Final Wars
Raindrops on Christmas (This Song is Dedicated to Those Who Have Lost Loved Ones)

This is Bucket's version of "About a Girl"

I taught these songs was going to be sad. Here is my top ten that would make a grow man cry.starting with Caveinous,The Mermaid Stair Well,All In The Waiting,Dawn Appears,Left Panel,Padmassana, Miracle of Surrender,Broken mirrors.Caveinous will play at my funeral. With some others.

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The Left Panel

I'm going to have this played at my funeral. In fact I'm making a playlist stating with Dawn appears. Like to find out the names of the songs on Relaxing mix 7 of them.

This is bucketheads saddest song make me feel like I'm at a funeral

I cry

Heart's Delight
Watching the Boats with My Dad

Beautiful song. Very underrated.

Too Many Humans
Hornet Part 1
Siege Engine
She Sells Sea Shells By the Slaughterhouse

Originally on Bermuda Triangle (2002) and has a very melodic solo - very good.

Wishing Well

Iā€™m sick so the day of my funeral I am picking out 4 hr. Of sad songs from B.H. I call my visitation songs.

City of Woe
The Miracle of Surrender
Rise of the Blue Lotus
Coffin for a Penny

I just love this song...its beautiful to listen.

Blue Slide
The Homing Beacon / The Landing Beacon

He wrote this song after Michael Jackson died who was an early influence on Buckethead.

Electric Tears

This was the first song without voice that made me cry

Tears in the Mirror
Dawn Appears
The Ballad of Jerry Mono
Hills of Eternity
Nottingham Lace

To me, this song inspires me to move forward and to leave the good past behind and take the better future ahead

It is powerful, exciting, virtuous and magnificent.

Formless Present

This is actually an emotionless song. a formless present is when you have no emotion.

Heaven is Your Home
The Way to Heaven
All In the Waiting
Broken Mirror
Four Rivers
Spell of the Gypsies
Seas and Stars
The Rising Sun

Its quite fast but its also emotional.

The Return of Captain E.O.
Mrs. Beasley
Cruel Reality of Nature

This song was #6 on my top 10 saddest songs.

Cookies for Santa
Sea Wall
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