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21 A Small Measure of Peace - Last Samurai A Small Measure of Peace - Last Samurai

Zimmers masterful piece completes the movie and is beautifully heard in the final sequences of the Last Samurai as Tom Cruises character returns to his loved one. Truly a masterpiece... Connects with your heart... This is not only a beautiful piece but highly important

22 La Valse d´Amelie - Amelie

This song from Amelie is so exceptional. Almost everyone knows this song. It isn�'t the only great piece form this film. I also love Comptine d�'un autre l�'apres-midi. I don�'t know anyone, who doesn�'t like these songs. They just fit into the movie.

23 Tema d'amore - Nuovo Cinema Paradiso
24 The Unbearable Lightness of Being
25 Memories of Green - Blade Runner
26 Gollum's Song - Lord of the Rings
27 Over the Love - The Great Gatsby Over the Love - The Great Gatsby

Cry and cry and cry over the love of you!

28 Klute - Michael Small
29 Dumbledore's Farewell - Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Undoubtly one of the most emotional music pieces I've ever heard.

30 Lovers - House of Flying Daggers Lovers - House of Flying Daggers

Either the soundtrack version by Kathleen Battle, or Jackie Evancho's superb version on her CD "Dream With Me", this is an extremely evocative number.

31 Beautiful Lie - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Say what you want about the film, but this is one of the most wonderfully-made and emotional score I've ever heard in a film.

32 Main Theme - Forrest Gump

It's undoubtably the most emotional and motivating soundtrack I've ever heard in my life, every time I listen to it, I imagine someone saying goodbye to his most beloved friend before that same person makes a journey, far and wide, never to be seen again - Livirus

33 Dances With Wolves

John Barry won an academy award for best original score for this peaceful and heart-warming work.

34 Dam Busters Main Theme
35 Hard Times - My Father and My Son
36 End Titles - My Sister's Keeper
37 Recapitulation - The Elephant Man Recapitulation - The Elephant Man
38 Main Theme - Memento
39 Binary Sunset - Star Wars

One of the most memorable tracks of the Star Wars scores by John Williams! So emotional every time I hear it makes me cry a tear!

40 The Ice Dance - Edward Scissorhands

The most beautiful song in the history of the world

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