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1 The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Saw it as a kid, changed my life


One of the saddest films I have ever seen. I cry every time I watch it. The two little boys are so amazing a brave throughout the while movie. This Should Be Number One

I have not seen this movie but I have listened its story and I began to cry

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2 Titanic

No words can explain this movie. It moves my heart and will forever be the greatest romantic interpretation film of the titanic.

The most breathing taking movie ever seen! I failed to control my tears when I heard the sound truck of "Nearer my lord to the! " I cried! It matched well with that scene. The movie is actually emotional. It should rank number 1.

Best movie I have ever seen
just love it
you must see once

Best movie

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3 The Dark Knight

What the heck

What the hell does it have to dowith emotional movies

4 Hachi: A Dog's Tale


I was crying the entire movie. The tissue paper nearly ran out. I never knew a dog could be that loyal.

Nice movie
Seen it 10 times still get the same feeling.

This film should be number 1.The first time I saw it I cried the whole second part of the movie. Couldn't contain myself. Then, I recently watched it for the second time, and had the similar effect!

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5 The Dark Knight Rises

When has a superhero movie had so much heart, this movie is up there with ‘The Shawshank redemption’ in emotional power. Christian bales performance in this movie in particular is one for the ages. This movie shows what’s possible with cinema, reaching the height of spectacle and emotion,. In my top three.

6 Bicentennial Man

Is RoboCop Honestly Getting Plastic Surgery? Screw You, Writers! - AlphaQ

The best of all movies

7 Forrest Gump

The Best movie I have ever seen

I couldn't help but cry at the end. Poor Jenny. The movie was great. I really loved it. This definitely deserves to be number 1.

After watching the movie, I thought why should this movie end at all! It could go on endlessly and even if it is lengthy, I'll go on watching! Most beautiful saga!

I can't stop crying after watching this movie

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8 Just Like Heaven

IT IS just like Heaven

A few moments will melt you down

Very well said :((


9 A Walk to Remember

Woh its awesome!

The most amazing movie I've ever seen. Before I watched it I could never decide what my favorite movie was haha. But it's incredibly sad & always makes me cry!

One of the best I had watched...

It's my favorite movie, and similar to this movie is "My Sister's Keeper"

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10 Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

The immolation scene made all cry and anakins betrayal lets be gonest now

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11 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

This was the movie that my Mom was telling me about.

Yeah. I never saw it.

Creepy,but emotional!

12 The Fault In Our Stars

Couldn't stop crying, an immensely emotional rollercoaster!

This should be number one

This movie is highly emotional really touched my heart

Great movie loved it and also became a fan of John green and ed sheeran

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13 Camille
14 Interstellar

So much tears especially at the end of the movie

One of the best sci-fi movie to date

Never seen an emotional movie like this and never will see one

What a great emotional movie I have ever seen...

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15 The Thorn Birds

Have honestly never cried that much over a movie/series in my life! Heartbreaking..

16 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2

This movie has sxy hot cute harry I love you harry I want sex with him

I can't explain how much I cried after watching this movie.This was an amazing... experience it really really touched my hearth.

17 P.S. I Love You

This is such a beautiful movie I cry every time I watch it it's just too beautiful

Watched this 3 times. Cried 3 times.

Such a beautiful story about true love.

Wonderful & most touching movie

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18 Schindler's List

The best possible movie

A visual and human masterpeice

Emotional ya... but more than that it's a masterpiece... monalisa of movies u knw

19 My Sister's Keeper

I cry every time I watch this, such a heart wrenching film.

I cried so hard! And I don't cry in movies so often. It was such a special thing.

I cry every time I watch it. It's just a beautiful movie.

Such a sad film

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20 The Lion King

The Lion King is definitely the most emotional movie, (not counting Bridge to Terabithia, which they do not have) and has great moral. I loved this movie, and I was into tears even when it's at its happiest parts, because it's just as emotional.

The Lion King is the best movie ever! It will never be beaten. Titanic is nothing compared to the emotional content in The Lion King.

21 The Green Mile

This is definitely number 1.U will cry the whole last 5 minutes

The best movie ever.. Better than "fault in our stars".. Should be in top 10!

Should be number 1 interms of raising emotions

Definitely this is number l cried the last 6mins of the movie.that's my best movie ever

22 Grave of the Fireflies

I cried like hell

This is the most depressing Anime I ever watched

The most emotional movie ever!

This was awful. It was baffling and these guys cried at all yhe wrong tomes. - AlphaQ

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23 Ghost
24 Gone with the Wind
25 The Shawshank Redemption

This movie has the best ending scene

26 Toy Story 3

Oh yes! When Andy already gave his toys to the little girl. I cried so hard

I cry every time

27 12 Years a Slave
28 The Notebook

Beautiful Award-winning movie. Guarantee you will cry throughout this movie, even if you are immune to tears over films.. After seeing the couple growing up, you can't help but cry at the end. Amazing movie, would recommend it to anyone who loves romance

God 32? It deserves to be #2 (after Titanic)

29 City of Angels

Very touching...

30 Marley & Me

It is sad cause a dog died and dogs are super kind and cute ;-;

The last 20 or so minutes...i could help myself but cry till the very end... I have a dog too but watching this movie changed my perspective about the unconditional love dogs can offer us. I could not forget the story of marley till 4am until I slept and since then have never stopped loving my lab,pearl...i was one of those guys who was never moved ro an extent of crying but this movie has some magic...i'm spellbound!

The last wp or so minutes...i could help myself but cry till the very end... I have a dog too but watching this movie changed my perspective about the unconditional love dogs can offer us. I could not forget the story of marley till 4am until I slept and since then have never stopped loving my lab,pearl...i was one of those guys who was never moved ro an extent of crying but this movie has some magic...i'm spellbound!

31 Miracle In Cell No. 7

Watched it one. Cried 5 times for five different scenes.
Very joyful and saddening at the same time.

Watched it 7 times, cried every single time. When I feel like crying, I watch this movie. The first time I watched it, I cried so hard.

32 A Million Dollar Baby

It was incredible movie

You don't belong to this planet if you don't shed a tear when Clint Eastwood reveals the meaning of "mo cuishle" to Hilary Swank.

33 Logan

One of the most emotional movies I've ever seen

34 Keith

Should be top 5 teen romance movies of all tjme.

A sad young lovers who share an amazing love, but it was for a very short period

I love this movie watch it all the time he is russin solder number 3

35 Rango
36 Life of Pi

A life changing movie... - TopTens2013

37 Les Miserables
38 King Kong (2005)
39 127 Hours

Most emotional movie ever

40 Pink Floyd: The Wall
41 Furious 7

For Paul ;(

42 Pearl Harbor

It's the best

Absolutely amazing movie, if you're into war, romance, friendship and a good tug on your heart strings

Best compared to others

43 A Little Bit of Heaven

That movie was not sad but I couldn't help but cry

44 Atonement

This is a masterpiece... Just plain perfection that causes you to cry your heart out...

45 To Sir, With Love
46 The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

My brother is a because

The ending though

47 Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
48 Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
49 Touch of Evil
50 Rocky

I wouldn’t say it’s the most emotional movie, but definitely the BEST and most inspiring movie ever created

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