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1 Titanic

I cry every time I listen to "My Heart Will Go On." But it's a very emotional movie because I cry when I get to the end of the movie and I'm not a very emotional person.

Obviously this is the greatest movie of all time, you want some pain watch this movie

I super love this movie... I cry every time I watch this... I love Jack and Rose...


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2 Bicentennial Man

Is RoboCop Honestly Getting Plastic Surgery? Screw You, Writers! - AlphaQ

3 Just Like Heaven

IT IS just like Heaven

A few moments will melt you down


Very well said :((

4 Forrest Gump

I couldn't help but cry at the end. Poor Jenny. The movie was great. I really loved it. This definitely deserves to be number 1.

After watching the movie, I thought why should this movie end at all! It could go on endlessly and even if it is lengthy, I'll go on watching! Most beautiful saga!

I always tear up when Forrest is at Jenny's grave...
And poor little Forrest Jr.

I love the way it's new

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5 A Walk to Remember

The most amazing movie I've ever seen. Before I watched it I could never decide what my favorite movie was haha. But it's incredibly sad & always makes me cry!

One of the best I had watched...

It's my favorite movie, and similar to this movie is "My Sister's Keeper"

A truly emotional story...beyond words..

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6 Hachi: A Dog's Tale

This is the only movie on this list which actually made me cry. The dog in the movie is unbelievable!

Should be at number 1 position. Emotional movie ever seen in my life

This is quite emotional film you guys should take a look for sure you wont regret

Tried best but couldn't stop my tears! Wept even after 20 minutes of the movie ending.

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7 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

This was the movie that my Mom was telling me about.

Yeah. I never saw it.

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8 Camille
9 The Thorn Birds

Have honestly never cried that much over a movie/series in my life! Heartbreaking..

10 The Fault In Our Stars

Great movie loved it and also became a fan of John green and ed sheeran

Best example of supernatural films. This movie is true call of everyone's heart.

Before starting to watch this film, watch for a tissue box near you

Most emotional 😭 movie first movie I cried on

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11 Interstellar

What a great emotional movie I have ever seen...

It's the best movie till today. And I don't think their will be any in future to compete with it.

The best emotional movie

This film touches me... it shows when human gets desperate there true self comes out. it shows man is willing to sacrafice a full life with his kids. it shown people are willing to sacrafice for the greater good.
"Do not go gentle into that good night"
this has got to be my favorite film of all time 10/10 watched around 3 times and never gets boring. christopher nolan a genius hanz zimmer genius.

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12 The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

One of the saddest films I have ever seen. I cry every time I watch it. The two little boys are so amazing a brave throughout the while movie. This Should Be Number One

I have not seen this movie but I have listened its story and I began to cry

One of the best and also saddest movies I've ever seen

I cry every time I watch this movie... :(

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13 P.S. I Love You

This is such a beautiful movie I cry every time I watch it it's just too beautiful

Watched this 3 times. Cried 3 times.

Such a beautiful story about true love.

Wonderful & most touching movie

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14 My Sister's Keeper

I cried so hard! And I don't cry in movies so often. It was such a special thing.

I cry every time I watch it. It's just a beautiful movie.

Such a sad film

Most emotional movie I ever saw

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15 The Lion King

The Lion King is definitely the most emotional movie, (not counting Bridge to Terabithia, which they do not have) and has great moral. I loved this movie, and I was into tears even when it's at its happiest parts, because it's just as emotional.

The Lion King is the best movie ever! It will never be beaten. Titanic is nothing compared to the emotional content in The Lion King.

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17 Gone with the Wind
18 Ghost
19 Toy Story 3

Oh yes! When Andy already gave his toys to the little girl. I cried so hard

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20 Grave of the Fireflies

This is the most depressing Anime I ever watched

The most emotional movie ever!

This was awful. It was baffling and these guys cried at all yhe wrong tomes. - AlphaQ

I cried hystericallly

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