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1 November Rain - Guns N Roses

"When your fears subside and shadows still remain, I know hat you can love me when there's no one left to blame.. "

This is one of the most beautiful songs ever composed. Amazing music, out if the world lyrics. Incredibly poetic. Even 8 mins for a song like this seem too less.

1: November Rain - Guns N Roses
2: Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin
3: Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
4: Wake Me When September Ends - Green Day
5: Don't Cry - Guns N Roses. - Alpha101

2 My Last Sunrise - Demons and Wizards

This song is a definition of 'emotional' for me. The most emotional vocals I've ever heard, great melody and lyrics. Hansi Kürsch's got the most expressive, emotive and beautiful rock voice I've ever heard. Besides, his voice is equipped with immense power and amazing vocal skills. If you love emotional songs with modern vocals, you won’t be sorry. - Metal_Treasure

3 Mistreated - Deep Purple

Emotional and heavy. A break up song. - Metal_Treasure

4 Crying In the Rain - Whitesnake
5 Dust in the Wind - Kansas
6 The Bard's Song (In the Forest) - Blind Guardian
7 Stargazer - Rainbow

Epic, deep and emotional. - Metal_Treasure

8 Can't Stand Losing You - The Police

This song is not emotional at all, sorry. That reggae beat gives it a pretty happy feel, the melody is too cheesy to induce deep emotions, and finally - Sting's voice doesn't have emotive qualities.

Try Mistreated by Deep Purple, or My Last Sunrise by Demons & Wizards, or Beyond the Realms of Death by Judas Priest, or even Nothing Else Matters by Metallica, and then we can talk about emotional songs. - Metal_Treasure

9 My Immortal - Evanescence

Seriously, My Immortal is number 10? That should be Number 1. Most SADDEST/EMOTIONAL/CRYING song in the world. Really beautiful and very very SAD. Piano and Amy's haunting voice is make you cry. Best song ever!

My Immortal is definitely number 1, November Rain sucks, it is not make you cry and emotional.

November rain sucks. My Immortal is the best. Ev 4 life m/

10 Heaven - Bryan Adams

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11 (Everything I Do) I Do It for You - Bryan Adams
12 Melancholy - Iced Earth
13 Every Breath You Take - The Police
14 Child In Time - Deep Purple
15 Everybody Hurts - R.E.M.
16 Dear Agony - Breaking Benjamin

It hit a real nerve listening to this song, for myself and others I know

17 Don't Talk to Strangers - Dio
18 Alone - Heart

Nice song I here ever

19 The Feel Again (Stay) - Blue October
20 Have a Little Faith in Me - John Hiatt
21 How the Gods Kill - Danzig
22 Black - Pearl Jam
23 Numb - Linkin Park

Numb is incredible. It's lyrics have so much meaning, it's really emotional, unlike so many popular songs today. This has got to be one of my favorite songs of all time, it's such a great song!

24 Fade to Black - Metallica

This, and no to live is to die? - awesomedp900

25 Open Arms - Journey
26 Fiction - Avenged Sevenfold

Best sad song ever:(

27 Never Too Late - Three Days Grace

Never Too Late has got to be one of the most emotional songs I've ever listened too, and even though I'm more into Linkin Park these days and think that Breaking The Habit is definitely the most emotional song I've ever heard, I'm voting for this song because it's also super emotional! I've come very close to crying so many times listening to it!

28 Africa - Toto
29 Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd

I cried. - Mee9

30 Overcome - Live
31 Already Over - Red
32 Break In - Halestorm
33 Lucy - Skillet
34 Soldier of Fortune - Deep Purple
35 The Ghost of You - My Chemical Romance

This song makes me cry every time. My 3 year old sister is obsessed with the music video and wants us to watch it together all the time. The song is emotional and the video makes everything harder. My Chemical Romance was a great band.

This is the most emotional song I've ever heard. Never have I heard a song that made me cry before. It connected with me on an emotional level, and struck something in my heart. It's such a captivating song, and it's just amazing.

36 Pieces - Red

Just hear once I would say! You won't forget to vote this in top 3.

37 Beyond the Realms of Death - Judas Priest

This is an example of a really emotional song. It's about suicide.
Great vox, solo and everything. - Metal_Treasure

38 Jungleland - Bruce Springsteen
39 The Final Episode - Asking Alexandria
40 Cevapsız Sorular - Manga
41 Figure.09 - Linkin Park

To be honest, I don't find this song nearly as emotional as, say, Breaking The Habit, Numb, or Never Too Late. BUT it's a really great song and I can see lyrical meaning, so I'm voting for it.

42 One - Metallica

How is this not no. 1?

43 Nothing Else Matters - Metallica
44 Cancer - My Chemical Romance
45 Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day

This song is so emotional because it is about Billie Joe Armstrong's Dad. In September 1982, when Billie Joe was just 10 years old, his dad died of cancer. He went to the funeral and he couldn't handle it. He broke down and ran home. His mother was worried, so she went home to check on him. When she found him in his room, the only thing he could say was 'Wake Me Up When September Ends'.

46 Mushi - Dir en grey
47 Cassie - Flyleaf
48 Broken - Seether
49 Anthem of the Angels - Breaking Benjamin
50 Not Broken Anymore - Blue October
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1. Dust in the Wind - Kansas
2. November Rain - Guns N Roses
3. Can't Stand Losing You - The Police
1. Dear Agony - Breaking Benjamin
2. The Feel Again (Stay) - Blue October
3. My Immortal - Evanescence
1. My Last Sunrise - Demons and Wizards
2. Mistreated - Deep Purple
3. Crying In the Rain - Whitesnake


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