Most Entertaining Action Movies of the '80s


The Top Ten

1 Die Hard

Bruce Willis became a superstar after this legendary blockbuster - Alexandr

Best action movie ever - Ajkloth

Lets face it John mclane is the best action hero to relate to

2 Lethal Weapon

Great combination of Action and Comedy. Mel Gibson and Danny Glover made a perfect screen duet - Alexandr

3 Aliens

Brilliant SCI-FI/Action, real masterpiece from the 80's. Sigourney Weaver kicked ass - Alexandr

4 Rambo: First Blood Part II

My favorite Rambo film - Stallone showed real action - Alexandr

5 Mad Max 2

Probably the greatest MM film. Mel Gibson looked cool - Alexandr

6 Batman

Michael Keaton was superb as Batman. Jack Nicholson was brilliant Joker and Kim Basinger was hot and beautiful. What's not to like? - Alexandr

7 Bloodsport

One of the best films with Jean-Claude Van Damme. Great fight scenes - Alexandr

8 First Blood

The whole world opened new fearless hero named John Rambo - Alexandr

9 Commando

Unforgettable action with Arnie Schwarzenegger - Alexandr

10 Raiders of the Lost Ark

The Contenders

11 Tron

Really not bad effects for that time plus great action scenes - Alexandr

12 Licence to Kill
13 Sheena
14 Cobra
15 Lock Up
16 The Living Daylights
17 Nighthawks
18 Rambo 3
19 Superman II
20 Rocky IV
21 Scarface
22 Platoon
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