Most Entertaining Sci-fi Movies of the '70s

The Top Ten Most Entertaining Sci-fi Movies of the '70s

1 Star Wars

A big package - sci-fi, action, adventure, romance... - Alexandr

2 Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Steven Spielberg never disappoints me. This film is pure brilliance - Alexandr

3 Futureworld

Criminally overlooked film with Peter Fonda and Blythe Danner - Alexandr

4 Alien

Speaking about sci-fi films of the 70's, we can't ignore this masterpiece from Ridley Scott. He used real space sounds and noises. The acting was brilliant - Alexandr

5 Logan's Run

One of the greatest sci-fi movies from the 70's. Michael York and Jenny Agutter did a great job - Alexandr

6 Solaris

Creepy but very well done Russian Sci-fi masterpiece - Alexandr

7 The Andromeda Strain

Always loved disaster dramas - Alexandr

8 Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Even better than the original. Director and the whole cast did a great job - Alexandr

9 Superman

Awesome SCI-FI/Action/Adventure movie that was a huge hit in the 70's - Alexandr

10 Mad Max

The Contenders

11 Stalker

Another sci-fi classic from Russia - Alexandr

12 Moonraker
13 Night of the Lepus
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