Top Ten Most Epic Two Steps From Hell Songs

I freakin LOVE Two steps from hell. Their music is awesome, usually consisting of fully orchestrated battle themes fit for a fight against God himself! So I decided what better way to celebrate their epicness than by listing the best. The top ten most EPIC Two steps from hell songs.

The Top Ten

1 Heart of Courage

One of the best... No... THE BEST piece of music I have ever had the good fortune of listening too. Amazing right from the start.

Yea it be the best but skyworld album should be taking the top 10... Esp Titan Dream

2 Protectors of the Earth
3 To Glory
4 Archangel

The composition, the texture, the adrenaline it brings you... It's one song like no other!


5 Strength of a Thousand Men

People who vote protectors of the earth have not heard this song.

This, in my opinion is better than anything I have heard from TSFH. I do like a lot of there other songs like Dragon Rider and Winterspell, which are really good. But this song is by FAR the most epic and badass song I've have ever heard and before anyone post there vote, they should listen to this. I only would wish it was longer.

6 Victory

This song has a really great build that keeps me interested. The intro is never awkward unlike a few of their other songs.

7 Invincible
8 Dragon Rider
9 Black Blade
10 Spirit of Champions

The Contenders

11 Sons of War
12 United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Best song ever

13 Winterspell

This song is really great and exciting. Personally, it's sort of underrated, often being overshadowed by blackheart.

Awesome song. Should be closer to fifth place in my opinion.

14 Jump!
15 Immortal Avenger
16 Nemesis
17 Empire of Angels
18 Moving Mountains

It's so intense and I like intense things. Me and my friends choreographed a dance to this and were voted 3rd place out of 50 competitors and the judges all commented on the song choice. We will be performing this year at founders day, and you can see how moving it is. Thank you, bye.

19 Ride to Victory
20 Undying Love
21 Merchant Prince

This song is too good to be real. Listen to it, you'll love it.

22 Magika

So good, like a strange Pirates of the Caribbean, but better

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