Top Ten Most Evil Big Brother (U.S) Houseguests

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21 Cody Nickson - BB19

So evil I can't stand it

22 Michael Donnellan - BB6 Michael Donnellan - BB6
23 Jennifer Vasquez - BB6

Lied about keeping Kaysar safe and not putting anybody on his "team" up.
Talked so many times about how their was no Rule about not lying and how she "took one for the team."

24 Nick Uhas - Big Brother 15

Why? Is? He? On? The? List?

25 Alison Irwin - BB4

Co-nominee with Alison Jun Song. These two brought trash-talking other houseguests to new lows, which thankfully have not been repeated.

26 Maggie Ausburn - BB6 Maggie Ausburn - BB6 Margaret Ausburn is an American known for winning the reality TV show Big Brother 6, broadcast by CBS in 2005.

Should be #1 for creating the nerd herd

27 Chelsia Hart - BB9 Chelsia Hart - BB9
28 Andy Herren - BB15 Andy Herren - BB15

He literally didn't do anything and was one of the biggest tattletales in big brother history. why did he align with people who he knew wouldn't put him first? he didn't deserve to win but, then again, neither did GM.

29 Jase Wirey - BB5-BB7
30 Paulie Calafiore - BB18

He treated everyone, especially the women, in the house, like trash. Was incredibly condescending, cruel, and vindictive. Comments such as women being "cum dumpsters", ridiculing and slut shaming Natalie, attacking Day as a mother were disgusting.

31 Zach Rance - BB16 Zach Rance - BB16

Zach is definitely an evil player. He lacks empathy and will do anything to get to the end

He is most definitely worthy of this list. Lacks sympathy and does what he has to do.

Zach for sure is one of the evilest players that ever stepped into the house. He would go out of his way just to cause a seen, and throw even his closest allies under the bus just because he's bored and wants to make good T.V..

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32 Ronnie Talbott - Big Brother 11 Ronnie Talbott - Big Brother 11

I really hated Ronnie. He was the downfall of the popular clique (whom I really liked) and I just wanted to punch him in the face 24/7

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33 Shelli Poole - Big Brother 17

While she was good at comps, she was poor sport. When she ended up on the block with her showmance Clay, she showed how nasty she could be to the other houseguests. Plus she made low key racist barbs with Clay that were seen on the livefeeds.

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34 Jun Song - BB4 Jun Song - BB4

Co-nominee with Alison Irwin. These two brought trash-talking other houseguests to new lows, which thankfully have not been repeated.

35 Derrick Levasseur - BB16 Derrick Levasseur - BB16
36 Helen Kim - BB15
37 Kaitlin Barnaby - BB15

If Aaryn and GM are here then it makes sense for her to be here as well.

38 Kaysar Ridha BB6-BB7 Kaysar Ridha BB6-BB7
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