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1 Judge Frollo Judge Frollo

This one was the most easy of the entire list. Forget Scar, Maleficent, Governor Ratcliffe and Cruella Deville, it is easy to say who the most evil of all the Disney villains is. Frollo was responsible for not one, but five terribly evil things which put his name as number one on this list.
- Killing a woman whilst she screamed 'Sanctuary' on the steps of a church. Back then, the church had immense power and murdering someone on a holy site was the HEIGHT of sacrilege. Killing a women on the steps of one, big no-no.
- Attempting to kill the said woman's baby. Yes, good ol' Frollo didn't want to stop there, no. He planned on dropping the baby in the well. Fortunately, the unsung hero of the story, the Bishop, interrupted with a song about how Frollo's soul would burn, the eyes of the angels and saints watching him, etc. And Frollo instead decided to do this next one.
-Raise a boy in the cathedral, not allowing him to leave, and convincing him that everyone would hate him if he ...more

I think Frollo is the evilest Disney villain ever. I mean sure Scar killed his own brother and Maleficent can turn herself into a dragon but Frollo has one thing they don't a conscience. He is the only villain with one. And plus he has a wicked song "Hellfire". Frollo is my number 1 Disney villain and he always will be. Think about it. Frollo did many evil things. The one scene kinda reminded me of Bambi when Frollo killed Quasimodo's mom and almost killed him. Frollo threatened to burn Esmeralda at the steak and he blames god for telling him to do all this stuff. And his song "Hellfire" is my number 1 Disney villain song. Poor Unfortunate Souls is No. 2 and Be Prepared is No.3. Maleficent is my No.2 Disney villain and Ursula is No.3. Scar unfortunately is No.6. Frollo is better than all these villains combined.

I despise this man so much, because he killed a woman he was claiming sanctuary and he even tried to drown her deformed child Quasimodo. He is the most darkest man ever. He even decided not to help Quasimodo when he was being abused by the community, which made you despise him even more. This man has basically just took the Holy Bible and set it on fire, when obviouslly in the first few minutes of the film, this man is not only the most evil, he is also the biggest scumbag in the mouse house and when he died you could never feel more happier knowing that you will never see him again. But what I think people despise the most is that he had an 18 year relationship with Quasimodo, which was nearly like father and son and Claude Frollo just treated him like trash and also the way he is towards Esmeralda, who is an incredible female role model who brings a smile to our faces. He even thinks that every action he has done which takes him one step closer to hell, is forgiven by god. But ...more

Simply put, this guy has no boundaries. No morals. No remorse. If that doesn't justify his being up here I don't know what does. - Bliss

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2 Scar Scar Scar is the main antagonist of Disney's 1994 animated feature film, The Lion King. He was the second son of Ahadi and Uru — who were, at one time, King and Queen of the Pride Lands — the younger brother of Mufasa, and the uncle of Simba.

I picked scar because he killed his (amazing) older brother because of jealousy. He also attempted to kill Simba 5 times (once when he told him to go to the elephant graveyard where he knew that the hyenas live and was hoping that they would kill him but it disappointed that Mufassa saves him, second in the stampede, third when Mufassa is dead and he tells simba to run away and when he does scar tells the hyenas to run after him and kill him... He actually simply says "Kill Him". Thenduring the final battle and when he put his claws on his paws (similar to what he did to Mufassa) and try's to throw him to the fiery ground to be burned alive and then at the end when he comes out of the fire with his claws stretched out) but you must remember that he caused many animals to die of they were starved because he messed up the circle of life. He is also disrespectful because he slapped Sarabi across the face making her fall to the ground and be unconscious for a few moments until Simba foes ...more

Well Scar is pretty evil, but when I did my vote first I chose Frollo because Frollo starts a genocide, killed an innocent person, murdered a mother of a deformed child (Quasimodo) and then tried to kill the baby (thank goodness for that priest), and the baby that he was forced to adopt he locked in a bell tower for like 20 years. Though what Scar did is pretty evil too, but it's kinda what you expect in those types of kingdoms back in the times that I think the Lion King is refrencing to if you look at history stuff. - Anonymousxcxc

Inspired by Hitler, the most evil person of all history.
Voiced by Jeremy Irons, truly one of the most known and best voices of all time.
He killed Mufasa, making the saddest moment in Disney history and making his own nephew to believe that was his fault.
He has done something more brutal than any other magic powered villain has done EVER. He destroyed almost the entire Africa.
How can someone beat this guy?

He’s an idiot! CHERNABOG SHOULD BE OVER THIS FOOL! He’s more evil than Frollo and Scar. - asantalo

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3 Maleficent Maleficent

Doing evil or harm; harmfully Malicious

Aside from the fact that her name itself is self explanatory after a fashion, and putting aside the typical powers of Hell quote, let's take this woman apart for what she really is.

Depending on what you've read/seen, Maleficent isn't even human. She's some sort of dark fairy (hesitant to use the term Witch due to connotations) with a serious psychological issue. The woman, if you can even call her that, sports a variety of deadly magical venues from which she can draw to turn five minutes into the worst day of your life.

Beyond that, Maleficent is one of three original Disney Villains with the power to transform herself through sorcery. Let's take a look at the other two.

Jafar: Cool. Dude transforms himself into a giant snake. Problem is: he couldn't do that before wishing for it. So yeah... His power was all granted to him by a genie. Oops. Oh yeah, ...more

Maleficent is the epitome of evil! Cold, elegant, classy and gothic, half fairy half Witch! She is self-proclaimed "Mistress of all evil" and prooves to be Devil related since she has all the Powers of Hell and Darkness which automatically makes her the greatest evil beiing in the Cartoon world!

Maleficent is beyond the pale of other Disney Gillian's in that she not only insanely evil and psychotically arrogant (wanted to murder a baby because she wasn't invite to the christening) she literally has "All the powers of hell" at her fingertips. Say what you will about all the others, but Mal stands at the top of the evil Hill.

Um Disney Maleficent is not considered to be a Disney Villain! And A-She is not Disney"s most evil female Villain and B-She even has her own movie named after her called Maleficent! I mean it tells us that she was evil at first but in the end she turned out good

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4 The Queen The Queen

She didn't try to kill Snow White. She tried to put her in a coma and have her buried alive, where she'd presumably live out the rest of a long life since she's only 14 and doesn't need to breathe. Presumably, the queen will even still be the fairest in the land (because Snow White is technically still alive even if she is 6 ft under), so it's not even as though the queen just wanted the mirror to shut up about her. She could have just sent her to another kingdom. She would have been the fairest in the land again and as an added bonus no one would be buried alive! Also, in the original story, she wanted Snow White's heart so she could eat it as well as feed some to Snow White's father. The Queen is a petty sociopath with magic. That's horrifying. And that scene where she's clearly locked someone up and let them starve to death/die of thirst? And the skeleton is just reaching for an empty jug? How can anyone think she's not the worst?

Over the most evil and sheer jealousy over Snow White, who happens to be her own daughter and is 14 years old! Makes her so evil, that's why she is maybe the most evil Disney Villain because not only does she want her dead, she has to manipulate a man to kill Snow White for no reason. She is so inadequate, condescending, neglectful and evil. Worst mother of the century. Also, she abuses her daughter emotionally and mentally. First ever Disney villain who is 100% evil and doesn't even deserve to live. If you don't love her just give her to someone else. She deserves better than you! - EJ0602

Although she doesn't possess any powers herself she has a whole book of evil spells. She is definitely my pick! She was so obsessed with the way she looked that she tried to kill Snow White twice. First she tried to get the huntsman to stab her. Then when she found out snow white was still alive she disguised herself as a creepy old woman and went to kill snow white with a poison apple. And snow White is her stepdaughter! She is so obsessed with being The fairest in the land that she tries to kill her own stepdaughter!

She tried to kill Snow White and take her heart into a box... It's really a crime, so she's the most evil!

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5 Chernabog Chernabog Chernabog is a Disney villain from the 1940s film Fantasia, and in his segment, "A Night on Bald Mountain".

Chernabog is not your stereotypical villain. First of all, this guy is never given a reason to act evil. He just commits evil for fun, with no known justification. At least the ones near the top of the list could justify their actions in the eyes of a few people. Also, this guy commits atrocities that even Maleficent wouldn't dare attempt. Not only does he raise the souls of the dead from the surrounding countryside, he forces them to dance for him and then burns them in hellfire after they disappoint him. This guy manages to be evil to you even after you are finally resting in peace.

Chernabog is the darkest, scariest and most powerful Disney villain ever. Even though he does not speak, he is scary as hell and will haunt our dreams forever. He summons ghosts, monsters and demons, and has control over them all. His eyes creeps the hell out of me. He is also very huge, and he will come out of the bald mountain every night. He will also one day have the entire world in his total darkness. Chernabog for the world.

Ten Reasons Chernabog deserves #1
1. He is the devil
2. He never says a word yet still haunts your dreams
3. He is based of the god of evil and death
4. He summons evil demons
5. My theories prove he is the Horned King from the Black Cauldron's father
6. His eyes burn a hole through your soul
7. He is evil for fun
8. After his demons dance for him he crushes them with his fist
9. He is 60 feet tall
10. He is literally a mountain!

To evil! He's Satan

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6 Jafar Jafar

I think Jafar is AWESOME. I have also seen all of the other villains but none except scar come close. The only reason scar is close is because Scar killed Mufasa and tried to kill Simba I think that's evil enough to be close to Jafar.

I think Jafar is the most evil Disney villain because he tends to rule the universe and burn everything and is just so powerful that it was so hard to kill him even though they did eventually

Jafar is awesome he has so cool powers and he is evil and crual. I think he is the best meanest villain. and as a Disney villain lover I have seen maleficent, scar, Ursula, but no one is as mean as jafar and he has done awesome things like turning into a snake and a genie awesome/.

He's awesome

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7 Ursula Ursula Ursula is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Pictures' 28th animated feature film The Little Mermaid.

Ursula, the very name is spooky. It means she bear, and she definitely shows it by her care for her minions. Let's begin, she is a special kind of evil, she creates deals like Rumpelstiltskin, she can hypnotize her prey, she doesn't even need a staff like Jafar. Even look at her lair, who do you think killed that beast? Ursula! I marvel at her ability to strike fear into her foes, even in King Triton himself. If you ask me she is the number one villain of all time. Also, yes indeed she is fat, but take her tentacles into perspective, she can squeeze the life out of six pitiful poor souls at one time. Also, the color of her tentacles... BLACK the very color of evil and mystery. Also, the rest of her body is purple, people come on, the color represents creativity and magic. We all know that she possesses some of the most recognizable dark magic of all time. She is so creative that she tricks Prince Eric into believing that she was the woman of his dreams. So, not only did she steal ...more

Where do I begin, She stole Ariel's voice, tried to steel her girlfriend and succeeded in the original story, failed in the current story, turns king Neptune into a polyp steals his triton and tries to kill Ariel.

Ursula could be more evil than Jafar because she stole something from Triton. She grows even bigger towards the end of the movie and wanted to kill Ariel but that all failed as Eric drove the ship inter her and she was also struck by lightning and sunk with the ship to the bottom of the sea.

Here is my opinion
1 ursula
2 maleifecent
3 the queen
4 jafar
5 gaston
6 Frollo
7 shan-yu
8 scar
9 treamine
10 govener ratcliffe - Belle9090

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8 The Coachmen

This guy should be #1! If anyone forgot how evil he is I suggest you dust of your Pinocchio movie and watch it again. This scumbag kidnapped hundreds, if not thousands of young boys by luring them to pleasure island. After getting the children to smoke and drink they got transformed into donkeys. He gathered them up and stripped them of their clothes so they could be sold to places like the salt mines. The ones that could still talk were left until they couldn't or were used to pull his own personal stagecoach. This wasn't the coachmen's first time doing this either. Who knows how many boys he's kidnapped and sold throughout the years? This guy not only destroyed the lives of the children but also left the lives of the families in ruin. Mothers and Fathers forever wondering where there sons have disappeared to. The coachmen has very little screen time but from what we see of him we can know he is a grade A class turd and is the most evil disney villian.

He enslaves children and destroys their humanity for profit, and is implied to be demonic in nature. The fact that he is never stopped serves to make him that much more effectively horrifying and despicable.

He turns little boys into donkeys and sells them to salt mines, and he doesn't get any comeuppance

How is he never caught I mean I think someone would notice a bunch of kids dissapering all at once on by the same person at least 5 times

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9 Shan-Yu Shan-Yu

In my opinion, Shan Yu has never been given enough credit in these lists, then again, neither has the film, Mulan. True, Maleficent tried to kill a baby, and true, the Evil Queen did try to kill a girl simply because she was prettier than her, but, in terms of evil, neither come close to Shan Yu.
Shan Yu is a bloodthirsty warrior. He had a total disregard for human life, even enough to make a a cruel joke out of killing fleeing soldiers and completely destroying both villages and its innocent occupants. Men, women and children. That's definitely evil in my books.

Shan-Yu should be closer to the number one spot. This is because he has killed so many people. He kills a messenger, an army of soldiers, innocent men, women and children. We even see that Shang's father is dead and a doll which belonged to a little girl, which was so dark. Also, he abducts two messengers and just kills one of them in satisfaction. He is blood thirsty, brutal, ruthless, agressive and down right evil. Also, his choice of becoming evil is to take over China which is far better than any other reason. This shows that not only is Shan-Yu evil he is a disney villain he needs so much recognition. - EJ0602

Tons of implied death, from soldiers to a poor little girl, all because the Great Wall challenged his strength. I know many more Disney villains have more flair... but when it comes to actual evil, Shan-Yu is one of the few monsters who approaches Frollo's level of evil. - SinisterHoodedFigure

Everyone except for Frollo don't come CLOSE to beating death Shan Yu. He could be the Disney version of Ivan from Russia

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10 Hades Hades

Hades is the most hilarious, most short- tempered, and the fastest talking villain EVER! He's the voice of James Woods for crying out loud! One thing that I love is his hair: it turns red when he loses his temper, it flares (but stays blue) when he's excited, and it can go out!
"Whoa! Is my hair out? "
Well, enough of details, and let's just make it one strong and simple belief: HADES IS THE BEST!
"Yes! Hades RULES! "

For crying out loud... Hades tries continuously to kill his own nephew Hercules and his brother, Zeus... not to mention, he's hilarious! And seriously, this guy is the LORD OF THE DEAD, okay? The devil. Can't get any more evil than that.

Besides being the devil and one of the disney villain leaders, he tried to kill his own nephew, former slave, brother and sister in law. He is also angry all the time and considerd as the most angry disney villain.

James Woods is a good actor. He definitely had the voice for playing this mischievous villain. - wisconsinboy

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11 Cruella De Vil Cruella De Vil Cruella de Vil is a fictional character who appeared in Dodie Smith's 1956 novel The Hundred and One Dalmatians, Disney's animated film adaptations 101 Dalmatians and 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure, and Disney's live-action film adaptations 101 Dalmatians and 102 Dalmatians as the main more.

This one was easy. Just search up 'dalmatian puppies' on google images and, considering that your heart isn't made out of stone, you will understand exactly why Cruella De Ville earned a spot on this list. Not only has she got a terrifying rage-face, but she tried to murder puppies. PUPPIES. Now, don't get me wrong, I've heard the whole, 'well, you eat cows and sheep and chickens, don't you? What's wrong with eating dogs/guinea pigs/monkeys? ' Well, here's the thing. First off, she doesn't want to eat them, she wants to WEAR them. Plus, they're puppies, so hey, if you have a problem with my decision, you and your heart of stone can go.

Cruella is in my opinion the most cruel and crazy villain that Disney already created. She didn't want to harm the good guy or the girl for power, money or greed like others. She just wants to kill 99 puppies dalmatians to make a coat. If this is not the pure evil, what will be then? - Palmeiras

Needs to go way up... If slaughtering puppies for personal gain isn't more evil some of the above I really don't think people have their priorities straight.

Who except a monster would want to kill adorable puppies? This one deserves to be in the top 10 at least! Come on people!

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12 Horned King

John Hurt did an epic job of emphasising just how evil this guy really is. He will stop at NOTHING to get what he wants, even if it means killing off innocent cuddly creatures and sacrificing children.

He definitely is pretty evil. He looks like a devil to me but too bad he thinks that his power cannot die but he is wrong; he died all right.

He looks evil but he practically did nothing evil the entire movie. - 445956

He should switch places with Chernabog

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13 Doctor Facilier

He's cool and makes you think of classic Disney villains

Dr. Facilier is epic. I mean he controls voodoo spirits for crying out loud. that's thousands of Chuckie dolls.

Facilier's evil alright because he's known as a sorcerer. He turned Tiana into a frog. At the end though he is frightened to see his friends on the other side which drag him to death.

He is my favorite villain of all time. Super cool. Should be top guy in the number one slot!

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14 Shere Khan

Shere khan is smart, strong, and everyone in the jungle afraid of him and he's my favorite after scar.

Can you get whooper by all the other better villains out there? " I Shear Khan!."

Shere Khan is my favorite Disney villain

Shére khan is so evil that everyone in the jungle knows about him. He killed mowgli's dad and killed akela which shows that he is a powerhouse filled with hatred and evil.

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15 Bill Cipher Bill Cipher Bill Cipher is a triangular dream demon formerly existent only in the mindscape who wished to gain access to the real world. He has been running amok in Gravity Falls, Oregon since being summoned by Stanford Pines over thirty years ago. He is known for his mysterious demeanor and sadistic humor. He more.

Come on! He DESERVES To at least be in the top ten! He invaded the mind of someone who is most likely 60-80 years old and possessed the body of a TWELVE year old boy. AND HE IS THE SYMBOL OF EITHER THE ILLUMINATI OR EYE OF PROVIDENCE. Don't you see what I am talking about? This guy is pure evil!

Why the heck is Bill so far back? HE KILLS PEOPLE FOR FUN FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! He's plotting the end of our dimension right now! No Disney villain has ever been as evil as him! - StevenU

I find him pretty scary. He was plotting the demise of our world! You CAN'T get much more creepy than that. Also, he's mysterious, and just... Wow.


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16 Mother Gothel Mother Gothel Mother Gothel is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Pictures' 50th animated feature film Tangled.

Killed thousands of people by hoarding the life flower, Kidnaps a baby from a caring mother and father, uses her for her hair, locks her in a tower for 18 years (364 x 18 = do the math. ) and never let's her go outside, when she does go outside tricks her, stabs her boyfriend, and made fun of her for eighteen years. Not only is she oozing with pure evil, she practically is evil! - LpsDisneyTmntFreak

Narcissistic, self centered cold hearted. Locks up girl for 18 years, fills her mind with lies about the world, stabs a person she barely knows and is willing to keep the girl forever just for her hair. THANK HEAVENS EUGENE CUT THAT HAIR!

She killed and stabbed people. And she stool a baby for there parents! Scary women!

Lucky she didn't do it at our time or she would get death penalty

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17 Gaston Gaston Gaston is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Pictures' 30th animated feature film Beauty and the Beast.

The reason I think Gaston is the most evil villain is not because of all of the villainous things he does but because he is so manipulative. He can manipulate and convince anyone (Except Belle) to do anything he wants, the way he convinced that crowd of people to kill the Beast that fast is terrifying he has so much power over the regular harmless people that he will do what he wants wether it is good or bad and he has everyone's full concent.

He wasn't really evil, he was just jealous that Belle didn't love him. And that she picked the Beast over him.

He wanted to kill the beast because Beast fell in love with Belle which he stabs Beast in the side and then dies by falling off the castle.

He my Favote villan belle don't to get Marry him Tyler Melcher he could Marry Gaston

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18 Percival C. McLeach

McLeach deserves to be among the tops, because he is dark, cruel, sinister and sadistic. He first of all made the rangers believe that Cody had been eating, after that he threatened Cody with some knives and even throwing some knives above Cody's head. And the most evil part was that he was really going to feed Cody alive to some dangerous Saltwater Crocodiles, and he would have succeeded if Bernard never had interfered. That makes McLeach one of the 9 darkest and most evil Disney Villains ever, while the others are Frollo, Sykes, Judge Doom, Scar, Maleficent, The Horned King, The Coachman and Chernabog.

This guy more than well deserves a spot on this list, because he's a greedy poacher who LOVES killing and will do whatever he has to in order to get filthy rich. By the end of the movie he even attempted to feed Cody to the Crocodiles. And he has his own twisted way of singing "Home on the Range". He's cold and sadistic and loves it. He definitely makes a good villain.

Percival C. McLeach is far more evil than most of the other Disney Villains. He should be at number 1. He tried to feed Cody who was a little boy alive to some Saltwater Crocodiles, that is completly sadistic.

Tries to feed a little boy to a bunch of Australian saltwater crocodiles. Activity poaches because he enjoys killing and skinning wildlife. Animal cruelty that exceeds cruella, and willing to sadistically murder people to do it, even if they are kids. So why was he so low on this list initially? - SinisterHoodedFigure

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19 Lady Tremaine Lady Tremaine

Yes I agree 100% with Frollo. But Lady Tremaine must be 2nd. She's evil with no powers. She tourtured a beautiful young innocent girl for many years. She made her a servant for a long time. She made a deal with her and broke that deal by letting her daughters tear that dress she knew cinderella worked hard for. When she figured out she was the one at the ball she locked cinderella up in attic where the duke wouldn't find her! She even broke the slipper right before cinderella would try it on. Don't forget in the sequel where she gets ahold of the magic wand and casts a spell where the prince doesn't reemember Cinderella just for selfish reason. This woman is underrated for evilness and I say she is at least top 10

She is a selfish woman and punishes Cinderella by assigning her extra chores.

She is very evil

She was hard on Cinderalla for many years and gave her lots, and I mean lots, of chores for her to do if Cinderalla wanted to go to the ball.

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20 Judge Doom

Judge Doom should really be at top 1. He was dark, evil, sinister, cruel and sadistic. He intended to destroy Toontown and all the toons, despite being one. He brutally killed 3 people, Eddie's brother, Acme and Maroon. He also enjoyed torturing his enemies some painful deaths, for example he put that poor innocent toon shoe into that terrible dip. He was also about to kill Eddie by sawing his belly up with a buzzsaw, and he would have succeeded if Eddie hadn't dodged it. All this make Judge Doom Disney's darkest and most evil villain ever.

He was willing to wipe out the toon species just to build the freeway. Don't forget, he murdered that innocent toon shoe.

In addition to his willingness to genocide his own species for money, his unrepentant murders, sadistic taunting of one victim's brother, his total lack of compassion for the deaths of his own underlings, and that poor shoe, consider two less obvious things.
First, shoes come in pairs. The one he killed had a mate, or a sibling, or something odd in between, that is now alone forever.
Even worse than that, there's the established nature and limitations of toon powers. Roger could only ignore normal physics and slip out of those handcuffs when it was FUNNY for him to do so. Doom used toon powers with reckless abandon while taunting the brother of a murder victim, while his own minions were dropping like flies, while a husband and wife were clinging to each other for dear life, terrified out of their minds. He did that while preparing to slaughter his own kind. HE FOUND THAT FUNNY! This guy is so messed-up in the head he thinks genocide is hilarious. To Judge Doom, you can't spell ...more

Oh yeah...

Just go watch this guy

Killin that poor little shoe thingy
*single tear falls down face*

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