Judge Frollo

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I despise this man so much, because he killed a woman he was claiming sanctuary and he even tried to drown her deformed child Quasimodo. He is the most darkest man ever. He even decided not to help Quasimodo when he was being abused by the community, which made you despise him even more. This man has basically just took the Holy Bible and set it on fire, when obviouslly in the first few minutes of the film, this man is not only the most evil, he is also the biggest scumbag in the mouse house and when he died you could never feel more happier knowing that you will never see him again. But what I think people despise the most is that he had an 18 year relationship with Quasimodo, which was nearly like father and son and Claude Frollo just treated him like trash and also the way he is towards Esmeralda, who is an incredible female role model who brings a smile to our faces. He even thinks that every action he has done which takes him one step closer to hell, is forgiven by god. But ...more

Frollo from the Hunchback of Notre Dame tries to wipe out an entire race, as well as attempting to kill the main characters numerous times. Not to mention his lust for Esmeralda, and his horrible treatment of Quasimodo, whom he is only taking car of out of guilt. He constantly self-justifies every intensely evil he does. He claims to be a religious and just man while at the same time committing all these heinous deeds in the name of his faith. I can't think of anything else that any other Disney villian has done that compares to that amount of evil.

Ever since seeing this movie and being a devote Catholic, Frollo defies everything hat he claims to stand for, and justifies it all in the name of the Church.

-First off, he killed an innocent woman on the steps of a church, and was HAPPY about it. After that he was going to drop her child down a well because of a birth defect, but was stopped only when the Arch Bishop of Notre Dame stopped him, even though Frollo wished to drown a baby.

-Genocide. That is a bad thing. Tens of thousands dead at his hands because he sees them as a vile and unjust spawn of Satan.

-Abuse. He abused Quasi as a child and even as an adult, calling him horrible names and mistreating him, treating him as a slave.

-Attempted murder. He attempts to murder Quasi, Esmerelda, Pheobus, and the other gypsy and townspeople.

-Extremely lustful. He wanted to do horrible things against Esmerelda's wishes, and blackmails, tortures, and imprisons her many times. What a horrible ...more

Judge Frollo was the evilest in my opinion, probably because his character and personality is so specific and he has such a defined goal compared to all the other villains. And what's terrible is that he believes that he is doing the right thing. Ursula is evil, yes, but at least she knows she is. Gaston may not know he's as awful as he is, but he at least tries to be nice (kind of) Frollo has committed so many crimes against the Church, the very thing he thought he was doing good for. He also is very biased against Gypsies and wants to murder, MURDER them just because of who they are. That's why I don't like Frollo.

Other Disney characters are evil in a cartoonish way; but the inhumanity of Frollo is what made him an evil villain. I would say Gaston isn't "evil" but he also was inhumane; but I can really say that Frollo captures the authoritarian qualities of Hitler and the Crusaders of old in the way he treated the Gypsies and Quasimodo. No, he's not over-the top like Cruella. But he's also more real, more flawed as a human being; his evil qualities stem from his flaws. He's three dimensional; not evil in a scary sense, but evil in a human sense. And this makes him the best villain in any Disney cartoon.

Frollo is the most twisted villain of them all. Most are tempted into evil by the thought of power, but Frollo's mass murders were out of lust and pure ruthlessness. He is the most disgusting of the lot and truly deserves the top spot. Watching it again with older eyes, I found I was shocked at just how evil Disney made this one. He compared himself to god and was convinced he was void of all sin. He's DEMENTED.

Of all the Disney villains, Frollo was my childhood nightmare. I remember watching the movie when it first came out in 1996 and being absolutely petrified of him. I re-watched it yesterday, and now that I'm older I was actually quite shocked as to how evil he really is as a character, something which you don't really pick up on as a young child. What shocked me the most, and perhaps his scariest trait, is his genocidal attitude toward Gypsies; he almost reminds me of Hitler.

Murder (nearly twice! )-woman killed in chase- was going to kill the child to hideous deformations "i am sending back where it belongs"-implies views child as demon
Threats to wipe out a race
Burn down the whole of Paris if can't have a woman to have sex with- who is part of said race
Raises deformed child with untruthful morals, after killing mum (see above)
All the while claiming to be a holy man
Need I say anymore?

So glad people agree great character and my all time favorite villain. Very powerful movie with deep stuff. He terrified me as a kid. You could tell he was practically Satan when he went into the church to murder them despite them yelling sanctuary and his eyes flowed bright orange as he was plunged into the fire below.

Claude Frollo is just evil. He has like torturing people, killing people, and apparently dropping babies down wells. He also has great parenting skills! Teaching children that they are ugly and everyone is a good strategy I should tell my orphan! He also burns down a whole city looking for 1 tiny person. He is also the biggest pervert that Disney has ever seen. This guy is just a brilliant guy I want to slash me!

Unlike most other Disney villains, people like Frollo exist or have existed. That is what makes him so unnerving compared to the likes of Prince John, Frollo is a dark reflection of all the cruel things both mankind and religion have produced. He also has a cool hat.

Finally! It seems like everyone always chooses Scar but Frollo is defiantly the most evil of all. He killed a woman who was claiming sanctuary and tried to kill her infant son. Thank goodness for the priest who forced him to adopt Quasi.

By Far the most evil, power and lust just do not combined then throw the whole holy man account in there plus the self righteousness he embodies... He is the most narcissistic evil villain that could be devised.

Definitely the darkest villain (his actions are really dark considering this is Disney. Killing people, burning buildings etc all while saying it is for God.), with no humorous and or friendly qualities to match, he probably deserves this spot on the list.

An excellent example of religious hypocrisy. I mean, he assumes that God approves of his actions thus escalating his crimes, and all for one attractive gypsy girl? You can't get a more evil Disney villain.

Scar, Maleficent, etc. Wouldn't kill a mother at the doorsteps of a church then tried to murder a baby just because the baby look deformed...then cause mass genocide because it turns out they have the hots for some other person. - AnimeSportsFan619

This guy is so cruel definitely the most evil

1: killed an innocent woman

2: locked Quasimodo in a bell tower

3: wiping out an entire race of gypsies

4: burning all of Paris in search of Esmeralda

None of Disney's villains is so human as this one, and from far not so scary because of it. Frollo wasn't supernatural, he was a human being, just like all of us. That's what makes him so creepy.

Most evil Disney villain ever. He deserves the title master of evil, not Maleficent. I'm sorry even though Maleficent is awesome she still doesn't deserve that title. - Anonymousxcxc

The thing that makes frollo the best is that while other villains know there being bad, Frollo genuinely believes what he is doing is right, making all the more sinister

He is the epitome of a hypocritical religious fanatic. The powerful one who preys on the weak. On minorities. And on the disfigured. Everything one can hate about a man.

Judge Frollo is truly terrifying, and my main reason other than those already listed is that he is a human, and shows us the worst of humanity

I mean in the first 10 minutes of the movie he kills someone and almost drowns a baby! If that isn't evil, I don't know what is. Plus he has an awesome song

I wouldn't say most evil, but definitely most creepy. And by creepy, well, the whole Esmeralda thing doesn't really seem at home in a Disney FLICK - Brobusky

Scar has nothing on this guy!

Frollo is a villain in every way.

His evil deeds are very human!