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61 Maestro Forte

He is the main villain in Beauty & The Beast: The Enchanted Christmas and tried to destroy the castle as a pipe organ.

Maestro Forte is the worst villian,he is really cunning,mean but most of all he is evil.I hate him and his song "Don't fall in love".I don't understand why is so mean but to tell to his master to not fall in love with Belle isn't good,he only cares about himself and not for his master.If he really cared about his master he wouldn't told to beast to fall in love or try to kill him and Belle.But the loved ones never get heart like Belle and Beast they didn't get heart but Maestro killed himself.I prefer a vampire than maestro.If I hear one more time the song don't fall in love I will get mad and also cry.Maestro reminds me Saluk from "Aladdin and the King of thieves" Saluk was so cold and mean to Kassim Maestro is also mean and cold to Belle. I want to give an advise if someone has a friend and his friend has personality like Maestro and tell him to not fall in love with the girl he likes,don't listen to him but listen to your hear. I hate so much Maestro and his song!

62 Pete

He's the main villain in most Mickey Mouse movies.

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63 LeFou

He's the partner of Gaston

64 Yzma Yzma Yzma is the royal adviser of Emperor Kuzco in 'The Emperor's New Groove'. She is also a mad potions master and after being fired by Kuzco, she tries to use her potions to get rid of him and instate herself as empress.

Hey she funny.

Funny as

65 Lucifer V 2 Comments
66 Jangles The Clown

Everyone who made this list has gone mad

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67 Thumper (A Bug's Life)
68 Knave of Hearts
69 The Rat
70 Randall

Top 10 Creepy Disney Characters

Number 4: Randall Boggs

71 Captain Barbossa Captain Barbossa

Barbossa's not evil... Just cursed.

72 Madam Mim Madam Mim

She's crazy and wicked, plus she loves dreadful things. And don't forget she wants to destroy every living thing she sees?! She's pretty evil.

At the end she HATED sunshine too.

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73 Sid Phillips Sid Phillips

He was one bratty little swine. His favourite hobby was torturing toys just for the sake of it.

Plus he tortured Woody with a magnifying glass.

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74 Aunt Sponge
75 Vermithrax Pejorative
76 Constantine
77 Big Bad Wolf

He's not that bad he gets killed

78 Iago

Iago isn't too bad. He became good in the sequel

79 Emperor Zurg

Zurg's main plan was to destroy Buzz Lightyear.

80 Stinky Pete
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