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81 Stinky Pete
82 Sarousch

He's the main villain in the second version of the Hunchback of Notre Dame and wanted to steal the most famous bell in the cathedral.

83 The Grand Duke

He's more concerned for the kingdom's future than Prince Kit's desires. He would rather Kit marry Princess Celina of Zaragoza for political reasons than a commoner like the beautiful Ella (portrayed by the equally beautiful Lily James) for love.

84 Evanora
85 Alameda Slim

He stole lots of herds surely that doesn't make him go up that much but he deserves a spot right?
even if it is in the 80 and he gave us a amazing villain song with his idiot henchmen phil bill and gill he makes up for an great villain

86 Smee

He's mean and clumsy - 1507563

87 Lord Cutler Beckett Lord Cutler Beckett
88 Latham Cole Latham Cole
89 Butch Cavendish Butch Cavendish
90 David Nix David Nix
91 Shenzi

Was I the only one who actually LIKED HER when I was FIVE YEARS OLD?!? - IcyMuffin99

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92 Jadis
93 Si and Am

They're the most mischievous characters in Disney, at least bad guy wise

We are siamese if you please these are my favourite disney villains

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94 Myrtle Edmonds

You'll never be like your mom, never!

Are you kidding? She's a nightmare!

95 Aunt Sarah V 2 Comments
96 Prince John

He's a terrible king. Even while his people were suffering and extremely poor, does he care? No, he doesn't. He even said to double the taxes.

Laugh out loud "Mommy! "

Plus he's a greedy villain too.

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