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81 Jadis
82 Captain Barbossa Captain Barbossa

Barbossa's not evil... Just cursed.

83 Madam Mim Madam Mim

She's crazy and wicked, plus she loves dreadful things. And don't forget she wants to destroy every living thing she sees?! She's pretty evil.

At the end she HATED sunshine too.

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84 Sid Phillips Sid Phillips

He was one bratty little swine. His favourite hobby was torturing toys just for the sake of it.

Plus he tortured Woody with a magnifying glass.

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85 Aunt Sponge
86 Vermithrax Pejorative
87 Constantine
88 Big Bad Wolf

He's not that bad he gets killed

89 Iago

Iago isn't too bad. He became good in the sequel

90 Emperor Zurg

Zurg's main plan was to destroy Buzz Lightyear.

91 Stinky Pete Stinky Pete
92 Sarousch

He's the main villain in the second version of the Hunchback of Notre Dame and wanted to steal the most famous bell in the cathedral.

93 The Grand Duke

He's more concerned for the kingdom's future than Prince Kit's desires. He would rather Kit marry Princess Celina of Zaragoza for political reasons than a commoner like the beautiful Ella (portrayed by the equally beautiful Lily James) for love.

94 Evanora
95 Smee

He's mean and clumsy - 1507563

96 Lord Cutler Beckett Lord Cutler Beckett

He os the most powerful villain in POC

97 Latham Cole Latham Cole
98 Butch Cavendish Butch Cavendish
99 David Nix David Nix
100 Mor'du - Brave
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