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1 Dolores Umbridge Dolores Umbridge

Dolores Jane Umbridge was the most vicious character in all books (and films). She had great political power and used that power to enforce her conviction. In addition to that she tortured kids and had no tolerance. I think she was more evil than Voldemort, although she never was a Death Eater.

I hated Dolores so much. Every time she does something it is bad and wrong. She doesn't accept the reality (that Voldemort returned) and creates her own dream world in which everything is good and no one has to use magic. I wanted her more dead than Voldemort!

I don't know why, but Dolores Umbridge was always the most evil character. Voldemort killed people, but Dolores tortured them. In addition to that she was no follower of dark magics, but exactly as evil as dark wizards. However, Dolores is my favorite Character because she shows us, how bad politicans can be. The devil wears pink.


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2 Lord Voldemort Lord Voldemort Lord Voldemort is a fictional character and the central main antagonist in J. K. Rowling's series of Harry Potter novels. Voldemort first appeared in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, which was released in 1997.

Voldemort is the most evil, annoying, ugly, angry, hard hearted, noseless, etc etc creature in the book. It's hi because of this evil character of his that he is one of the top characters of the series. I think he was jealous of everyone's noses and that's why tried to kill them. Haha

Voldemort killed Harry's parents and his own parents. He and Harry fought each other so many times until deathly hallows Part 2 Harry finally killed voldemort. After a while he Injoyed killing people. He killed Cedric diggiry, Severus Snape, & Fred Weasley. He made Severus Snape work for him for a long time and made Severus Snape become a bad guy but severus Snape did become good at the really end. Voldemort made severus Snape, Bellatrix LeStrange, And Lucius Malfoy all be death eaters. Voldemort was so powerful he was really hard to kill. He had really strong, magic, powers that could not be defeated.

No matter what Voldemort's other flaws, he always waited till the end of school yer to try to kill him...he really cares about Harry's education

Come on moldy oldy Volde, have a heart

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3 Bellatrix LeStrange Bellatrix LeStrange A psychotic death eater who escaped from Azkaban, and is fiercely loyal to Voldemort. Murderer of many people such as Sirius Black, and also a sadist who drove the Longbottoms mad.

Killed Dobby, Sirius, and nearly killed Hermione and Ginny, and she liked Voldemort. How could she be more evil? She frightened me. I was pretty happy when Molly killed her

She's my favorite villain in Harry Potter mainly because of the way Helena Bonham Carter portrayed her other wise she would just annoy me.

She is the most evil and my second favorite character nest to Luna. - Tyler2436

Bellatrix is evil

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4 Barty Crouch, Jr.

He tortured people, conjured the dark mark, tried to kill harry. He is very evil. He also locked Moody up for a year and made people go insane. He was put in Azkaban and chose to leave his family for Lord Voldemort.

Barty crouch JR was a worker for Voldemort but he did not last that long. He tried to kill Harry, Hermione, and Ron until his father barty croutch told him not to try to kill Harry, Hermione, and Ron. So he actually killed his own father instead even though he only lasted for five or ten minutes in the movie.

Eevil. But, then he found the tardis and decided to go into space and make up for it by saving people. But he killed his own FATHER after torturing him.

Barty: Ferret is Draco😈
Me: He’s a Malfoy! 👦🏼

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5 Fenrir Greyback

Fenir Greyback is a fearsome werewolf that attacks children in hogwarts. He had a strong army to kill as many hogwarts and many other people as he could ever do. He and his pack of werewolves joined voldemort after during the second Wizzarding war. He did fight in the Battle of the astronomy tower and he became a very powerful werewolf he frightened lots of children in hogwarts school.

Sometimes, Greyback scares me more than Voldemort... He usually attacks children and feeds from them... At least Voldemort doesn't bite anyone

He scratched Bill Weasley, turned Remus Lupin into a werewolf and killed Lavender Brown (She may or may not have been killed).

Hehe... favorite character :3

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6 Peter Pettigrew Peter Pettigrew

He deserves to be number 1 He betrayed all of his friend and because of it, Sirius and lupin lost their friends. Peter is a spine-less, no good, evil, low down, ratty little man who I want at the top of this list!

Thank you, Sirius Black had nothing to do with it!

Why isn't he in first place"

Get Uncle Vernon off the list and put him on! - DCfnaf

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7 Lucius Malfoy

At the end Lucius may be weak, but still he didn't just Jump into action he Tried to remain calm and a calm villan is Better Then one who yells at everyone.. also he put a diary into another book without Anyone noticing, he actually GOT the prophecy (though it broke Short after)

Lucius Malfoy tought his son Draco how to bully everyone in the hogwart school eseacially Harry. Lucius Malfoy did not kill anyone but he was a advisor for voldemort for a very long time and became a death eater. He liked helping the dark lord with many diffirent things. He helps the bad guys dicide who should be killed and who should not be.

8 Nagini

Nagini is not a bad character. She was only raised by an evil man who pretended to be her so-called "friend." He bossed her around and made her do evil things, but Nagini thought those things were right. She was confused and abused, two things that should never happen to anyone, not even a snake.

She was one of her master's horcruxes, & I would say was perhaps, the only one whom actually loved.

I think Nagini should be second after Voldemort

9 Draco Malfoy Draco Malfoy Draco Lucius Malfoy is a character in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. He is a student in Harry Potter's year belonging in the Slytherin house.

He was only mean out of jealousy. His father was very successful, and maybe he just wanted to make him proud, but Harry Potter always got the attention. He was taught from an early age to be better than everyone else, that he WAS better than everyone else. His dad was horrible, but Draco was just under a horrible influence. In the end, we saw he didn't really have the heart to kill anyone one. We realized he was human too, facing things no 16-year-old should ever face in his life. Murder... or be murdered. Draco Malfoy would be better, if only his parents were better.

Draco Malfoy bullies lots of people in the hogwart school. He bullies Harry the most and he sometimes bullies Hermione. He tried to kill Harry so many times with a cannonball. Lucius tought him to get meaner to everyone every year. When himself, Harry, Ron, Hermione, and everyone else got older be tried to make Harry smoke and have drugs.

Draco Malfoy is the most annoying and hard hearted student in Hogwarts. And he was jealous of Harry and always
Tried to make him look bad.


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10 Harry Potter

WHY IS Harry on this list he's the Hero and Protagonist of the story without him Voldemort would probably take over the magical universe he's a brave nice guy he has his flaws but who doesn't Voldemort is just flat out evil with no redeeming qualites at all and all he cares about is world domination and evil Harry should not even be on the list anyway he was willing to fight Voldemort so he could save the world and his friends too he's been through a lot of emotional pain his loved one's dying having to put up with the Dursley's mistreatment for 17 years Malfoy Snape and the Slytherins bully him all the time and despite going through all that he still manages to be a kind person so there is no reason why should even be on this list in my opinion

I could talk forever about how wonderful and sweet this angel of a boy is.

Harry is not supposed to be in this list!

No he is not a villain he is a hero
and he does not deserve it.

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11 Professor Quirrell

I can't believe how he had voldermort's soul
It creep me out

Querril made voldemort back to life again so he could kill Harry for good and he made voldemort so powerful and a wicked tought guy to fight. He dicided to make voldemort real again just because he did not like Harry in his class, & he liked it that his parents died from voldemort. He did not like Lilly and James potter one bit. He worked for voldemort even though he thought voldemort was dead.

He was a villain.
The Weasley twins threw snowballs at his turban at Christmas, Voldemort being hit by snowballs.
But I doubt Quirrell was anti-Muggles he taught Muggle Studies before Defense Against The Dark Arts.

Professor Quirrell isn’t evil; his body was just used and quite possibly abused by Lord Voldemort who was on a desperate search to find a human body to “enter”. He found Quirrell on a sabbatical and turned him into the unlucky victim. Quirrell isn’t evil.

12 Uncle Vernon

A literary depiction of a real-life villain - the child abuser.

Uncle Vernon can't' use the excuse "Ohh, its not my fault I'm mean, its just that my wierdo nephew has a chunk of a noseless dark wizards soul that possesses me now and then". That bit of voldy in Harry was already affecting another soul- its roommate, Harry's real soul...

The Dursleys were so Meen and terrible to Harry. They only cared about there own son and there selves only and never anyone else even Harry, Lilly and James potter, every hogwart students, and all of Harry's teachers. Vernon and petunia tought there son Dudley how to be so horrible to Harry who was Dudley's cousin. Harry had to live with his aunt and uncle after his parents died when he was a baby. The Dursleys just did not treat Harry right and did not take care of him one bit when his parents were dead. They made a terrible rule consequence that he could not have food for a week wich was really dam horrible.

He shoul be second, behond Voldemort!

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13 Basilisk

Giant ugly snake who can kill you with 1 look directly in the eye

Just saying- not a person...

I don't think the basalisk or Nagini counts as a character🐍

14 Sirius Black Sirius Black

HE DIDN'T KILL HARRY'S PARENTS NOR TOLD VOLDEMORT WHERE ARE THEY! Wormtail (Peter Pettigrew) told Voldemort where are they! Black turned out to be the good guy in the Prisoner of Azkaban, too bad he died in the Order of the Phoenix

Sirius is one of the nicest guys! He was almost a father to Harry. What's going on!

Are you kidding me! He's like the 100th most evil character! Have you read the end of the Prisoner of Azkaban?

This is probably just not to give away the ending of prisoner of Azkaban!

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15 Dudley Dursley Dudley Dursley

Best character enough said

He was nice in the end

16 Antonin Dolohov

The bastard killed my little wolfy

17 Severus Snape Severus Snape Severus Snape is a fictional character in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. He is characterised as a person of great complexity, whose coldly sarcastic and controlled exterior conceals deep emotions and anguish.

He's not really a bad guy in the Deathly Hallows, he was just a little misunderstood. Sure he was a death eater but he's nice now. Well, was until (spoiler) he died at the Deathly Hallows.

That chapter's in Deathly Hallows Book

Umm Snape Isn't Truely Evil

Umm, Snape's alright... but... he's a racist and a slytherin.

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18 Kreacher

He looks ugly but actually helps harry

He just needed someone to be nice to him.

19 Dumbledore

He is my favorite character but I do agree that he is quite far sighted

He is partly responsible for Sirius's death. He put Harry with the Dursleys knowing that they hated magic. He didn't even bother teaching anything useful to Harry. I don't think he was so naive that he thought that those DADA teachers would teach him how to fight the most feared wizard of all time. I could go on and on about this actually. Long story short: he manipulates anyone and everyone to do his bidding and feels no remorse.

Ya he is cool and all, but does anyone remember when Severus wished for death and dumbledore said "and what use would that be to anyone? " what?

Dumbledore is not a villain. but I agree with the comment about Severus Snape saying I want to die.

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20 Cornelius Fudge

He's Not technically Evil
He's Just An A$$hole

21 Septima Vector

Septima Vector is Hogwarts third strictest teacher because she usually would give them plenty of homework she to Harry Potter that he isn't that bad.

22 Augustus Rookwood


23 Pansy Parkinson's
24 Salazar Slytherin

He made a secret chamber and had a basolisk who murdered muggleborns.

25 Rita Skeeter

She should be number 4, number 1 is Dolores, number 2 is Bellatrix, number 3 is Voldemort and number 4 is Rita

26 Gilderoy Lockhart
27 Yaxley

He is a thug


28 Narcissa Malfoy

I don't think she's THAT evil

29 Igor Karkaroff

He's no super evil

30 Death

He was really, really powerful and very powerful! He's the most powerful character ever in Harry Potter!,

31 Mary Lou Barebone
32 Cedric Diggory Cedric Diggory


33 Mundungus Fletcher
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