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21 Sirius Black Sirius Black

HE DIDN'T KILL HARRY'S PARENTS NOR TOLD VOLDEMORT WHERE ARE THEY! Wormtail (Peter Pettigrew) told Voldemort where are they! Black turned out to be the good guy in the Prisoner of Azkaban, too bad he died in the Order of the Phoenix

Sirius is one of the nicest guys! He was almost a father to Harry. What's going on!

Are you kidding me! He's like the 100th most evil character! Have you read the end of the Prisoner of Azkaban?

This is probably just not to give away the ending of prisoner of Azkaban!

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22 Dumbledore

He is my favorite character but I do agree that he is quite far sighted

He is partly responsible for Sirius's death. He put Harry with the Dursleys knowing that they hated magic. He didn't even bother teaching anything useful to Harry. I don't think he was so naive that he thought that those DADA teachers would teach him how to fight the most feared wizard of all time. I could go on and on about this actually. Long story short: he manipulates anyone and everyone to do his bidding and feels no remorse.

Ya he is cool and all, but does anyone remember when Severus wished for death and dumbledore said "and what use would that be to anyone? " what?

He manipulated all people in Harry Potter!

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23 Augustus Rookwood V 1 Comment
24 Narcissa Malfoy V 1 Comment
25 Igor Karkaroff V 1 Comment
26 Death

He was really, really powerful and very powerful! He's the most powerful character ever in Harry Potter!,

27 Mary Lou Barebone

Another child abuser from the Fantastic Beasts film, who ran this whole Salem thing trying to kill witches in New York and constantly beat her adopted son Credance, insulted his dead mother, but fortunately she met her fate and Credance ended up killing her. - SailorSedna

28 Cedric Diggory Cedric Diggory


29 Pansy Parkinson's
30 Salazar Slytherin

He made a secret chamber and had a basolisk who murdered muggleborns.

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