Barack Obama

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Barack Hussein Obama II is the 44th president of the United States of America. He was elected in 2008 after serving in the Senate from 2005-08, beating John McCain and becoming the first African-American to be elected President of the United States. He was elected again in 2012, beating Mitt Romney.


I believe that his ideas for this country are not what it needs in this time. He constantly wants change for this society. That's all great, and that's what being a liberal's all about. The problem is that he's throwing away traditional values that have stood for a long time, but trying to take them away just for the sake of changing society. The question that comes to my mind is "Why do we have change if we don't need change," or, "If you do change society, is it always good for both the present and the future to come? "

Oh my gosh people please shut it's not cause I think your racist I think your being ridiculous Barack is not evil and do not compare to these people okay that's kinda of mean I mean come on where is your heart. Here comes the hate

History will show his actions have taken. The world to the edge of the abyss. Good luck to any Christian who expects to one day look God in the eye and explain how they voted for him a second time. One child is killed with their tax money every two minutes. Not to mention the funding of Christian and Jew killings across the whole world. May God help us

He wasted an opportunity to save a nation from Communist rule and human rights abuse. Vietnam, 2016. He simply lifted the U.S arms embargo without any mention or use of the embargo as a method of leverage to do what most Americans and Vietnamese want. To free the people in Vietnam from a savage dictatorship. He lied to the world saying it was not because of the South China Sea Conflict, he is unexperienced and should never have been permitted to touch anything that would've given back the freedom to 90 million people.

Barack Hussein Obama is the least experienced person to be be elected to the highest office in the land. And he has not disappointed. During his first four years in office, he will have presided over the highest deficits, highest unemployment, highest poverty/welfare levels, and highest levels of class and racial division in US history. In addition, relations with Israel are at historic lows, Russia has gained in power and world standing, and Iran will likely have developed nuclear weapons under his watch.

Actually, employment was lowest during the 1970s, during the great depression, and during 2004 when George W. Bush was in office. The highest levels of poverty in this nation was 90 years ago, and the highest level of class and racial division was during the civil rights movement. Our relations with Israel have been pretty lenient and the same for the past 20 years, Russia has been a world power since the 19th century, and Iran has already developed nuclear weapons, 20 years ago, you're thinking of Iraq.

What are you talking about!? How is Osama bin Laden not as evil as Barack Obama. Bin Laden was responsible for 9/11 and Obama helped us out of the great recession. Obama can't even be considered evil in general

At least Stalin had the decency to not pretend to not rule with an iron fist, anybody who knows about how economics really work will tell you that he is the worst at actually leading this country, his only claim to fame is being president while Osama got killed, but let me ask you this, what would've happened to his chances of being reelected if we found out he let bin laden get away. At least Bush didn't blame Clinton for his failures, Obama can't even go one day without blaming his failures on everybody, and, as a typical democrat, he'll get away with it all and be called really great for screwing our country, economy, and freedoms.

Yeah sure Kim Jong-un is more of a nice person than Obama. This is a list of the most evil leaders ever, so to Place Obama here solely due for his unexperience is just laughable. Obama hasn't killed a single innocent man while all other on this list (Except Bush) killed hundreds of thousands

I really hate what he is doing to this country and my fellow citizens

He comes under the guise of a peacemaker. He creates more racial discourse than already exist by blaming any opposition on racism and bigotry. He blames his failures on others while taking credit for good works from others. His socialist beliefs are draining our economy while turning our nation into a weak marxist society.

The guy made it legal to murder US citizens without trial.

When he was elected, people danced all around the world. They naively thought that he will be peacefull. Of course, he has a big smile but his is fake. He isn't courageous to break usa foreign politic. Actually there are more wars than in Bush area!

This guy is no where near as bad as the others

Thinks he is a king. Tired of him circumventing the constitution.

Barack Obama is democracy in president.

The Manchurian candidate... Under the power of George Soros... Worst qualified, even worse than Hillary. Paved the way for maximum corruption had Hillary been elected. Thank God for Trumping over 18 million illegal votes for Hillary.

He even lies about his name. $18 trillion debt that will destroy the USA. And has never told the truth. not once. Even when he shoved the Communist Health Takeover down our throats against our will, he lied about that too. He is the worst president since Jefferson Davis.

Anti-Christ, liar, racist, dictator need I say more?

An amoral individual who espouses infanticide, and deeply detests America and Christianity

Maybe not evil but definitely incompetent

He looks like my urethra. That makes him evil.

Thinks he is a god, a anti christ figure

He does not know how to lead our nation.
He's looking out only for himself & making some very
Dangerous decisions regarding the safety of
Our military & our country.

Technically and legally his name is Barry Soetoro from Indonesia. He did not legally change his name back. He is among the greatest frauds in history! We still know very little about this person, yet he was elected twice…the second time was likely due to massive voter fraud. His birth certificate that was finally released by the White House is a forgery and there IS proof, thus a law suit has been filed to deport this fraud back to Indonesia!

The man is the most destructive & only tyranical dictator in US history. He has decimated the economy, aided our enemies, caused racial division, destroyed or constitutional rights, imprisoned innocent citizens who speak against him, murdered our serviceman, caused false wars & destroy our childrens future!