Top Ten Most Evil Leaders in History

I want the worst of the worst, give me the most evil, heartless, inhumane leaders in history!!!

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21 Dick Cheney Dick Cheney Richard Bruce Cheney, generally known as Dick Cheney is an American politician and businessman who was the 46th Vice President of the United States from 2001 to 2009, under President George W. Bush.

He pushed for war with his own agenda and let Bush take the heat for it. He manipulated Bush like a puppet, and made millions from selling arms to the US military.

Why would he be on the most evil leaders in history. Everybody who put Cheney on this list, grow up.

Yup what a dick

A dick? No question, but just one of countless others behind the scenes on many Presidents cabinets. - Ned964

22 Genghis Khan Genghis Khan Genghis Khan c. 1162 – August 18 1227, born Temüjin, was the founder and Great Khan of the Mongol Empire, which became the largest contiguous empire in history after his death.

He also became one of the first leaders to adopt free religion and created a set of laws that sound more like the commandments then evil murderous laws. Just go to the Genghis Khan exhibit that will help you see the real Genghis not the cruel monster every wants him to be

I would like very much to go to the Genghis Khan exhibit, that would be fascinating. But it wouldn't change the fact that he butchered his enemies by the thousands. It's war, and especially in that day and age, there wasn't much reason to leave many alive. Look, long story short, I will try not to paint him as a monster, and you try not to paint him as a saint, sound fair? - Ned964

Genghis khan slaughtered (babies men women did not matter who) the entire population of a village but 1 person or 2 who he allowed to run away after burning down the entire city/village all so the next city would surrender with out fighting even if they where much stronger then the invading Mongolian army.

As far as I know, this is all true. It's refreshing to read facts, instead of the conjecture so prevalent on this list. - Ned964

He slaughtered more people than hitler. When he was attacking the shaw tribe their was a moat around there castle his horses could not get around so he made a bridge of his drowned captives

I'm not defending the practice, but you've gotta admit, a fairly good use of available resources. - Ned964

He was not that bad

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23 Benito Mussolini Benito Mussolini more.

A very talented and efficient leader, but an ignoramus.

Fashist Dictator helped hitler

Should be next to hittler

24 Phalaris
25 Nero Nero

This guy was almost as bad as Caligula. He was ruthless and murderous. And you must be evil to kick your pregnant wife to death and try to kill your own mother. In fact, he was so evil that he crucified Christians and burned them alive. Now, that's just evil! He would not think twice about killing someone or beating them to a bloody pulp!

He killed innocent people! Mother flipper he was a no good, dirty bastard
That should have been burned at the stake, twice!

The one from star trek? Just kidding he this guy was deranged!

He killed Peter and paul

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26 Henry the 8th

Most needlessly executed during his reign, including 2 of his 6 wives.

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27 Hirohito Hirohito

His men burned boiled tortured roasted raped ate crucified disemboweled dismembered and buried people alive

Before He Reformed, He Was Pretty Bad, Not As Bad As Tojo, But Still Awful - JPK

It was tojo not hirohito

His men burned boiled roasted tortured ate raped crucified disembowled disembered and buried people alive in world war 2. And he made a pact with Hitler. He killed more than 40 million people. He was a son of a bitch.

28 Rodrigo Duterte Rodrigo Duterte Rodrigo "Rody" Roa Duterte, also known by the nickname Digong, is a Filipino lawyer and politician of Visayan descent who is the President-elect of the Philippines after topping the official Congressional canvass for the 2016 election.

He used drugs to rally support from the people. Now his police, upon his orders, are on a murderous spree of poor marginalized people. He may not be a thief like Marcos but this guy is on par as the most murderous leader of the Philippines in just a year in office.

He is the Donald Trump of the Philippines and he also broke ties with the us to join china - ikerevievs

29 Bashar al-Assad Bashar al-Assad Bashar Hafez al-Assad is the current President of Syria, holding the office since 17 July 2000. He is also commander-in-chief of the Syrian Armed Forces, General Secretary of the ruling Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party and Regional Secretary of the party's branch in Syria.

Why are Jesus, Muhammad, Obama, and Bush ABOVE the president of Syria? - JustAnAccount

30 Francisco Franco
31 Muammar Gaddafi

He was another friend of America, whom the political class here betrayed.

He is bad as

32 Jesus Christ Jesus Christ Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem, Palestine. He was born to Mary, as the bible says "she was found with child of the Holy Ghost" (Matthew 1:18). He was both man and God (John 20:28). According to the bible He is God alone (Deuteronomy 6:4). more.

Its not jesus that's the problem, its his followers that have twisted the religion into something else

Have you even read the bible? Jesus is an amazing person. Those keyboard warriors you see on yahoo answers (the troll headquarters) are not an accurate representation of Christians.

He's the best Man who ever lived! Wrong here in this list!

Wrong here is this list? Are you Yoda? Just kidding. You may be right, this very well could have been the best man that ever lived. - Ned964

Take this off

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33 Ferdinand Marcos

He corrupted our system with martial law

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34 Napoleon Napoleon Napoléon Bonaparte was a French military and political leader who rose to prominence during the French Revolution and led several successful campaigns during the Revolutionary Wars.

He was a man looking for power for his nation which was kind of good during his time

He was a brilliant military strategist. His ego got out in front of him and he tried to conquer more than what he was capable of conquering. He spread himself too thin, or went beyond the limits of his supply lines. It's an age old mistake that every egomaniac tyrant has made. - Ned964

He was good and bad.

Napoleon started the Napoleonic wars which were probably worse than world war 1 and 2 caused thousands of his own troops to freeze to death. He killed millions of people because he's a disposable and he tried to conquer the world

He invaded lots of country's and that caused 300000million deaths

35 Donald Trump Donald Trump Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is an American businessman, television personality, politician, and the 45th President of the United States. Born and raised in Queens, New York City, Trump received an economics degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. In 1971, more.

He said African county's are sh**hole and said he would rather want Norway. Norway people replied ¨thanks but no thanks". Trump is CRAZY, INSANE, and needs to get kicked out of office.

"Grab her by the p*ssy" "hole countries" "Fire and Fury" "Little rocket man" "My nuclear button is bigger, and it works! "

36 Margaret Thatcher Margaret Thatcher Margaret Hilda Thatcher, Baroness Thatcher, was a British stateswoman and politician who was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1979 to 1990 and the Leader of the Conservative Party from 1975 to 1990. She was the longest-serving British Prime Minister of the 20th century and is currently more.

One of the very few of the greatest leaders of the free world. Just like Ronald Reagan she is universally hated and reviled by the low life scum of the earth.

She bombed an Irish rebellion base (because like we did to the native Americans, the Brits came in, committed various atrocities towards Irish citizens, and they took the land that was rightfully theirs)

Pure evil. Allied with ronald reagan and saddam hussein

Between testing out economic and political gambles in Scotland to see if they were successful, only to remove and implement in England anything successful, and leave anything devastating to fester in the Scottish classes; starting a Falklands War that was actually instigated by UK, whereby Argentina's retaliation was to take the islands, thus removing forces out of Northern Ireland and causing massive riots and destruction; colliding and arming Unionist Terrorist groups and silencing the media of catholic, Gaelic and commonwealth oppression; claiming to be a leader of the freeworld whilst becoming more and more authoritarian; and the list goes on.

Margaret Thatcher was arguably the worst Prime Minister of the UK after Winston Churchill and his cause of the Indian Famine that killed 4,000,000+. Only a few of the richest in England became more wealthy whilst literally everyone else, including the majority of who voted for her, became far worse off.

Those who still support ...more

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37 Boris Yeltsin
38 Stephen Harper Stephen Harper Stephen Joseph Harper is a Canadian politician and member of Parliament who served as the 22nd prime minister of Canada, from February 6, 2006 to November 4, 2015. He was the first prime minister to come from the modern Conservative Party of Canada, which was formed by a merger of the Progressive Conservative more.

Should be higher. Committed election fraud, created the worst deficit in Canadian History, was found in contempt of parliament, and the list goes on and on.

Like Putin, but worse

Gives a bad name to Canadians.

39 Richard III of England

Henry the 8th was not evil. He founded the Church of England (I'm Methodist, and Methodism is kinda Anglican). Richard I was evil. Killed his nephews, brother, wife, and supporters of Edward IV. Trust me, this king was EVIL!

Braveheart. - JustAnAccount

40 Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

European culture build up on a lies!

Erdogan is evil. Purely evil. Only Turks understand how evil this man is. - Aisu

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