Adolf Hitler

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Adolf Hitler was a German politician who was the leader of the Nazi Party, Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945, and F├╝hrer of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945. As dictator of Nazi Germany, he initiated World War II in Europe with the invasion of Poland in September 1939 and was a central figure of more.


I HATE ADOLF HITLER! ADOLF HITLER IS WORST HUMAN EVER! HIS ARMY KILLED MILLIONS OF PEOPLE HE CAUSED END OF WORLD! But goodly world survived end of world but here's human that will be worse than Adolf Hitler it's Donald Trump's I think Donald Trump will be more hated than Adolf Hitler but Adolf Hitler died so that's good so Adolf Hitler is now in hell so rest in hell Adolf Hitler

Killing Jews is wrong, but trying and failing is even worse. Now they are under humanity's protection more than any race, and with that privilege, they are able to become richer and more powerful than the others. It's just like when you attack a child, that child will be protected by everyone, even after it needs it. Despite all of this, Hitler could have been a great person if he hadn't done that to begin with.

This man was a true evil incarnate. He was responsible for the mass genocide, and enslavement of 6-8 million Jews, and probably did it with a sign of amusement on his face. One of the most Notorious, if not, the worst war criminal, and is unknown if he was against World Peace. His goal was total control of the world under a direct Dictatorship, and wanted to do it by conquering Europe first. - Crysis

I'm sorry; but Hitler was evil and nasty, killing 6 million innocent people, but the people voting for Hitler have obviously not known, studied or heard of Stalin who happened to kill over 50 million people for self interests (even his own people and family. As a result of this, Stalin is far more heartless and evil; so please get your facts right and vote for him as number 1. PS: Hitler is only number 1 because he's more famous than Stalin.

If I met Hitler I would wack in the head with a baseball bat 10 time kick his balls push him into a toilet strangle him with a cord make him dump himself and pee himself at the same time make him say sorry to every Jew in the world while still in that toilet and make a monument out of it and then I will pray to Lord Jesus Christ that no man like him is ever born

He didn't like Jews, so what did he do? Kill millions of them, start a world war that killed multiple times of that in total people. His method to make his country be in a better situation was what it should have been multiplied by however many people he killed directly in terms of extravagance and violence. Truly one of the most overkill methods of revenge.

It's not just Jews he was against he was racist and against gays. If he found one of his soldiers to be gay he would humiliate them and send them off to the labour camps naked. He also forced people to work for him and if they refused he would execute them which sent not just Jews into hiding. And the fact that he wanted to wipe a whole entire race was just horrible.

He killed thousands of people, including babies, children, and grandparents simply because they were Jewish and he thought that they were "inferior". I read a book about ten real little kids who survived and it was so heart wrenching, I cried every chapter.

Sign... Hitler could have been good, he actually cared a lot for Germany but the people surrounding him were the evil ones and he possibly never even killed anyone directly. Perhaps at the end of the war, Hitler finally realized his evil actions and therefore committed suicide. - friday1365

First of all Crysis Stalin was responsible for 20 to 40 million people being killed Hitler was responsible for at least 50 million people dying. Hitler was very intelligent but you must give him credit he had a dream and he made it a reality he wasn't just a talker he took action. Where Hitler went wrong was his pride and his decisions he made he should have listened to his generals after all that's why there there. Closing I would like to mention one more person Hideki Tojo from Japan, Japan when he was in charge they were by far the worst at tourtoring people. One last thing isn't it funny 3 of the most evil people on this earth were all in charge during world war 11.

Such an EVVILL man. Why is Beiber on this list? I don't like his music, in fact, it annoys the crap out of me, but he is NOT evil! How can people be so immature? "Oh, Justin Beiber kills people with his music! " Really? I suppose you'll add another hated celebrity on here, like Barney (who I also despise, but is not evil).

Adolf Hitler killed Jews, Catholics, Gypsies, the mentally retarded, the sick and old, homosexuals and lesbian, and anyone of African descent. He caused one of the worst wars in history. As for people that say he was crazy and should be excused, well, yes he was crazy, but that isn't enough to clear him of the guilt of what he did. If he had his way, way over half of the world's population would be dead.
Stalin, Zedong, and Castro suck too, and Bush was a teriible president. But what is Justin Bieber doing here? He's a musician!

A lot of people on this list were very bad, don't get me wrong... But this is a man who was so monstrous and yet so powerful, he can be considered pure evil. He killed himself by taking a cyanide capsule and shooting himself at the same time, from what I heard. Very evil man... If you would call him that.

He blamed the Jews for everything and even if they had did nothing. Well, the Jews literally did almost NOTHING at all. Some of them were only children, and they were tortured and killed by this historical madman for more power. I hope he is burning in hell RIGHT NOW.

Hitler was directly responsible for the deaths of six million Jews. Six MILLION people died because he didn't like their religion; not mentioning all of the gay people he killed, too. Hitler was bigotry and evil in its most pure form.

Are you for real?! I get it if a Jew did wrong, but he was like the modern day King Herod or something. (I'm not sure if I got the name right. Let's just call him "That guy who tried to kill all of the baby boys so he wouldn't be taken over.) - dipperpinesfangirl618

Because was intelligent and had a heart as some others have commented he is even more responsible for what he did. If he would be a stupid cold hearted psycho, it would be hard to hold him responsible. But he is responsible for the death of 10 million, the suffering of many times that amount, the destruction of families, hopes, and dreams.

As a german I have to vote for Hitler, but I still think Stalin was worse. He did cruel stuff which press hasnt talked on purpose. I know a story, after Berlin has been overtaken by the Allies and the Germans wanted to fight the Russians out of east Germany on the side of the Allies.
But they declined with some mystical reason I don't know and don't get...
So maybe America didn't see their real enemy?

He was definitely the meanest person ever. He killed thousands of Jews in the Holocaust. He had parents of disabled children sent to clinics where they would receive lethal injections. Many Jews were subjected to sadistic vivisections.

Yes, he was a very evil man. For Jews alone, he killed more than 6 million people not to talk of other countries and he caused the two World Wars. He knew how bad he was that he and his wife committed suicide. That's enough to make it to the first line.

The unholy offspring of Satan himself. Adolf Hitler was insane. He killed millions simply because of their religion, believing them as infidels and regarded their beliefs as inferior.

It's ridiculous how Justin Bieber, a Pop singer, is on the same list as Hitler who killed millions for no reason other than their race and/or religion. Come on now

It's worth pointing out that this maniac actually killed twelve million people total, but only 6 million were Jews. He also targeted some non protestants, homosexuals, communists, trade unionists, democrats and the mentally ill.

I'm voting to inform people that Stalin killed loads more people than Hitler, AND Stalin purged people in the Gulag system! Learn some damn history people!

Hitler came against the entire humanity, killed billions of people and almost succeed in taking over the entire world. If that isn't evil then what is it?