Joseph Stalin

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Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin was a Georgian dictator, and was the leader of the Soviet Union from the mid-1920s until his death in 1953. Holding the post of the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, he was effectively the dictator of the state.


Stalin should be at the TOP. The concentration camps were bad and sad but the Gulags were worse. The difference is that the ghettos were only used for the Jews and sometimes the prisoners of war. But the Gulags were just almost anyone they can lay eyes on and the cold in Siberia was terrible, the rooms were made out of wood without pillows were any soft materials for sleeping they also sometimes didn't have heaters. He always wanted to be the best and strongest. He even tried to arrest the man who defeated Germany in world war 2 Gregory Zhukov commander of the Red army but he was too smart for him to be arrest. So come guys!

everyone else on this list apart from Hitler should have 0 compared to this guy. He killed over 20 million. If you think Justin beiber is more evil than this person you must be on drugs. I saw a documentary about a women whose father was executed for crimes he didn't commit when the women was only 7 because he was against Stalin. This whole justin beiber is gay joke is so old and is all over the internet. Its not funny. I know justin beiber bullies his security guards and stuff. But he wasn't 100000000000 percent heartless like this man.

Hitler always gets the glory for "most evil", but most are unaware of just how cruel Stalin was, when you learn what happened to not just his enemies, but his own people, under him, it will make Hitler look like an amateur.

Hitler actually achieved some good things in his earlier days, cleaning up Germany and getting it out of the gutter financially. It was what happened later... it's a shame.

In contrast, Stalin did NOTHING good for the Soviet's, the country suffered during his entire regime and only got "better" after his death. He killed, starved, and enslaved his own people in addition to others. His death toll was higher then Hitler's by a considerable amount, beaten only by Mao (though Mao killed more, the atrocities were not as grotesque).

He wasn't even Russian either ironically.

Oh please, Hitler was evil, yes, but he was a tactical idiot. And he did not have a great deal of involvement, the architect of that was a man named Heinrich Himmler, who was the leader of the SS. Stalin? Stalin was worse, in that he killed his OWN people. Hitler was insane, Stalin just suffered from a major Napoleons complex. Overall, Josef Stalin killed MORE people than Hitler during his lifetime ( Proven, no debate ) and what makes that even worse was that many of the people he killed WERE HIS OWN PEOPLE. Stalin was ruthless, he wanted power even when Lenin wanted another man to rule. So Stalin took him out of the picture and killed / locked up anyone he thought looked suspicious.

This man is worse than Hitler. I know you might say that Stalin killed more than Hitler he served longer as a dictator, and while may be true, Hitler pretty much only killed and tortures Jews and other people out of retaliation. Stalin just killed whoever the hell he wanted to, which even included his own people. This man doesn't even care about his family, because his own son was imprisoned, and Stalin, just being the evil person that he is, didn't do anything (literally nothing) for his son, and his son eventually died in captivity. Just wow. He was basically the Frieza of the Human Race. He killed whoever he wanted to.

A Russian Dictator who killed millions for self-interest. The statistics don't lie. We have suffered through a history of tyrants, dictators and shameless men... We have so many lists of evil people we can find, from the roaches who ruled North Korea as their personal playground, to the bastard who starved his own Country into a devastation of a famine... And Justin Bieber is second on the list. Way to go, society.

Hitler was delusional, he was horrible but he thought he was doing something good for Germany and simply blamed the Jews. He was evil, but a good leader. Stalin didn't even care. He killed 24 million more than Hitler and most of those people were of his OWN COUNTRY. Not to mention he killed family members. And putting Justin Bieber on this list is childish, is he seriously above the man who killed 30 million? What has this generation become.

Unlike Hitler (for the most part), this man hated people in general. He really didn't give a damn about nothing but himself, his ego. This man killed millions of innocent people. His collective starvation plan of the Ukraine literally turned people into cannibals, some parents even ate their own children for crying out loud! He even had the nerve to back-stab general Zhukov, if it wasn't for him I believe Russia would have lost the war to Nazi Germany, etc, etc... This murderer sat back in the shadows and smiled as all the attention was on Hitler before and after the war. Paranoid and sick in the amazes me to this day he wasn't assassinated.

Adolf Hitler may have been evil but Joseph Stalin was far worse. Hitler killed about 17 million people while Stalin killed around 23 million. Also, when one of Stalin's sons shot himself and lived do you know what he said? "He can't even shoot." When his son was captured by the Germans, he didn't even bother trying to get him back. He killed people, tortured people, and even sent them to labor camps sometimes too. Stalin really was an evil man. He should be above Hitler.

People need to learn their history. At least Hitler did good things for most of his people. Hitler stabilized the German economy and did a bunch of other good things. (Also, I don't think there are any official documents stating that Hitler planned to take over the whole world.) Hitler killed around 6 million people. Stalin did nothing and had no regard for the life of any of his people. The Holomodor which was from 1932-1933 killed 2.5-7.5 million people in the Ukraine. Hitler wasn't even the main architect of the holocaust. Hitler was definitely an insane man but Stalin was much worse.

There is a lot of evidence that proves that Stalin was way worse than Hitler.

First, Hitler used his power in the wrong way.

Second Stalin killed millions more people than Hitler

And Third Stalin didn't even care when his wife committed suicide, whereas Hitler was very sad about his.

Not saying Hitler wasn't a bad person only that he had good intentions but used them the wrong way. - Pikachu7586

Hitler was a bad man, that's true, but Hitler was also delusional and might have genuinely wanted to create a good place to live for his people. Stalin on the other hand never cared for the people of Russia and never even tried to act as he cared. Plus he was absolutely aware of what he was doing and what are the consequences, which makes him evil by desin. His evilness is overlooked though, mainly because he was perceived as one of "the good guys" during the WW2, so no one cared about all the people he'd killed. - saaarsdej

You democrats need to get your head out of your asses, if you people actually think George Bush was bad then you've never picked up a history book in your life, yes I agree Bush was a bad president, but so is obama, and they are both leading us in the direction of communism, which sucks, partially due to people like Stalin

It is sad when people no way more about Hitler than Stalin. They were both evil, but Stalin was worse. Hitler fixed the economy and actually somewhat cared about his soldiers. Stalin enacted an order that said that all soldiers hat retreat at all must be shot. He killed anybody. He destroyed Lenin's view of communism. He killed far more people than Hitler. I don't know why so many people in my class have no idea who Stalin is. Maybe it has something do with the fact that the Soviet Union was our ally during WW2, but still...

Yeah, Hitler killed 6 million Jews. But Hitler did it because he felt he was doing it to protect his own people. He never hurt any of his own people. But Stalin killed way more than 6 million people; he killed many of his own military men... He intentionally lead them off to an area to be killed brutally and savagely.

Look at the comments for #2 George W. Bush. "He sucks at public speaking... ". If public speaking is part of the ingridents for a evil person then I'm a horrible person. Just because someone was mediocre president (didn't support him but believed he honestly did what he thought was in the best interest of the American people). Like I said, mediocre president, good overall person.

Joseph Stalin should be number 1. He was a dirty communist and he killed 60 million people. There is no question about it, Joseph Stalin was the worst person in history. Killing people not of your kind is still evil, but killing people within your own country because they would not conform to communism is just sickening. If only Soviet Russia had guns... Oh how many people would be saved..

He killed over 10 million people. That's all that needs to be said really.
Also, Mao Zedong actually helped china a whole lot, he improved health care and education, promoted women, and he modernized china. (don't forget that the population nearly doubled during his run) But Stalin didn't do anything "good". (FYI Hitler and his wife commit suicide together)

Hitler was evil and smart. Stalin is just downright evil, careless and self-centered. He murdered countless innocent people and sent people to Siberia which is a million times worse than prison. He just left them there to die over things that should not even be considered a crime. He should be number 1, and Hitler number 2.

Both Stalin's and Hitler's girlfriends committed suicide. Hitler was very sad about that, and he was even crying, but do you know what Stalin did? Nothing. He didn't care, he didn't go to her funeral, he just continued governing Soviet Union like nothing had happened.

Stalin has killed not only more people than Hitler but he has killed more Jews than Hitler. He had a great hatred for them because he thought they were going to kill him and he mass murdered all that were in Russia. He didn't care if his family died, he didn't have any sort of remorse for them, let alone anybody else.

When his oldest son tried to kill himself, Stalin just said that "he can't even shoot straight", and didn't rescue him from German captivity. His own daughter changed her identity and ran away to the US because her father was a monster. Definitely worse than Hitler.

The uneducated man chooses Hitler as the most evil person in history.
The historian chooses Stalin.
He mocked his son after he couldn't commit suicide correctly, then killed his mother after he got caught by the Nazi's.
He killed the family's of USSR "traitors" (war prisoners).
The only way the war was won was due to Stalin being more ruthless than Hitler.

He was a twisted manipulative evil genius that cared for no one, not even the people he originally aimed to protect. Famine, disease, terror and force were established just to ensure that his plans will happen regardless of what the workers and peasants endured.

Both Hitler and Stalin are terrible but I think Stalin was worse because he killed many more of his people just for his own sake while Hitler tried to improve his country and still had some sympathy for his people. - Neonco31