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381 Mother Teresa Mother Teresa Mother Teresa also known as Blessed Teresa of Calcutta was a Roman Catholic religious sister and missionary.

Guys, I know you think shes innocent, but oh boy your missing out on the evil truth - XxAlexSavagexX

Ok explain to me why exactly mother Teresa is on here

She is not evil

This is not a list of evil people anymore. people are just randomly putting non-evil people and celebirties we do not care about. this os just a list of random people now.

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382 Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is a politician who served as the 14th President of the Philippines from 2001 until 2010, as the 10th Vice President of the Philippines from 1998 to 2001, and as member of the House of Representatives representing the 2nd District of Pampanga since 2010. She was the country's more.
383 Janet Lim-Napoles

She: Hey, let's steal the people's money by adding the taxes!

Corrupt woman in the Philippines

384 Major Andre

He was a traitor to America during the revolution.

385 Andreas Papandreou

Lead to the ruin of modern Greece

386 Henry Capel
387 Mary Bell
388 Ben Warner

Why not
He's a poof

389 Tony Abbott Tony Abbott Anthony John "Tony" Abbott is an Australian politician who was the 28th Prime Minister of Australia, from 18 September 2013 to 15 September 2015. Abbott was leader of the Liberal Party from 2009 to 2015, and has been a member of parliament for Warringah since 1994. V 2 Comments
390 Peter Yang
391 Brigham Young V 2 Comments
392 Nikolai Yezhov
393 Andrei Chikatilo Andrei Chikatilo Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo was a Soviet serial killer, nicknamed the Butcher of Rostov, the Red Ripper, and the Rostov Ripper, who committed the sexual assault, murder, and mutilation of at least 52 women and children between 1978 and 1990 in the Russian SFSR, the Ukrainian SSR and the Uzbek SSR.

The Butcher of Rostov killed over 30 innocent Soviet civilians this is guy is a sicko

394 John, King of England

All right, who made this list? Justin Bieber and Rebecca black may be awful singers but they are not evil. King John is the worst king in history! He murdered his nephew, he raises taxes so high. God I wish that edward 1 would rebel against him and kill him.

He made taxes SO high that no one could afford it, he made pointless wars to get back land THAT HE LOST, and he caused the church services to collapse. He truly is the reason why we pay so much taxes...

395 Elliot Rodger

Wow, this is why college students are going lower. if girls reject you does that give you the reason to shoot 7 people, this is the example of a scum

An evil virgin goes out rampage in Southern California. Folks we should have stop him before his scary revenge came.

396 Hong Xiuquan
397 Joaquin Archivaldo Guzman Loera
398 Cody Simpson Cody Simpson Cody Robert Simpson is an Australian singer, songwriter, musician, dancer and actor from Gold Coast, Queensland, who was previously signed to US record label Atlantic Records. V 1 Comment
399 Rick Ross Rick Ross William Leonard Roberts II, better known by his stage name Rick Ross, is an American rapper and entrepreneur .

Who's he? If he's evil, Kill It With Fire!

400 Petro Poroshenko

He is a false leader to a false country!

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