Ganondorf (Legend of Zelda)


Ganondorf is the best villain in the world he beats bowser and eggman by at least ten million I don't care what mario fans think I really don't care about mario games I never did I tried a lot and never liked one unlike bowser ganondorf is smart the only reason he can't beat link is because link is a really skilled fighter and he is ten million times stronger then bowser if link ganondorf and zelda fought mario bowser and peach the mario characters wouldn't last three seconds.

Yeah Ganondorf gets beat repeatedly but all bad guys get beat. The reasons he wins are, for one he gets beaten by the chosen hero of the Gods and resurrects or breaks free of his imprisonment time and time again over the course of hundreds and hundreds of years. No other Villain is more persistent, whereas Bowser is getting beat time after time in one lifetime... By a chubby plumber nothing against Mario but Its just too goofy a franchise to really measure up to Ganondorf's great evil. Ganondorf I feel could easily fit into Rated M games. Its not like Bowser who is stuck in E rated, Ganon really could let loose and be a freaky gory, terrifying Villain if they'd allow it but he's held back only by the need to have a wider audience. He could Totally be a skull crushing, dream haunting terrifying psychopathic freak fest if theyd let him >:3 (boy has he evolved since the original legend of Zelda though, laugh out loud)

He's pretty evil. Except in Wind Waker, where he wakes up for a thousand-year long slumber and sees his homeland drowned in an endless ocean, and as he rebels to the Goddesses' decision, they send a CHILD to stop him. We even get to listen to his regretful thoughts before the battle against Puppet Ganon. And he didn't want to kill Link, at least before the loss of his homeland's last chance before his own eyes drove him mad.

There are villains who cause more destruction, but if we're looking for the villain who has the most all caps EVIL in his heart, it has to be Ganondorf. He doesn't seem to want to rule the world, he just wants the destruction that comes with taking it over again and again and again. In fact, I bet he loses on purpose so that he can come back and destroy the world again in the next game!

I don't know if Gannondorf is truly the most evil villain in all Video game series, but I can guarantee that Bowser should not be the top. Bowser is the most popular villain, obviously, but he isn't really all that evil. He kidnaps the princess and scares people, but we've never seen him kill a bunch of people or raise undead or anything truly evil, just selfish things. Maybe he's just a lonely dinosaur, does that really make him evil? Gannon actually destroyed Hyrule, killed its citizens and turned them into undead. This question isn't "who is the biggest or most popular villain", it's who is the most EVIL villain, and Bowser shouldn't even been in the top 20. - jdawg011

No one can beat Ganondorf, Link can try but he always comes back and owns you in the epic final bosses with him. Ganon isn't my absolute favorite villain of gaming but he is the most evil, what does bowser do? Oh yeah kidnap the same bimbo all the time, Ganon could rip bowser in half without even breaking a sweat.

Powerful and Had An Awesome Plan To Rule. I would say the most best villain in video games. His plan was so thought out and just when you think you defeat him another form of him comes. He would of probably ruled the world oh wait he did at one point. No villain can top him. - tylerszurka

Ganon is the incarnation of Demise, who was practically the god of evil in the Zelda universe. Why the hell is a turtle above him?

Just listen to his theme. It reeks evil. In Skyward Sword, it is revealed that Ganon is the incarnation of Demise, a god of evil and destruction.

I love Bowser, but honestly, going by the rules of the list at the top of the page, Bowser can't even qualify for most evil. Plus, Ganondorf is my most favorite villain in all of fiction (with Aizen in second, probably).

"The Ruler of Power" (A Link to the Past), "The Great King of Evil" (Ocarina of Time), "The Demon King of Darkness" (A Link to the Past), "The Gerudo King of Thieves" (Ocarina of Time), "The Dark Lord" (Twilight Princess), "The Demon Thief" (Twilight Princess), "The Prince of Darkness" (The Legend of Zelda), "The Great Demon King" (The Legend of Zelda, A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, Oracle of Seasons/Ages), The King of Darkness (Four Swords Adventures). Ganondorf is interchangeably referred to by many relevant titles reflecting his overwhelming stature, and another one to fit that list is "best video game villain". Ganondorf and/or Ganon is the most notoriously Malign entity to ever materialize in a video game. He is the paragon of evil in its core definition, and is able to project the necessary qualities to realize world conquest on a universal scale. What people fail to realize is ...more

He is so evil that he gets his ass handed to him every time by a little kid every time, and I and I can still forgive him, because he is so ruthless, in his actions and plans.

Ganondorf is pretty amazing. TP had you fight him in the most epic 4 battles I've ever fought. The only thing I don't like is him being distracted by a fishing pole.

Evil and mean, nothing can stop him, when you beat him he turns into a massive boar and still owns! Ganondorf is so evil he tried to take on master hand! Ganon rules as the king of evil!

He is simply the best villain on this list, I mean come on the final battle in ocarina of time, the wind waker and twilight princess were simply stunning.

Remember Zelda haters and Mario fans, Ganondorf could beat Bowser's sorry butt. You know why? Because Ganondorf has a sword and Bowser has a shell.

Well, in twilight princess,he was chained to a pillar, impaled by a glowing white holy sword, survived,broke free, Killed one of the seven sages in a single stroke with a sword in his chest and pulled the sword out of him without flinching with a face that says "your screwed! "

in ocarina of time he tricks link into opeing the door of the sacred realm and conquered hyrule. also when link defeats him, his castle crashes down on him but he survived, burst out of rubble like a badass and transforms into ganon! id like to see Bowser and sephiroth beat THAT!

Truly, Ganon is Satan himself in the alternate universe that is Hyrule. Unfortunately, in this epic poem of the Legend of Zelda, he is never truly defeated. All other villians have been destroyed - even if they destroyed the world like Kefka (who is my number 2) - Ganon, however, destroyed the world and lived on. The best we've ever been able to accomplish is to subdue the wicked Ganondorf. He is the fountain by which all other game-evils shall be meted. True and pure evil, he is.

He ruled Hyrule for 7 years until Link stopped him.

I don't think any other villain has ever accomplished that.

Usually when you are about to battle a boss in Zelda, it will give you the name of the boss and a brief description consisting of a couple of words underneath or above. But when you fight Ganon? No description needed what so ever. Just Link(you) vs. Ganon.

Well ganondorf is obviously the best villain in the history of gaming, he is just such a badass

by far the most awesome nintendo character. he is my reason for living. I love you ganondorf - deadgrass27

Gannondorfs ways are far more terrible then Bowser, he tends to turn everyone into a endless ghost of misery and fear, to be killed once is better then to suffer a eternity of suffering. (Twilight princess)

The only problem is Link beats him over and over again!

Bowser has got nothing on the dark beast: Ganon.