Most Evil Warrior Cats

The Top Ten Most Evil Warrior Cats

Tigerstar Tigerstar is a villain in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Son of Leopardfoot and Pinestar, former mate of Goldenflower and Sasha, and father of Bramblestar, Tawnypelt, Mothwing, Hawkfrost, and Tadpole. This brown tabby cat almost causes the downfall of the clans. But is killed, firstly by Scourge, more.

Now, I know that Mapleshade is my FAVOURITE villain but I don't believe she is the most evil. I think that Tigerstar wins that spot. You may be thinking "They only think Tigerstar is most evil because they were the main villain! BLA BLA BLA!" well that is where you are wrong.
If you look back in history, Tigerstar has done many evil things. But if you go even MORE into history, you discover that Tigerstar's father was Pinestar who turned into a kitty pet. He wanted to be better than his father, he wanted to prove that he wasn't soft. But then he gets Thistleclaw as his mentor. With our knowledge from Crookedstar's promise we discover that Thistleclaw was in fact training in the Dark Forest. Now, most people believe that Thistleclaw was the one who turned Tigerstar evil. Now, I do partially believe that. But I believe that even if Tigerstar had a different mentor he still would of been evil, Thistleclaw just boosted it a bit. Tigerstar had good motives to be evil; his father had ...more

Tigerstar is definitely the most evil cat ever. He was willing and wanted to kill his own leader so he could control the forest. The most frustrating thing about it is he pretended to be all nice and loyal and it drove me INSANE that Bluestar actually trusted him and that Fireheart and Graystripe were the only ones who knew the dark truth. Everybody trusted Tigerstar before he led the attack, even Bluestar refused to accept the fact that Tigerstar betrayed her. She was shaken to the core and, because of Tigerstar, she was mentally unstable until her death. And all of that was for nothing after Fireheart drove him out because he regained all his popularity in ShadowClan and became leader there! And for a while, all the Clans except ThunderClan trusted him.
I'm glad Scrouge killed him he deserved a death as awful as that.

he trains most of the evil characters and tried to kill firestar. Also this list is poorly generated. Firestar is not evil!

I don't even know much about warrior cats, but I can tell this guy is evil. Bad deeds and killing is just bad and I KNOW he is bad!

Brokenstar Brokenstar is a villain character from the Warrior Cats series. He is a dark brown tabby tom with a bent tail and orange eyes. Brokenstar was a former Shadowclan leader and a member of the Dark Forest. His mother is Yellowfang and his father is Raggedstar.

I can see why his name is Brokenstar...
Make sure you like this comment...
Or this will not show that he is mean and evil.

So mean know wonder he was called Brokenstar because he broke the warrior code.

Hah thought he could get away with training cats under six moons and when he killed them he could blame it on Yellowfang total idiot

Honestly I forget who he was but I do know he did bad stuff some what

Scourge Scourge is a villain the Warrior Cats series . He's the leader of BloodClan . He was bullied by his siblings, Socks and Ruby, in the past because he was the smallest out of his kin . One of his most notable features is his collar of dog teeth .

He is evil and I like it he is my favorite character if his not yours I don't care he's mine

Scourge was my favorite villain besides Tigerstar they did a real good job at destroying stuff but Sadly Scourge is a villain so he is up here

This cat deserves to be in the ranks the is related to starclan. I keep thinking that he trained my cat to be able to fight but not kill since I think he changed his heart after his death

I feel bad for Scourge! He was bullied by Tigerstar, AND his SIBLINGS!

Hawkfrost Hawkfrost is a villain character from the Warriors series. Hawkfrost is a brown tabby tom with ice-blue eyes. Hawkfrost was a former Riverclan warrior and member of the Dark Forest.

THIS GUY IS BAD he was the son of Tigerstar and killed my favorite character for saving stupid Ivypool who worked with the dark forest at first I HATE HAWKFROST HE KILLED HOLLYLEAF

I love Hawkfrost. I mean I know he is evil and that he tried to kill some cats, but still he is my favourite villain.

did tigerstars evil work and tried to convince bramble claw to kill firestar

Evil boi. I haven't read sunset yet I am waiting for it to comeback out on Swedish (i am from Sweden) but I don't like him


Not too bad, he is just a selfish coward. Reminds me of myself. He just wants to be on the winning side.

He isn't that evil. I just couldn't find any person to vote for! ABC if you agree! LOL! It rhymes!

He's a reall y cool villain obviously not the most evil but still he's worth my vote. One more thing there needs to be more female villains

Dark stripe did show evil When he ate food before the queens and elders, but the truth is, he pared with tigers tar because he was afraid of being alone.

Mapleshade Mapleshade is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She is a tortoiseshell she-cat with a white tail and mistakenly described as ginger-and-white.

I think that Mapleshade deserved StarClan because in all honesty, she only wanted to avenge her kits. They had drowned in the river because she had been forced to go across to RiverClan. That's breaking the warrior code because the leader sent her kits away when all leaders are supposed to take in cats in need - AKA kits. Mapleshade killed cats because in her mind, her kits were only going to be at peace if she killed all of the cats who had caused this dreadful accident.

One cat in StarClan (Clear Sky) killed lots of people, saying he thought it was the right thing to do. Mapleshade thought that killing those people was the right thing to do for her kits yet she gets no sympathy. How come Mapleshade went to the Dark Forest but Clear Sky was forgiven? It's not fair.

Mapleshade should not have been taken to the Dark Forest. Imagine you're in her position: you love your mate and you have some beautiful kits. In shame of having half-clan kits, you have no choice but to lie ...more - DanielMingi

She trained the worst villain she is pure evil because she knew that one day Tigerstar would kill so many cats and she trained him for evil cats to still go around what a villain

YES MAPLESHADE IS EVEN MORE EVIL THEN TIGERSTAR.(and yes, I did post that comment about Mapleshade being more evil than Tigerstar.)

Mapleshade is a true villain she trained a ton of cats to be villains just to keep them going and now we have a ton of villians


I hate bone he killed poor Whitestorm and Whitestorm was one of my favorites die bone die

I think he should be higher on the list (like 8) because 1 he killed Whitestorm and 2 it took like 5 cats to kill him.

Bone was so cruel. Bad deeds: Following scourge as his second in command, nearly killing barley and his sister violet, killing whitestorm, and killing many other cats. Bone deserved to die in the paws of the apprentices.

Why did he have to kill Whitestorm out of all cats?! (except for maybe Sandstorm and Graystripe) Bone could have killed Mudclaw at that time :(


He is worse than Tigerstar! He drowned so many cats he has to be at LEAST in the top five

Ok, this guy I think deserves a higher rank, I mean he killed his own son!?! Who does that? Not to mention all the other bad things he has done, but that was just wrong

like who drowns helpless cats because they dissagree with him?

Should be #1. He is worse than Tigerstar. He killed dovewing. He killed needletail. He killed onestar. He killed rain. And at least 20 others. Any time he is mentioned I go o0o.


Ok Thistleclaw you made to villains worse by telling one to attack the other

he's battle thirsty and trained the evilest vilien ever! aka Tigerstar

I don't really remember him. I just know that he is bloodthirsty, and would've been a horrible leader if Bluefur hadn't taken his spot.

Okay, settle down... this is going to take a while...

For one, Thistleclaw did not make Tigerstar evil, Goosefeather saw evil in Tigerstar when he was still a kit. He was simply an evil cat, nothing to do with Thistleclaw.
Also, it's not Bluestar's fault Thistleclaw was evil. Your girlfriend's sister not liking you doesn't give you the right to turn against everyone that loves you, everyone you grew up with. Bluestar also didn't chase Thistleclaw into the dark forest. That was a joke the authors made up.
Thistleclaw had no reason to be evil. He trained in the Dark Forest in Spottedleaf's Heart and chose to stay there. Don't make the excuse that he lost his mate and sister. Look at Crookedstar, he lost his mother, his father, his mate, his kits, and his brother. And yet he still stayed loyal to the end.


This cat... just put your hands on that cats brain to see what caused him to kill SpottedLeaf

He snuck into the camp and killed my favourite character! Die , clawface , Die!

I hate him because he killed Sppotedleaf and when Firepaw tried to kill him in ShadowClan camp Whitestorm said that warriors don't kill, and I was really mad because Whitestorm stopped him. SO I THINK THAT HE DESERVED TO DIE

He KILLED spottedleaf! Spottedleaf was my favorite cat and she always will be :( SO WHY THE HELL SHE HAVE TO DIE? BECAUSE OF CLAWFACE!

The Newcomers

? Sleekwhisker

She's so evil. First as Sleekpaw she joins Darktail's rogues and plots against the clans. Then she gave herself a warrior name and turned Violetpaw in for trying to put Darktail to sleep, then helps Darktail drown Needletail for Voiletpaw's punishment. Then, she goes to SkyClan and begs for sanctuary with Yarrowleaf. Then she puts Yarrowleaf to sleep, steals her kits, and betrays the clans. - Bristlefrost

The Contenders


he convinced shadow clan to give up on star clan he should be in the top ten. He also led a bunch of cats to death!

Sol stole Leafstar's kits! Just to prove he can be a warrior! He totally can, but breaking the warrior code is not a way to show it! Who agrees with me?!

Thought he could become a warrior by taking Leafstars kits and pretending he found them total idiot

So he convinced Shadowclan well... DO EVIL THINGS and he made a bunch of WindClan warriors ATTACK THUNDERCLAN for NO REASON (sorry spoilers

Firestar Firestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He's the leader of ThunderClan after Bluestar. He's mates with Sandstorm and has 2 kits: Squirrelflight and Leafpool. He was formerly a kittypet named Rusty.

You gotta be kidding me, what the heck is wrong with you, he is my favourite cat!

What the heck this cat is so good yes he broke the warrior code a couple times but it was for good not evil plans

Wait, what? Firestar is not evil. I swear whoever made this list doesn't even read warriors.

What the heck? He was my deputy! He's a hero! "Fire alone will save our Clan? " Hello? Actually, Firebutt, from top 10 nonexistent warrior names that should exist. But he's a good guy!

One Eye

Seriously he thinks he can just waltz into the forest and take over?

He is just evil. I mean he was the first cat that went to Dark Forest so he is for sure evil

I forgot about him, but remembering him, he really was evil *whispers, and so is his daughter star flower.

He's in Dawn of the Clans, so most of you don't know him. But he's so evil, that he kicked Clear Sky out of his own clan, killed Tom, nearly killed Sparrow Fur, and put his mark of a single eye on innocent cats, making Snake betray his group and made Petal die, leaving Birch and Alder without a mother. And, thanks to his daughter, Thunder, Cloud Spots, Pink Eyes, Lightning Tail, and someone else I don't remember left to create a new group. So, if you think he is something to forget, then I'll make his dead spirit haunt you in your dreams.


Snowtuft was in Omen of the Stars. He almost killed Ivypool.

Snowtuft was an evil lier

I yet why you think he's evil. A Dark Forest cat, helped killed Hollyleaf, etc. But how is he a lier? - Mellowix

stop it just stop

Snowtuft just seems.. cool


I don't care what people say that "he loved too much" Trying to kill the cat you loved and "her" kits - I CAN JUST FEEL THE LOVE

If he really loved Squirrelflight so much he would have accepted her decision and wouldn't be trying to hurt her!

Mouse brains opinion on Ashfur Ashfur is great he is so smart Hollyleaf killed so she is a freakin jerk No one likes Hollyleaf My opinion on Ashfur Ashfur Is a stupid idoit he tried to kill 4 cats I love Hollyleaf ASHFUR SUCKS

STUPID ASHFUR he tried to kill three perfectly fine cats what is wrong with you Ashfur go Hollyleaf


he isn't evil he's the most relatable warrior of all (and pretty much the best leader in shadowclan)

DO. NOT. TRUST. HIM. Has everyone forgotten he killed Stonefur? He is a stupid killer that nobody cares about

Blackstar sucked when he's a warrior, but when he became leader he basicalky became the best leader of all! So much character developement

The only reason he did what he did is because of Tigerstar wools wile he’a a scared wittle kitty cat


Breezepelt is an idiot he was mean as an apprentice and a warrior and when he went to the dark forest he came back and harmed his half brothers and sister Hollyleaf my favorite how could you Breezepelt how could you

Breeze pelt should be in the top ten! he tried to kill a pregnant queen and Jay Jay! He's so evil!

He...bad boi. He tried to murder a pregnant green and a blind cat and a med cats and he treans everyone like his slave

-inhales- BOI! Did you all forget that he tried to MURDER a PREGNANT queen, and and a BLIND CAT, both innocent, because he KNEW they couldn't defend them selves? Or even when he tried to kill a medic. cat-the blind cat, Jayfeather, I think it was. Plus he treats everyone like they're his SLAVE! In my opinion, he's just a spoiled lil' brat, who doesn't give a crap 'bout anyone nor anything but himself.


What the heck man! You have kits with Mapleshade then reject her! And after her kits died!

I used to think Maple was evil, but when I knew why, I was mad at Appledusk! He is so mean!

He is the reason Mapleshade turned evil know wonder Mapleshade killed him he deserves it

Maple shade is , an interesting character deserves star clan like if you agree


Hey why is she here she disuse anything wrong she didn’t know she only wanted her clan to thrive

No, Leapordstar is not evil. she was just scared when Tigerstar took control. she misjudged the stupid tabby.

Leopardstar isn't evil, just kind of strict... In a way. She just wants what's best for her clan... I think.. I don't really know much about her...

Leopardstar is not evil, just a little overconfident and proud, and a bit bossy.


It was evil of him to just take Starflower to his camp and then let her starve when she was expecting kits and he starved other cats and when te dogs attacked he didn't even help fight them off and he said that his cats were all so weak and not betle-fit

He is vicious, he kidnapped Star flower. and when the dogs attacked he didn't lift a claw to help.

Slash really should be higher up, after what he pulled with kidnapping star flower and totally starving his group

Yeah, but after all of that, he was pretty disappointing. Didn't pose much of a threat once the Dogs arrived. - RoiRoiJe

This guy needs to be closer to the #10 spot


Rainflower was a horrible mom, I don't know how she isn't in the Dark Forest. She deserved to die a painful death.

Crookedstar is a beautiful, wonderful cat. Rainflower is just a horrible bully who can't think of anyone but herself.

ABUSING her own son because of a crooked jaw that's just wrong

She abandoned Crookedkit/Stormkit when he needed her most! She only loved him when he was a nice perfect kit, and abandoned him the moment he wasn't perfect!

Clear Sky

OmG! I mean ha was nice at first then went insane and also he killed so many cats!

Injustice! Maple shade should be in star clan

I hate him. he was kind when we first met him. but still. If you do not know this can it was from dawn of the clans. you should read all 6 of the books in that arc

He sucks like a lot


Who was Jaggedtooth again?

Jaggedtooth stinks.

He was pretty evil

One word describes him trator


It's A KIT FOR GOOD NESS SAKE ITS NOT EVIL to be honest just that peep did not I say did not read the books - Dfram7

She died of frost bite when she was a moon old! Much to young to be evil! Seriously, read the books!

What the frick?! Why is she on this list? they have TOO MANY cats on here that are good. this is just messed up. How can a kit be evil anyway? PEOPLE! Wake up!

What the crap mosskit died of frostbite idiot before he was too old to have ambition and violence. Start reding the right books!


If in place of scourge should be Ruby. She turned him evil. Plain fact. if she hasnt said that unwanted kits get thrown into river, scourge would have never run away and killed cats. PLAIN EVIL

Everyone is saying Scourge, but Ruby is the real culprit. She said to Scourge, "unwanted kittens get thrown in the lake"so Scourge ran away cause Ruby made him feel unloved so... You know the rest!

I hate ruby. I hope your bones turn to rubies and you can't move because your skeleton is made of pure rubies so you can't use your joints or anything. I hate you ruby! You're the reason why scourge went a little crazy.

Oh my god she was totally the reason behind all of Scourge's evilness alongside her brother Socks and she should be like totally in the top ten with socks


Hawkheart IS EVIL! And I don't think it says anywhere that he went to STARCLAN! And it's against the warrior code to kill! To the person who said he trained as a warrior first, it doesn't matter! It is still against the warrior code to kill, warrior or not. You could have wounded her badly, but not killed her! He is also pretty rude.

I HATE Hawkheart! He should be so much higher on this list! Cats shouldn't kill. Even if he was defending his herbs, he didn't have to KILL Moonflower. It isn't ok to ask Goosefeather if he killed someone, even if he was joking. Also, he was rude at Featherpaw's ceremony I think. And is was Shrewpaw's fault as much as Moonpaw's for arguing. And he was super rude to Bluestar when she was an apprentice.

Hawkheart is a good guy. He saved his stoors and Moonflower is over rated

He isn't evil. He was defending his herb storage. Every cat knew that Hawkheart was a warrior-turned-medicine cat, so she shouldn't have even risked going into that den to destroy the herbs, knowing Hawkheart was a formerly feared warrior of WindClan. Besides, he's a nice cat. He was really nice to Yellowfang when she became a warrior-turned-medicine cat. He went to Starclan anyways, he did no wrong. - badopinionsbox


Erm sorry to burst everyone's bubble but. "It's the circle of life" - The Lion King. He is not killing cats for "fun" he is hunting them to survive! He eats them so he doesn't die! Honestly some people these days have never watched The Lion King...

Sharptooth was that crazy mountain lion that killed Tribe Cats for fun. But. He is in the cat family, so he earned his place here

Isn't that the random mountian lion that just like came into the series randomly like what?

the only reason I hate him is because he killed my baby. feathertail. why her you could of killed stormfur. no-one likes him, well at least not me


Mudclaw is bloodshed! Thank you, Tallstar, for making Onewhisker Onestar, instead of Mudclaw Mudstar.

There's literally no difference between Onestar today and Mudclaw. Onestar was just as arrogant and aggressive as Mudclaw would have been. Tallstar's an idiot, he caused three deaths for no reason other than "Oh Mudclaw's mean so I'm gonna shatter his happiness literally moments before he accomplishes his goal." - RoiRoiJe

He's evil, Jelous that Tallstar chose Onestar to become leader. And almost killed Onestar and got crushed under a tree and died. How many evil cats are there?

So, I actually like him. I didn't want Onestar to be leader. I mean he is a sucky leader and it was unfair of Tallstar to take away his post last minute. But his death was kind of funny...

He's to bold. Can't he just morn his dead leader?


But she is the best medicine cat! (besides leafpool) WHY IS SHE HERE!?

Wait why is she on here?
people maybe you should start reading the books.

I sure am I hate her SO MUCH! vy is she even on here she is just a spoiled little brat who doesn't care bout a crap!

WOAH WHY IS SPOTTEDLEAF HERE. She was a great medicine, and a nice fat in general


WHAT THE HECK?!?! Owlpaw shouldn't be in here! He is just a 'paw! I have read all the books and little owlpaw did nothing.

I agree I mean I don't even know who he is so how could he be evil if barely anyone knows him

Who is owl paw?

Who is owlpaw and what did he do? - Whisperclaw

Hollyleaf Hollyleaf was one of the rare, strictly loyal cats of ThunderClan. She cherished the warrior code as a kit and came back to her clan in a time of need to fight-- even though she was cast out for killing Ashfur.

Well, she killed ash fur, but why did she if she was just going to tell everyone herself? - ILoveWarriors

Hollyleaf is a GOOD cat! The worst things he did was kill Ashfur, who planned to kill 3 cats. She realized what she had done and tried to fix them up. In the Great Battle, she sacrificed herself in order to save another cat: Ivypool. Not many cats would be willing to do that. Hollyleaf thoroughly deserved to go to StarClan through and through.

So exactly why is she evil? Okay, she did SPOILER ALERT kill Ashfur, but he tried to kill her, her brothers, her aunt/the one who raised, her grandfather/ Firestar. Burn Ashfur, BURN!

Hollyleaf is really nice! I mean some people think that she killed ashfur but she really just shoved him and he fell on a rock she's not evil she gave up her life to save Ivypool that proves it


Um, that cat ain't real, and I know because I am the Warrior Cat master, besides Erin Hunter

If you're not going to be serious, then don't post on the list

The more I scroll down, the stupider this becomes. - Ashleap

Lol best name ever

Dovewing Dovewing is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She has light grey fur with Amber, green, or blue eyes. Her first appearance is in the fourth arc, know as Omen of the Stars, in the book The Fourth Apprentice. She was part of the Power of Three, and her power was to hear and see things more.

She is so annoying and I don't like her. She just whines about love and her powers while Ivypool is struggling in the Dark Forest.

Gosh these people just put cats they dislike on here, not evil ones.

How in the world is she evil?

Not evil. Just a big pain or utterly known as... a Mary Sue - BloodFang



Actually, Pinestar was encouraged by Goosefeather, who began panicking in the middle of camp, surrounded by warriors, saying that WindClan would destroy them and they needed to attack WindClan first. The ThunderClan warriors agreed enthusiastically, and Pinestar was basically forced to go by his own warriors. He was also told by StarClan in Goosefeather's Curse that he should always listen to his medicine cat. The only thing that Pinestar did wrong was leave his Clan to become a kittypet, which caused his son Tigerstar to want to prove that he wasn't a soft kittypet like his father. But all in all, he wasn't an evil cat, only made a few mistakes during his time as leader.

Apart from the fact that I was crying when Moonflower died, I still don’t mind TO much... Ish, though he does scam Sunstar

Uh... Pinestar isn't really evil... But maybe he caused some of Tigerstar's fury

Just a bad leader


If you think maple shade started an evil chain it was ravenwing he made maple shade bad!

People who think Mapleshade started the chain of evil cats, I think it's Ravenwing. He is so much more terrible.

He is the one who cast out Mapleshade! He is the reason she is evil! He should be #1, I'm telling you!

It's his fault Mapleshade was antagonized.


Why is she on here? everyone is posting nonsense on this list. I don't reccomend this.

Why is she on here she lost the sight in one eye! She has coped ever since and has a mate! SHOW SOME RESPECT!

I agree with the person that posted before me. This makes no sense

WHAT bright heart was a innocent cat she lost her eye. That is absurd,


Boulder is not evil, just worked for an evil cat. Boulder came to the forest because Tigerstar persuaded him to (To get more warriors to fight, not to help him)

this list is getting more and more stupid...
he isn't evil just read yellowfang's secret he's like a shadowclan version of graystripe.


Boulder is not evil.


Lizardstripe is a HUGE part of why Brokenstar is evil. Maybe if she loved him just a little he would have been better. But she does have the best quote in the series...

Lizardstripe: "Whats this?"
Yellowfang: "A kit"
Raggedstar: "My kit!"
Lizardstripe: "Oh? If I'd known that toms could have kits I would have had Mudfur have these brats himself!"

If she'd shown a little more kindness maybe Brokenstar woud be better than he was. Shes such an idiot

Lizardstripe was mean to Brokenstar which made him evil. If Brokenstar is number two, he should be replaced with lizardstripe.

After yellowfang gave birth she took him to her and lizardstripe made sure the kit with the crooked tail wasnt welcome which started to turned him EVIL


I don't know what she did, I just remember hearing her name, and heard that she did something evil.

SPOILER She should take her nose out of Bramblestar and Squirrelflight's relationship

She was evil be stealing you know who from you know who

Who the frick is JESSY? - Ashleap


He trained Thistleclaw... Who is the reason Tigerstar was so evil... CASE CLOSED!

Actually that was Mapleshade's fault! -Ottersplash


He made Jayfeather let Flametail die. And he was one of my favorite medicine cat!

No! Don't disrespect the stick! Rock is linked to the stick and you can't disrespect jay-jays precious Stick or he will claw your eyes out!

Rock is the Yoda of warrior cats. He had a connection with Jayfeather. He is wise. I like him! He is not evil. Why is he even on this list?

Woah chill bro. Some of these must have been chosen out of a random cat generator. Rock is not evil.


He is not actually part of the series, but this is one crazy psycho cat. He killed his kits, almost killed his mate, who tore out his throat, and now lives in the Dark Forest. He comes down to earth frequently and cannot be hurt but can hurt others (Don't ask me how) and possesses cats. He is like part demon part vampire (He makes wounds just to lick the blood ew I know right? ) and part crazy psycho cat. He has killed at least 15 cats and corrupted 10 others, leading to a huge evil chain, resulting in the deaths of a totaled 100 cats. HE IS SO EVIL!

YEEP he is just scary! I don't know what their name is but I agree with the person who posted before me

I like him - Ashleap



Dawn pelt shall die :( That cat is so mean flametail is one of my favorite cats

While I was reading that part wanted to kill her

She is just annoying!

I hated Dawnpelt


He sucks! “I’ll raise our kit, but he can’t know who his mother is! It’s not like he’d bullied for not having a mom, like I was for not having an identified father.”

RaggedStar:Mate me YellowFang
YellowFang:*derps* okeeey


RaggedStar:meet me at starclan I’m having a holiday


YellowFang:how do you like death berry cake that all of ShadowClan will their faces with?
FireHeart:you sure? All this is is-

YellowFang:Oh look at the time I need to see my husband in starclan see you letter!

FireHeart:*eats cake*its not poisoned*faints but doesn’t die*


I felt bad for him, he couldn't leave the dark forest because he would be killed

ThAT Is The grossest name ever

Antpelt was killed by Thistleclaw!

IT'S NATURE and he no evil


No. Silverhawk WAS Thistleclaw's dark forest teacher. The warriors wiki says so. But also your kind of right he was only mentioned for a little bit

This is getting ridiculous Silverhawk only appeared for like 3 seconds! And also people should stop saying that he's thistlclaw's mentor he's not he's just a dark forest cat not Thistleclaw's teacher

Ah ah em. For your info he started the evil chain not maple shade

Whoever thinks Mapleshade created a chain of evil, then their wrong. SILVERHAWK trained Thistleclaw not Mapleshade, you $#%@&


Okay, people, Ruby is nineteen here. Socks did everything beside her. So if ruby is a culprit, so is socks.

Socks was part of what made Scourge what he was.

Made Scourge evil :(


WagonTiger is the most evil villain... named after his father WagonTire. WagonTiger trained in the DarkForest with PickleFace.

Who is this exactly?

Beaut 10/10 worst villain must dIE1! 11!


He is not evil he was a great deputy didn't kill anyone or want to harm anyone!

. I hate this website

Why is oakfur here

I literally laughed. What did Oakfur do?


Make sure you make a comment saying your opinion if he is evil...and like this comment.

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