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Tigerstar Tigerstar is a villain in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Son of Leopardfoot and Pinestar, former mate of Goldenflower and Sasha, and father of Bramblestar, Tawnypelt, Mothwing, Hawkfrost, and Tadpole. This brown tabby cat almost causes the downfall of the clans. But is killed, firstly by Scourge, more.

Tigerstar is definitely the most evil cat ever. He was willing and wanted to kill his own leader so he could control the forest. The most frustrating thing about it is he pretended to be all nice and loyal and it drove me INSANE that Bluestar actually trusted him and that Fireheart and Graystripe were the only ones who knew the dark truth. Everybody trusted Tigerstar before he led the attack, even Bluestar refused to accept the fact that Tigerstar betrayed her. She was shaken to the core and, because of Tigerstar, she was mentally unstable until her death. And all of that was for nothing after Fireheart drove him out because he regained all his popularity in ShadowClan and became leader there! And for a while, all the Clans except ThunderClan trusted him.
I'm glad Scrouge killed him he deserved a death as awful as that.

Now, I know that Mapleshade is my FAVOURITE villain but I don't believe she is the most evil. I think that Tigerstar wins that spot. You may be thinking "They only think Tigerstar is most evil because they were the main villain! BLA BLA BLA!" well that is where you are wrong.
If you look back in history, Tigerstar has done many evil things. But if you go even MORE into history, you discover that Tigerstar's father was Pinestar who turned into a kitty pet. He wanted to be better than his father, he wanted to prove that he wasn't soft. But then he gets Thistleclaw as his mentor. With our knowledge from Crookedstar's promise we discover that Thistleclaw was in fact training in the Dark Forest. Now, most people believe that Thistleclaw was the one who turned Tigerstar evil. Now, I do partially believe that. But I believe that even if Tigerstar had a different mentor he still would of been evil, Thistleclaw just boosted it a bit. Tigerstar had good motives to be evil; his father had ...more

He the is the evilest warrior I have ever read and heard about! I despise him he deserved to die and get taken to the dark forest! He tried to trick his own blood! Ugh... I can't believe whenever I started to read about him I thought he wasn't evil that he was just trying to save the four clans! But now after I think a lot about it I was wrong He is the most dangerous cat! But at least he's dead now all thanks to scourge who scourge ended up dying because of FireStar but the clans should thank him! He saved them terror! So yeah TigerStar is pure evil and in the end got killed by scourge so it was his fault for thinking he could trust scourge when really you can't trust BloodClan

I disagree mainly because he ends up getting killed by scourge which is pretty pathetic if you ask me he was also trained by mapleshade and without her he would have been nothing much. But on the bright side he was a good villain and thank goodness mapleshade trained him or we would have not have a great villain for the books and such! PS. I think mapleshade should be number one because she trained several other cats and she also manage to kill the three cats she hated most and I really think she deserve a spot on number one ( what I'm saying is she succeeded at her goal and her puppet cats are still doing the work for her witch makes her damn a damn good villain )

Scourge Scourge is a villain the Warrior Cats series . He's the leader of BloodClan . He was bullied by his siblings, Socks and Ruby, in the past because he was the smallest out of his kin . One of his most notable features is his collar of dog teeth .

Scourge wasn't evil, he was doing what wa right to survive, he was only defending himself, Tigerstar, HIMSELF, challenged Scourge, when Scourge defended himself by killing Tigerstar, Firestar attacked him and he defended himself and attacked Firestar! He was only rude to Ruby and Socks for treating him the way they were when he was a kittypet. There, my point proved.

I HATE SCOURGE! He killed Tigerstar though, so I guess we should be thankful for that. Otherwise, he sucks. I mean, who would kill their own kind and wear their teeth as trophies?

He is the most terrible cat I've read of. He remarks about loving the taste of blood. Not only that but, he is literally a serial killer. He kills for revenge, but out of pure love for it. The sad backstory can not defend him for his horrible actions. I don't care how sad it was, that is so screwed up. And the Erin's intended him evilly. Same goes for Tigerstar and his backstory.

He is the most evil cat since he killed tiger star and he tried to rule the whole forest. Tiger star only hated kitty pets since his dad is pine star that chicken.

Brokenstar Brokenstar is a villain character from the Warrior Cats series. He is a dark brown tabby tom with a bent tail and orange eyes. Brokenstar was a former Shadowclan leader and a member of the Dark Forest. His mother is Yellowfang and his father is Raggedstar.

I know that most people think that Tigerstar is the most evil because we know the most about him, but the most evil is really Brokenstar. He was the cause of Badgerpaw's death, and also the death of many other cats. And also another sad death caused by him is Beetlewhisker. If any cat is truly ruthless, evil, and heartless, its Brokenstar.

I think Yellowfang was right to feed him deathberries, he is SO evil. He banned all Shadowclan elders who needed the clan To help them survive AND he killed a whole handful due to training to early!

He steals kits. He broke the code. And his name is called 'broken' because yellowfang got her heart broken because 1. shes a medicine cat 2. she had to leave him

Broken star made kits apprentices when they weren’t even six-moons old, killed cats, and blamed Yellowfang on killing kits! But I do feel bad that he was bullied and unwanted by his foster/adopted mother ( lizardstripe ) - DarkBlossom


One of the most hated cats. He doesn't even try to lead! He is a coward! He just sucks. He is a villain, though no more than tigerstar.

He wasn't that bad but I do think that he wasn't a good cat either SPOILER!. For one he was on Tigerstar's side when they attacked the camp. Second of all, he left his clan and fought Firestar when BloodClan attacked.

*SPOILERS! * When I read the part where Darkstripe killed Needletail I threw the book across the room (thank goodness it didn't break... it was a library book 0,0) I know it seems mean, but I really hate him...

He's a reall y cool villain obviously not the most evil but still he's worth my vote. One more thing there needs to be more female villains

Hawkfrost Hawkfrost is a villain character from the Warriors series. Hawkfrost is a brown tabby tom with ice-blue eyes. Hawkfrost was a former Riverclan warrior and member of the Dark Forest.

I love Hawkfrost and think he should be 1st, though, is he really evil? Most of what I’ve read was him being manipulated by Tigerstar and his past, from the death of Tadpole to the distrust of Leafpaw (Leafpool) for being Tigerstar’s son, yet I’ve never seen Brambleclaw being judged for who his father was

be is like bad but think ,if he never knew about star clan and the dark forest .or at least not untill he became REASONABLE he could have been a good guy .still evil tho

He killed Hollyleaf and I am a Hollyleaf fan so I wish he would crawl under a rock and die.But I also think hawkfrost is the hottest cat in the warrior series and I don't care how many dislikes I get and I actually liked him before I found out he was evil.So now I think he is a stupid head and a pathetic liar/schemer/killer but I still think he is the hottest warrior cat.Also why is firestar here? WHY ARE THERE A BUNCH OF INNOCENT CATS ON THIS LIST THIS PERSON HAS A BUNCH OF CRAP IN HIS/HER BRAIN! So hawkfrost is a murderer and I think he is to ambitious but he is still the hottest warrior cat ever.He should get a new career other than killing innocent cats.I really like the way his eyes are described to but he killed a lot of innocent cats and I am glad he is gone.Wow did anyone read all of that?

HEY HEY HEY WAIT A MINUTE! DOn't BE HYPOCRITES! Hawkfrost was only trying to become leader along with helping Mothwing. That mouse-brain Hollyleaf knew she would die when she protected Ivypool. Also, Hawkfrost never tried to hurt IvyPOOP. The last words were: “Let me return to my clan,” Hawkfrost said. HEY GUYS HE WAS TRYING TO TURN BACK!
And then Ivypool attacked him for no reason,. Hawkfrost is my favorite character and I love him.

Mapleshade Mapleshade is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She is a tortoiseshell she-cat with a white tail and mistakenly described as ginger-and-white.

Mapleshade totally deserves to be number 1. She killed at least four cats by herself, possibly more, and killed many others through Tigerstar, Scourge (because of what Tigerpaw(star) did to him, and through all the other Dark Forest cats during the Great Battle. She made Crookedstar leave his mother to die, lured Twolegs toward Willowbreeze, and manipulated so many cats. She what she wanted, and she knew how to get it. Tigerstar only got any power because Mapleshade was instructing him. She’s more evil than any other cat in the books. She is more worthy of the top spot than any of these other villains.

I'm trying to stay calm... I can't take it anymore! SERIOUSLY? Driving her out? What about Graystripe and Silverstream? Bluestar knew he was in love with a Riverclan cat, and didn't vanished him! But Mapleshade? Let me take a moment to make a trantrum... Ok I'm back. Not to mention they drove out her kits! Thunderclan is evil, like if you agree. It's against the Warrior Code to not harm a kit, EVEN IF IT'S FROM A DIFFERENT

SHE NEEDS TO BE NUMBER ONE. She was the only villain who actually succeeded in her goal. She wanted to make the clans lives miserable for what happened to her and her kits. AND SHE ACTUALLY DID. She killed Spottedleaf the second time. She raised up and trained so many cats in the dark forest and tries to kill Sandstorm, and if sandstorm died then nobody would’ve been able to take Alderpaw to SkyClan to bring them back. They never would’ve found Violetshine or Twigbranch or even bring SkyClan back. They never would’ve been able to find Tree since Violetshine would’ve been dead. She mad everyone in the clans lives miserable. She directly and indirectly killed probably hundreds of cats. Through her own actions and the actions of those she trained in the Dark Forest.

I think... Mapleshade should be top! :) You see... if you put it this way

1. She was the only evil cat to accomplish her goal! She was the only cat who did what she needed... unlike Tigerstar, Scourge, Hawkfrost, etc..

2. She killed Ravenwing in StarClan's presence! Not any other villain has done that.

3. She killed three cats, did what her kits needed, and even ruined Crookedstar's life. She helped Tigerclaw (star) become evil.

4. It's also not her fault that she became evil! :{


He played everything as smart as anyone could. He drowned so many cats and drove out SkyClan. He killed Onestar and captured almost all of RiverClan and took over ShadowClan. Also why are people voting for cats just because they killed their favorite character.

Should be #1. He is worse than Tigerstar. He killed dovewing. He killed needletail. He killed onestar. He killed rain. And at least 20 others. Any time he is mentioned I go o0o.

Ok, this guy I think deserves a higher rank, I mean he killed his own son!?! Who does that? Not to mention all the other bad things he has done, but that was just wrong

Darktail is EVIL! Tigerstar took over Shadowclan and Riverclan, but he made them join forces. Darktail took over both those clans too, but just destroyed them both! He destroyed Skyclan, but then, when he found out Onestar wasn't there, he just abandoned the territory he took, just to find his father. But then he kept PRISONERS! He basically tricked kitty pets into joining them, tricked half of Shadowclan into joining him, and drowned any cat who did the simplest act of disagreeing with him. He didn't get defeated until all 5 clans worked together to drive him out. Tigerstar was killed by a rouge. Brokenstar was killed by a medicine cat! Mapleshade died of wounds from an apprentice! SERIOUSLY! He is the NUMBER 1 villain of the warrior series.


Thistleclaw...he is one of the major cause of scourge! He also raised tigerclaw, I mean, tigerpaw at that time, to be evil and made spottedleaf be a medicine cat!

Okay, settle down... this is going to take a while...

For one, Thistleclaw did not make Tigerstar evil, Goosefeather saw evil in Tigerstar when he was still a kit. He was simply an evil cat, nothing to do with Thistleclaw.
Also, it's not Bluestar's fault Thistleclaw was evil. Your girlfriend's sister not liking you doesn't give you the right to turn against everyone that loves you, everyone you grew up with. Bluestar also didn't chase Thistleclaw into the dark forest. That was a joke the authors made up.
Thistleclaw had no reason to be evil. He trained in the Dark Forest in Spottedleaf's Heart and chose to stay there. Don't make the excuse that he lost his mate and sister. Look at Crookedstar, he lost his mother, his father, his mate, his kits, and his brother. And yet he still stayed loyal to the end.

I don't really remember him. I just know that he is bloodthirsty, and would've been a horrible leader if Bluefur hadn't taken his spot.

Thistleclaw wasn't evil.
Bluestar chased him to the Dark Forest when she died, and actually, he didn't kill any cat. Sure, he was one of the reasons why Tigerstar was so power hungry, but when his mate, Snowfur (Bluestars sister), died, he was so heartbroken. Bluestar may not have liked him, but is that a reason to chase him from Starclan, his mate, and dead kits?

I agree. A cat shouldn't be punished for something he never actually did and it must have caused Snowfur a lot of heart break.


Sol is ok.. I mean, he stopped shadow clan in believing in StarClan, and that’s when we have a problem. Not to mention he caused a few deaths.

Sol stole Leafstar's kits! Just to prove he can be a warrior! He totally can, but breaking the warrior code is not a way to show it! Who agrees with me?!

If you read sky clan comics you'll understand this persons opinion he was a kittypet once named Harry and one of leaf stars kits were named after him but at the end of the first comic he says his name is Sol it was a big shocker but I totally understood the cat looked exactly like him! I've never read the other two comics but if you've read eclipse and long shadows you find out he was banished from sky clan and wanted revenge for every clan and the warriorcode! And he also made Blackstar believe that starclan was just a bunch of dead cats! :-O how could he! But seriously after Jayfeathers, lionblaze,tiger heart, flametail, made a fake starclan sign, Blackstar believed only because real starclan cats came to make a big finally! Blackstar then vanished sol and he was never seen again until the forgotten warrior! :-/ Sol just keeps on coming! He actually made thunderclan believe he saves two kits from a creature! But it wasn't him who did it -)! SPOILER : it was actually hollyleaf! She ...more

So he convinced Shadowclan well... DO EVIL THINGS and he made a bunch of WindClan warriors ATTACK THUNDERCLAN for NO REASON (sorry spoilers


Clawface brakes into thunderclan camp.
Clawface tries to steal babies.
Spottedleaf tries to stop him.
Spottedleaf dies.
Claw face takes the babies.
Thunderclan gets the babies back.

I hate him because he killed Sppotedleaf and when Firepaw tried to kill him in ShadowClan camp Whitestorm said that warriors don't kill, and I was really mad because Whitestorm stopped him. SO I THINK THAT HE DESERVED TO DIE

WHY CLAWFACE? Spottedleaf was my first favorite cat when I was new to the series. Then, he came in and murdered her. Sorry not sorry!

One eye in Dawn of the Clans is much evil than him! I don't know why he's at such a high position.

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Bone is pure evil! He literally collected claws from cats and teeth from dogs. He deserves to be in dark forest for his bloody actions, Maple shade killed to avenge her kittens. Bone doesn’t deserve to be in StarClan. He died because of apps so he can learn his gory actions from the past.

Bone was so cruel. Bad deeds: Following scourge as his second in command, nearly killing barley and his sister violet, killing whitestorm, and killing many other cats. Bone deserved to die in the paws of the apprentices.

Why did he have to kill Whitestorm out of all cats?! (except for maybe Sandstorm and Graystripe) Bone could have killed Mudclaw at that time :(

Killer of Whitestorm. Whitestorm was the best. Even in the darkest times, he was calm. He was loyal. Then a craphill came in and killed him. Bone deserved to die under the apprentices paws.

Firestar Firestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He's the leader of ThunderClan after Bluestar. He's mates with Sandstorm and has 2 kits: Squirrelflight and Leafpool. He was formerly a kittypet named Rusty.

What the heck! Does the person that made this have a brain!?! And so sorry if anyone found that part mean :) He's a hero. I can't believe it!

Umm, he is kinda cheated on Sandstorm. He still loved Spottedleaf even after she died, and wasn't afraid to express it. Sandstorm knew this, and if you boyfriend or girlfriend did this to you, would you feel sympathy? When Spottedleaf died in the Last Hope, he said that she would wait for him in Starclan. Sandstorm was right next to him when he said this. Also, he didn't tell anybody that Skyclan existed.

What the heck? He was my deputy! He's a hero! "Fire alone will save our Clan? " Hello? Actually, Firebutt, from top 10 nonexistent warrior names that should exist. But he's a good guy!

firestar is a good guy, not a villain. he only killed the villains, and not any good cats. SO SHUT UP AND IT TAKE HIM OFF THE LIST. also take off one eye and the other good cats. PERIOD.

One Eye

He was one of the worst villains ever. He took over the whole forest and tried to kill a kit. He killed Tom because he was trying to defend his kit. He slashed his mark into every cats paw pads and used his daughter to get information from Thunder. He was EVIL through and through.

In my opinion, One Eye should be closer to the #1 spot. He's far more evil then Clawface or Darkstripe, that's for sure. He killed Tom when he was defending his kit, whom he also tried to kill. He was partially the reason why Petal died, indeed leaving Birch and Alder without their mother. He banished Clear Sky from his group, and marked an eye on the cat's paws, claiming them his. Kind of like a slave in my opinion. He was greedy for power and the control over Clear Sky's cats.
Clawface killed Spottedleaf and was one of Brokenstar's followers. That's bad, but not as bad as what One Eye did. Darkstripe wasn't technically "evil". Though, he did feed Sorrelkit deathberries and betrayed his Clan.
Even Bone. He was Scourge's dirty follower and killed Whitestorm, but we don't know if he killed anyone else. I think One Eye was much worse. And no offense, but people think these cats should be in the top 5 because they killed their favorite character(s).

He's in Dawn of the Clans, so most of you don't know him. But he's so evil, that he kicked Clear Sky out of his own clan, killed Tom, nearly killed Sparrow Fur, and put his mark of a single eye on innocent cats, making Snake betray his group and made Petal die, leaving Birch and Alder without a mother. And, thanks to his daughter, Thunder, Cloud Spots, Pink Eyes, Lightning Tail, and someone else I don't remember left to create a new group. So, if you think he is something to forget, then I'll make his dead spirit haunt you in your dreams.

One Eye. He is the most evil cat in the entire forest! He exiled Clear Sky (my favourite character). However this is Clear Sky's group, not his! He's a fxxking traitor, robber, thief, brainwasher...whatever. I hope Clear Sky shredded him! Good job Thunder!


Snowtuft was in Omen of the Stars. He almost killed Ivypool.

Snowtuft was an evil lier

I yet why you think he's evil. A Dark Forest cat, helped killed Hollyleaf, etc. But how is he a lier?

Snowtuft just seems.. cool

stop it just stop


Okay, people, Ruby is nineteen here. Socks did everything beside her. So if ruby is a culprit, so is socks.

He also made Scourge/Tiny run away from home and became evil!

he always agreed with ruby, witched made scourge evil!

Socks was part of what made Scourge what he was.


Get Blackstar off this list now or consequences happen. He was frightened when he killed Stormfur! I mean, what would you have done if you were being tortured with decisions by a cat like Tigerstar?! I cried when I found out he was dead. Now get him off the list.

WHAAA? Why the heck is blackstar on this list? What mouse-brain made this website? Sure I know blackstar is a tiny bit arrogant and he killed stonefur, but otherwise he would have died. Then some other cat would have killed stonefur. So blackstar maybe you need to work on putting others before yourself but you are not evil. Tiny bit greedy and yes, shadowclan has seen better days but blackstar is absolutely, 100% not evil.

Blackstar sucked when he's a warrior, but when he became leader he basicalky became the best leader of all! So much character developement

Blackstar was not evil! He was good! He helped Firestar defeat Bloodclan! He only killed Stonefur because it was an order from Tigerstar! If Blackfoot did not kill Stonefur, Tigerstar would have killed or exciled Blackfoot! And Stonefur will get killed by Tigerstar anyway! And no Blackfoot means no deputy. No deputy means Tigerstar is likely to choose Darkstripe or Jaggedtooth! Tigerstar will still be killed by Scourge. And Jaggedtooth or Darkstripe will be leader and won't likely help Thunderclan and Windclan fight Bloodclan. But Riverclan might or not join Lionclan. But Jagged and Dark will join Bloodclan anyway and Bloodclan might win. (Sorry that I went too deep in this but I just wanted to state my opinion but I understand why you Hate Blackstar for killing Stonefur I was also sad at Stonefur's death! )



Actually, Pinestar was encouraged by Goosefeather, who began panicking in the middle of camp, surrounded by warriors, saying that WindClan would destroy them and they needed to attack WindClan first. The ThunderClan warriors agreed enthusiastically, and Pinestar was basically forced to go by his own warriors. He was also told by StarClan in Goosefeather's Curse that he should always listen to his medicine cat. The only thing that Pinestar did wrong was leave his Clan to become a kittypet, which caused his son Tigerstar to want to prove that he wasn't a soft kittypet like his father. But all in all, he wasn't an evil cat, only made a few mistakes during his time as leader.

Pinestar basically killed Moonflower! Of course he's evil! He made his clan raid the medicine cat supplies! Hawkheart used that fact to kill Moonflower!

Uh... Pinestar isn't really evil... But maybe he caused some of Tigerstar's fury

Ok, I know what you guys are thinking, I'm wrong. NO! Pinestar left his clan so he could become a little baby scaredy cat kittipet! Ok, how's that?


What I am gonna say is that he is loser, sucker, traitor, and cold heart dude. I hope he goes to dark forest and suck. Poor mapleshade, poor kits. He chose to turn his back on mapleshade because he is just a coward!

yes! Appledusk is a huge jerk. He could have saved Mapleshades kits but he let them drown because he liked Reedshine (My least favorite character) So he is pretty much evil.

I haate apple dusk he a big jerk blaming mapleshade for the death of her kits and then ditching her I mean seriously this is why mapleshade is evil

He is the reason mapleshade went nuts and also the reason several other cats died. He deserves to be called evil


I literally was crying when I read about her. She was a horrible, disgusting mother to Crookedkit when she should have cared for him and cared ABOUT HIS LIFE. I feel like screaming when I think about the cruelty she treated her PERMANENTLY INJURED kit with and need to walk away so bye.

Uggh...She is, like, I hate you now because you are ugly and what is that? She hates her own kit! A cat who doesn't love and abuse their kit is a criminal!

She abandoned Crookedkit/Stormkit when he needed her most! She only loved him when he was a nice perfect kit, and abandoned him the moment he wasn't perfect!

Rainflower was by far the worst parent in the entire series. She disowned her own son, favored her other son, and basically neglected Crookedstar for his whole life until she died. I'm quite glad she died, and I'm glad she didn't give Crookedstar a life. Though I hope she tried to make amends with him when he died and joined StarClan. The worst thing a mother could do to her child is neglect it and make them feel like s/he isn't going to do well in life.


It was evil of him to just take Starflower to his camp and then let her starve when she was expecting kits and he starved other cats and when te dogs attacked he didn't even help fight them off and he said that his cats were all so weak and not betle-fit

Oh yes, and I think Firestar is WAY more evil than him... THIS LIST IS CRAP!

He is vicious, he kidnapped Star flower. and when the dogs attacked he didn't lift a claw to help.

This guy needs to be closer to the #10 spot

He is just plain evil...


Leopardstar isn't evil, just kind of strict... In a way. She just wants what's best for her clan... I think.. I don't really know much about her...

Leapordstar didn't tell stonefur not to kill graystripes kits when tigerstar told him to and sent graystripe away.

Leopardstar is not evil, just a little overconfident and proud, and a bit bossy.

She wasn't really evil, but showed bad judgement when she let Tigerstar take control of RiverClan

Clear Sky

I HATE Clear Sky! When Jagged Peak fell out of a tree and got injured, the stupid furball kicked him out! Jagged Peak is his own little brother that he kicked out! Clear Sky also basically took over the forest and kicked out of killed cats who were already living there before him! He wouldn't take his OWN son in his camp until Thunder grew older and Clear Sky took him. Then he kicked him out (basically Thunder left)! He almost killed two kittens! He is only cared about boundaries and stronger cats! He doesn't care about them when they're injured or weak! Clear Sky (I think) said that he doesn't have any brother or something like that..! He kicks out injured cats! He's just a stupid and I mean STUPID FURBALL! But on behalf, he was just afraid of losing someone he moves and he became greedy. But still..

People say he changes after Path of Stars, but that's not true. Moth Flights Vision comes after Path of Stars, and Clear Sky denies WindClans access to herbs on his territory. Because of his arrogance, Micah was killed. And oh, I forgot to mention that he murdered Misty, the mother of two kits. And Bumble, an innocent kittypet. Oh, and he exiled cats, not just any cats, but his own brother. And every cat he had as his mate, they were stolen. Gray Wing loved Bright Stream, Clear Sky got to be her mate. Gray Wing loved Storm, Clear Sky got her. Thunder loved Star Flower, and you know who got her. Also, after he murdered Misty he was about to kill her newborn kits! And Rainswept Flower, one of my favorites, was killed by him! His last words to her were : "I'm not greedy. I'm just strong." And when his mother, Quiet Rain, came to visit him, I enjoyed seeing her saying all those things to Clear Sky. Oh, and also Clear Sky rejected his son and tried to kill is brother. He is horrible and ...more

Too strict about his stupid boundaries. He doesn’t even let medicine cats get herbs! And don’t forget he rejected Thunder and killed Misty and was about to kill her two defenseless kits.

I hate him. he was kind when we first met him. but still. If you do not know this can it was from dawn of the clans. you should read all 6 of the books in that arc


I LOVE ASHFUR. Stupid Hollyleaf killed to to ‘protect’ the secret, then let it out herself! I have a feeling she wanted to do that so she could make horrible things happen to Leafpool who gave her whole life for those kits. I hope she’s on the hated warrior cats list. Ashfur was heartbroken! He truly loved Squirrelflight and she basically dumped him like that. How harsh! Ashfur had suffered enough already with his mom being killed by dogs and I remember his sister got sick a few times so he had her to worry about as well.
My point is that Ashfur is a great warrior and is always overlooked and underestimated. He should not be on this list.

He tried to hurt squirrel flight by almost killing Jay Jay ,lionblaze, and hollyleaf b/c squirrel flight had gave up on him moons ago!

AshFur was a good cat at first. Helped defeat bloodclan, helped with the dogs and a nice cat. But after Squirrelflight rejected him he was heart broken. I felt bad for him. But after I learned that he killed FireStar ( 5th life/ fox trap) and tried to kill Jayfeather, LionBlaze, and HollyLeaf I hated him!
He deserved to die. - DarkBlossom

Before he fell in love with Squirrelflight and went insane after she chose Brambleclaw instead of him, he was a loyal warrior to ThunderClan to the very end. But, because he let jealousy get stuck in his head after Squirrelflight passed him over in favor for Brambleclaw, the moment he chose to linger in the past on revenge for his shatter heart, his destiny was set; he should have been sent to the Dark Forest, but the only prolem he had was that he "loved" to much, which led him to conspiring with Hawkfrost in order to kill Firestar and make Brambleclaw leader, then when that failed, he nearly lost it when sparring with Lionblaze-at the time Lionpaw, when he was still only an apprentice and still believed to be Brambleclaw's and Squirrelflight's son, and then attempting to inflict the same pain Squirrelflight had caused him when she chose Brambleclaw as her mate instead of himself, by killing Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Jayfeather.


Hawkheart IS EVIL! And I don't think it says anywhere that he went to STARCLAN! And it's against the warrior code to kill! To the person who said he trained as a warrior first, it doesn't matter! It is still against the warrior code to kill, warrior or not. You could have wounded her badly, but not killed her! He is also pretty rude.

I HATE Hawkheart! He should be so much higher on this list! Cats shouldn't kill. Even if he was defending his herbs, he didn't have to KILL Moonflower. It isn't ok to ask Goosefeather if he killed someone, even if he was joking. Also, he was rude at Featherpaw's ceremony I think. And is was Shrewpaw's fault as much as Moonpaw's for arguing. And he was super rude to Bluestar when she was an apprentice.

He isn't evil. He was defending his herb storage. Every cat knew that Hawkheart was a warrior-turned-medicine cat, so she shouldn't have even risked going into that den to destroy the herbs, knowing Hawkheart was a formerly feared warrior of WindClan. Besides, he's a nice cat. He was really nice to Yellowfang when she became a warrior-turned-medicine cat. He went to Starclan anyways, he did no wrong.

Hawkheart is so evil. Even if the medicine code doesn't say about killing, he should know that this was a future leaders mother.


I think leopard star was pretty nice all though she didn't like graystripe at all and spolr alert stonefur and mistyfoot are blue star's kits isn't that cra cra!

Who was Jaggedtooth again?

He was pretty evil

One word describes him trator

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