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Mapleshade is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She is a tortoiseshell she-cat with a white tail and mistakenly described as ginger-and-white. She has her own novella and is a villain in the series after she is exiled from ThunderClan, after which she watched her kits die and was abandoned more.


Mapleshade has the best name in the whole series. Dude, its Mapleshade! It sounds dangerous, yet sweet and sour. Of course, she has to misuse her boss name and go all evil. Mapleshade. Mapleshade. Mapleshade. Evil, with a swagger name. Why Mapleshade.

She only became evil for her kits, the cats she killed deserved to be dead so MAPLESHADE LOVE YOU! BACK OFF HATERS - Swiftdawn

Mapleshade.. Oh, where do I begin? She is my favorite cat in the series, and is just so amazingly EVIL! She deserves to be second, if not first, on this list. We need more evil she-cats!

She was horrid. She tricked crooked star into letting all his friendship, family, and mate. Although I did get mad at the med cat when he betrayed her

How is she not the top? How is she not in the list? She tricked crookedstar and also made thistleclaw evil who killed cats who turns tigerstar evil who turns darkstripe and hawkfrost evil and kills more than 10 cats, darkstripe kills a few cats SHE STARTED AN EVIL CHAIN! How is she not evil? Oh also tigerclaw turned scourge to the dark side...

I just wanted to point out, Tigerstar never would have been so successful in his evilness if it weren't for Mapleshade. She guided him every step of the way. He'd just be some random rogue after he got exiled from ThunderClan. But Mapleshade in her pure evilness made him make innocent cats suffer.

She wouldn't have been evil if it were not for Ravenwing. If the top of the chain is the most evil, than Ravenwing should be #1

She tricked Crookedstar, one of my other favorite cats!

BAD LIFE! Peeps get your facts right! Don't you know them? She's crazy! No evil! Like ashfur... - Catsarah123

Mapleshade was the first true villain. She influenced Tigerstar.

I don't believe that Mapleshade is an evil cat! She got cast out from ThunderClan for being mates with a cat from RiverClan. Leafpool didn't get cast out, Bluestar didn't...! Then, her 3 kits drowned in a river! How hard would that be for a mother? Getting kicked out from their home and then all of their kits drowning! Then- yes, there is more... She went to RiverClan for safety and her mate said that he regrets everything and hates Mapleshade. She instantly got cast out from RiverClan to live as a rogue. Even AFTER that she found out that one of her clan mates had watched the kits drown and the medicine cat was the cause of her exile. So she did what any mother would do. She killed them in revenge. Her clanmate, got blinded by a snake, not killed though because Mapleshade had some mercy. Then she went back to RiverClan to take revenge on her final kit, and killed Appledusk, her old mate. The reason she haunted Crookedstar is because he is kin of her old mate and she sought revenge ...more

Mapleshade's a good name, but she is quite evil. - Sumwantin

! SHE SHOULD AT LEAST BE #3! She turned Thisleclaw evil, who turned Tigerstar evil, who turned Scourge evil. And plus, tigerstar is like the evilest now. I mean ya she was a loyal warrior and her clan kinda banished her but that path of revenge was to much. Plus, she tricked Crookedstar and he was like my fith favorite leader

She should have gone to StarClan. She only wanted love and everyone rejected her. I love her.

She tricked crookedstar and made his dead mate get captured by twolegs but she is one of my favorites

I love her so much.Also I really feel sad about her she didn't deserved this cruel life.Also hate the fact that she made Crookedstar think that the deaths of his loved ones was his fault he's one of my favorite characters.

I feel bad for her and all but, she's extremly evil plain and simple

Mapleshade had a terrible life, okay? Thanks to Ravenwing, she had to leave ThunderClan. Her kits died trying to swim, and she got rejected from RiverClan, and her mate betrayed her! No wonder she went psycho and tried to kill everyone.

Mapleshade was a nither mis under stould cat like tiny/scourge

A simpler explanation is that she mated a RiverClan tom, Ravenwing found her and the tom with the kits by the river, she was exiled from her Clan, she was exiled from the tom's Clan, she killed Ravenwing at the moonstone, sometime around she was wounded by Perchpaw, and some time later she died and joined the Dark Forest. Mapleshade isn't bad, people! - DanielMingi

It techically wasn't her fault she was evil if you read crooked stars promise and the last hope u find out she had a mate in river clan ( mapleshade is thunderclan). She had kits with this riverclan cat and when thunderclan found out she was banished. She tried to bring her kits with her to riverclan with her mate but her mate said no. Then after her mate didn't take them her kits drowned and then her mate from riverclan got a new mate and gave birth to a kit/ kits ( shell heart ). She even said in last hope she said sandstorm was lucky because she had beatiful kits, a mate who loved her, and a clan who respects her! But no if you think I'm crazy that it wasn't her fault then think about it! Bluestar had a mate in a different clan and her clan mates weren't mad! Mapleshade was driven evil by suffering!

I think Oakstar is the most evil, why you may ask. He caused Mapleshade to be evil, who caused Thistleclaw, who caused Tigerstar and Scourge, and Tigerstar caused Tigerclan, Hawkfrost, and Darkstripe. Meanwhile Scourge caused BloodClan. Enough said. However Mapleshade is still the biggest brat in Warriors.

HOW DARE YOU SAY MAPLESHADE IS EVIL! My poor Mapleshade, I read Mapleshade's Vengeance when I was with my two besties, Flowercloud and Rainflicker and I just started crying going, "her kits! Mapleshade was only trying to protect her innocent kits! " Mapleshade deserves to be in Starclan, if your mate blamed you for your kits you were already grieving from because they drowned, I would be quite upset, how about YOU?
- Swiftdawn

It's not Mapleshade's fault she is evil it was actually Appledusk he wasn't that mate that all she cats dream of he's a bunch of fox dung he is the only reason Mapleshade is evil. And if she wasn't evil Drinkwater would kg never met Mapleshade who didn't do anything in Crookedstar's life these things just happen and it just happened Mapleshade knew.
So we can blame Appledusk for Mapleshade's problems and he needs to be here in Mapleshade's spot.
Ravenfeather Of Windclan