Most Exciting Winter Olympic Events

The ten events most likely to keep our butts in the seats during the telecast. The list is in the format of Sport - Event and there is no differentiation between men's and women's events.

The Top Ten

1 Ice Hockey - Gold Medal Game

This is the last event and arguably the most exciting. Besides hockey being the overall most exciting sport at the Olympics (and beyond), this is the huge thing. I mean, Canada even bases their success solely on this game (when their team is in it...)

the whole world was watching the 2010 olympics. it was so exiting when the americans tied the game with 24 seconds left but I am Canadian so I guess its in my blood.

just look at the USA vs Canada final in 2010 one of the most exciting moments in sports history

this was hockey and then every other game not even a question - dwells1285

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2 Alpine Skiing - Super-G

Ice hockey number one really this is number one by far

3 Figure Skating - Free Skating

Only voted this because of evgenia medvedeva

4 Short Track - 5000 m Relay

Yeah much like the sprints at Olympics only on skates. Or even horse racing. Can get dirty at times with the odd elbow jabbing in the back lol. Great sport. - Hummer09

Track takes endurance Def. #1

5 Bobsleigh - Four-Man

SHOULD BE IN THE TOP FIVE laugh out loud

6 Curling

I have been curling and it was a lot more fun than I expected! May seem boring at times to watch but once you've played it is way more intresting! - Thadz12

7 Ski Jumping - LH Individual

I think that ski jumping is one of the most exiting sports in the world because you have the possibility to fly for a few seconds. Also, it is an inspiring sport that deserves more attention.

I love Schlierenzauer. That's how I began watching ski jumping. He totally deserved to win this year but his team is the best! (Kofler, Morgenstern and Koch)

8 Alpine Skiing - Combined Downhill
9 Snow Boarding - Parallel Giant Slalom
10 Figure Skating - Pairs Free Skating

The Contenders

11 Luge - Singles Run
12 Alpine Skiing - Slalom
13 Figure Skating - Ice Dance
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