Most Extreme Roller Coasters

The Top Ten Most Extreme Roller Coasters

Kingda Ka

The worlds Tallest and 2nd fastest coaster, The fastest coaster in the world is Formula Rossa (149mph).

the world's tallest and fastest roller coaster - Celestius


0-107 mph in 1.8 seconds. technically speaking, astronauts during launch feel less G-Forces than riders on the launch of Dodonpa. and don't forget the "trick launch" occasionally experienced, where alarms and lights go blaring, signaling a breakdown, just before the big launch. any ride known as a Thrust Air 2000 is just sinister

the highest launch acceleration, 2.7 g - Celestius

The ride has the fastest launch, at 112 mph I. 1.56 seconds, at 3.26 g, and shooting them up to a loop and turns.
It’s seriously unimaginable, if you love being an astronaut, then this is your ride.


Although it is not the tallest or fastest, I definitely feel as if it is a very extreme ride psychologically and physically. It makes you face the sky as it slowly rises that turns you around as soon as it does a vertical drop and the seats spin as the ride goes so you never quite know where you are at but it doesn't spin to the point of sickness.

There is nothing like the thrill when you get of then monster ride. You will Be thinking of it for the rest of then day.

Top Thrill Dragster

Cedar Points Tallest, Fastest Coaster

Steel Dragon 2000

the world's longest track length, 8,133ft - Celestius

Tower of Terror

Drop ride, not a coaster

the fastest and tallest flat ride in the world - Celestius

Millennium Force

most G-force at one time (4.5 times Earths gravity) and the longest track in the US - Celestius

Intimidator (Carowinds)
Thunder Dolphin

Tokyo's most terrifying ride - Celestius


Like X2, but a little bigger, so therefore more extreme, so better.

The Contenders


Leviathan is the fastest, smoothest, and the most awesome roller coaster you can ride. The height is extremely high so that makes it so fun


Too cary togo on

Intimidator 305
Formula Rossa

I've been on it its very funn I think it's the best

Tower of Terror II

A classic shuttle coaster where you launch backward and then fall forward at 100 mph. It’s sheer terror as the name says.

Superman: Escape from Krypton
The Smiler

The smiler is the wolrd's world record holding coaster for the most loops. It is situated in Alton Tower's in the UK

It's Reopening On March 19!

Fury 325
Storm Runner

That thing gave me so much whiplash that I went into a state of almost passing out. It's in Hershey Park.

Mean Streak

One of the tallest, fastest, and longest wooden roller coasters on Earth. And if you thought Son Of Beast was rough, then you don't know what rough is. It may not be as tall, as fast, or have any loops, but you people should realize that all of that stuff isn't everything. A great coaster, and a great contenter for Rock Mountain's wooden-to-steel treatment, but extremely rough.

The Voyage

Best wooden roller coaster Ever.

The Cannibal

The coaster features the fourth steepest drop in the world, as well as holding the records for the steepest drop of any roller coaster in the United States, and the tallest beyond-vertical drop in the world. Cannibal is also notable for its new inversion element, known as the "Lagoon Roll."

At 70 MPH this coaster is mind blowing.

Superman: Ultimate Flight
Iron Rattler
Superman: Krypton Coaster
New Texas Giant - Six Flags Over Texas
Wooden Warrior

This thing doesn't let up and gives incredible air time. Exerts 5 Gs on you at the bottom of the first drop. Downright madness

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