Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ)


You can choose Life or you can choose death, its up to you to choose. God wants everyone to choose life, therefore one most imbace the church which is mentioned in the bible. No one in the church will make you do anything. Its up to you to enbrace Gods law, and follow the way and the truth. The only way to do this is to listen to the lessons from one who has been sent to teach and then choose the right path. Not everyone who seeks will find the way, After receiving the lessons God will decide who enters into the Church. I'm an American born white man and been a member of the Church for more then 30 years, Jesus is the son, and not God. Seek him and find the TRUTH not from friends or hersay but from the soruce...

"I have long noticed that the churches of the iglesia ni cristo are of uniform design. "

"I had initially thought that the purpose was to save money in architectural drawings and designs. Wrong"

"after I talked idly with a ranking member of this most unified christian community, I got to know that there is one single purpose of having uniform churches. "

"and it is not to save money. "

"Uniform designs makes members of the INC feel that they are united behind their beliefs. "

"Then I got to thinking that the catholic churches are all of shapes and sizes. "
"They are even called various names. "

"The bigger ones are called basilicas, some are called sanctuaries which are always for the rich, still others are called the generic churches and chapels. "

"We hardly ever notice it, but these are signs of the catholic church's own discriminations. No wonder we are deeply divided nation even in our own religion. "

"In the other hand, ...more

My first encounter with the Church of Christ was during one of its worship services. The first thing that caught my attention, was there were no images when we entered the worship building. Also, the brethren warmly greet us.
After I attended the Bible studies and finish listening to all the lessons taught to those who wish to join the Church I was convince that I found what I had been looking for.
I am one-hundred-percent sure that this the true Church I have proven, in my years in the Church, that all of its teachings are from the Bible. In may personal life, if I experience problems or have doubts of feel helpless, I call unto God and eventually, all my problems are solved.

First of all all I am not an INC member. Since childhood I always hear people making fun of them and their religion.
What do you think of them? Please, no comments like they don't eat dinuguan or etc.

1. They're very much united(solid).
2. All of them speak Tagalog regardless of their different ethnic group. Knowledge of Tagalog is a must.
3. Respectful, most their member I met so far are very polite.
4. No alcohol, alcohol is forbidden but I guest a single "tagay" is ok

These are some of the good things (in a non biblical way) that all Filipinos should follow.

I used to have a girlfriend who goes to Iglesia Ni Cristo. The parents were not against our relationship, but they made a point that I attend their "doctrina".

To my astonishment, the members spoke perfect Tagalog. They beat the Pilipino teachers in my school. They wear the traditional Barong in church service.

I'm not an Iglesia member and I married a Catholic (whose family were originally Muslim) while I'm Baptist. But my experience with these religious group is

Extraordinary. Being Baptist, I spent time ministering with our church members to other people, but we only talk about God. The Iglesia is different. They not

Only talk about God. They make the Philippines look blessed for having been chosen as the birthplace of their prophet. They make the members feel proud

Being born in the land where the prophet is born. They talk about loving the land and a lot of other "Filipino-centered" things.

About your experience... They all got guys of ...more

Iglesia ni Cristo (Tagalog for Church of Christ) also known as INC, is the largest entirely indigenous religious organization that originated from the Philippine Islands, and the largest independent Christian Church in Asia, and the second largest religious group in the Philippines with 7 million members. The Church of Christ is one of the most powerful and most influential religion in the world and the church has been recognized as the most unified religion, because of its leadership's ability to gather millions of its members into one place.

I am a former Baptist I had explored different Religions in search of a religion, that is a consistent with the Scriptures. My search ended when I attended an Evangelical Mission of the Church of Christ in San Diego, California.
When I heard the gospel preach by the Minister, I became interested. I was so intrigued when the Minister said that there is only single Church that God's intend to save. The Minister spoke nothing about believing in the Trinity, and that it was not found in the Scriptures.
God's teachings about marriage, helps me to be a better husband. I have became a better person.

Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) is the only true Church being prophesied in the Holy Scriptures (Isa. 43:5-6(The east refers to the Philippines where the restoration of the Iglesia Ni Cristo started as it was officially registered in the government on July 27, 1914 concurrent with the outbreak of World War I (signs of end times); the West refers to the 1st Iglesia Ni Cristo congregants overseas happened on Ewa Beach, Oahu, Hawaii, USA on July 27, 1968. The north and south referred to the dominant religions of the Philippines (Protestant north-Northern Europe and North America during the early years) and (Catholic south-South Europe and South America); Rev. 7:2-3-speaks to other angel (meaning God's messenger) who rises on the east (meaning the rise or the development of the church by means of sealing to servants of God; Isa. 46:11-13 (God's messenger in the far east); Isa. 24:15-"islands of the sea"-meaning the Philippines which is the only religion that brought about ...more

I am born and raised in predominantly catholic country of Venezuela, I am Dr. Elivia Garcia, I attended religious classes with a catholic priest and study the Bible History. When I accepted the invitation of my colleague Dr. Daniel Ignacio I saw how the Ministers in the Church of Christ preached the Bible, I quickly spotted the big difference.
I was totally different. The Minister present questions about a certain subject and the answers come from the Bible. He never gives his own opinion.
I am a former professor at the Medical School of Zulia University in Maracaibo, Venezuela, I migrated to the USA in 1987 to purse my career as as medical practitioner. It was in the locale of Temple Hills, Maryland where me and my late husband were Baptized in 1989
I now lived in Temple Hills with my children, who have likewise become members of the Church. When I am asking what impact becoming a member in the Church of Christ has my life. In my home there is Peace. We live in peace. We ...more

Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ)is the Most Faithful Religion not just in the Philippines, but also in the World because they teach the TRUE LESSON of God! - Leonard

As a chief of the Infectious disease and Epidemiology Department of Windham Hospital in America the worst of what can happen to people from all walks of life. I take care not only of general medicine patients in the world, such as the patients that have HIV, which causes AIDS, I see a lot of unfortunate people who get sick and die.
Such experience have I made appreciate more the good things and fortunate to have. And it's not just having a stable profession and family that me is thankful for. I thank God that he has given me the opportunity to have my profession, to have my family, and my faith. And for this I am always grateful.
I Baptized in 1984, when you ask me why I joined the Church of Christ. My answer would be, it's the teachings which is the most sensible.

Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) is the world's Most Powerful, Most Influential, Most Respected and Most Unified Religious Organization.

Source:wikipedia. Org

I think IGLESIA NI CRISTO is the Most Faithful Religions in the World and the only One TRUE Religion to. Because according to the BIBLE History, INC is established by Lord Jesus Christ and re-established by Brother Felix Manolo on July 27 1914 conjunction of World War II.

"'Yet it cannot be denied that the Iglesia is a large, powerful and expanding organization. It may well constitute the most vital and aggressive threat which the Catholic Church faces in the Islands at the present time. It is certainly a force to be reckoned with now and in the years to come by any one interested in the religious welfare of the Filipino people. "'

"... The INC had proven its point: that in unity there is strength; that if the followers of the INC can be united and disciplined under one head, why not the entire nation? "

Like many others, I am a New Yorker, I found the bible studies in the Church of Christ its very informative, and that they I made a lot of sense.
But more that just a learning experience, I study the teachings and eventual conversation into the Church of Christ, its change me a lot as a person. Now I became a little more humble, a little more understanding, and more patient.
I says doesn't want to miss the worship service because as puts it, I did I would feel guilty. For I becoming a member of the Church of Christ is what very person needs in order to be guided in the right light.

Because iglesia ni cristo is always won the debate and all their doctrine is base on the bible.

I was so impressed by its worship service;that is, the hymns movingly rendered by the choir, the minister's preaching and teachings read from the Bible... The service was so inspiring that one could hardly hold back tears.

I think Iglesia ni Cristo because they are united in one mind and judgement specially in the time of election here in the Philippines.

I think Iglesia ni Cristo because they uphold real doctrine of true cristian and not paganism

INC is not just the world, s faithful religion. INC is also the most RICHEST religion in the world because INC is the owner of Big Dome-Arena (philippine big dome-arena)that have 55,000 seats and its cost of 175 million Dollars...

Try to Google it. INC is not even on the Top 2. The richest is Catholic church and the Mormon Church. =)

No need to EXPLAIN or to DEFINE how INC is to much FAITHFUL

IGLESIA NI CRISTO is the most Powerful Christian Religion in this 3rd World.

Hi, I am Thomas Dawson from National City, California.
After I had heard the words of God as taught to me by the Church of Christ from the Bible, I believed from all logical evidence from the Scriptures that this Church is the only true path to salvation.

IGLESIA NI CRISTO. Have a true faĆ­th, true doctrine, based on the holy bible.