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21 Apostolic Catholic Church

This is the right Church of the Holy Spirit

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22 New Life Christian Center

A budding mega-church located all over the Philippines and other countries.

23 Buddhism

Best religion in the world

Buddhism is only religion who is supports science

Buddhism is a very best-religions in the all world

Buddhism is life philosophy

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24 Jesus is Our Shield Worldwide Ministries

Jesus is Our Shield Worldwide Ministries (Oras ng Himala) was founded by Renato D. Carillo, who claims to be the end-time apostle


Siya nag papakita ng healing power. in sing wonder and miracle

We may know doctrines, teachings and knowledges about God, we may find that in any churches.. But here in Jesus is our Shield, you can experience the living God

Hindi kaalaman tungkol sa Diyos and nakakapag bago sa isang tao, kundi karanasan sa Diyos.

Apostle Renato D. Carillo is a true man of God, based on my experience, not just from what I have heard or see.

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25 Jesus Christ to God Be the Glory

Jesus Christ To God be the Glory (Friends Again) was founded by Luis Ruiz Santos in 1988.

Teaching the full Gospel of Christ

I believe in one GOD doctrine of this chruch

26 Churches of Christ

"Where the Scriptures speak we speak; where the Scriptures are silent we are silent." "No creed but Christ, no book but the Bible, no law but love." "In essentials, unity, in non-essentials, liberty; in all things, love." "Call Bible things by Bible names." "We are not the only Christians, but we are Christians only."

It must be the first religion in the world.. I don't like this site it's not trusted and reliable.

Churches of Christ (Churches of Christ 33 AD/ the Stone-Campbellites) a restorationist movement that distinctly believes in a set of steps/ways to attain salvation. Among of which is the requisite to be baptized in water.

Wala akong nakitang anomalya sa group NATO

27 Christ's Commission Fellowship

Simple and really Bible-based. Christ-centered. Good church for families, newly weds.

This church focus first with your intimate relationship wih Christ then your relationship to your family, co believers and non believers in Christ Jesus. Also how to live like Christ Jesus and to follow Him.

To make Christ Committed Followers

28 Baptist Bible Fellowship in the Philippines

Even though we have many different Kinds of Baptist... But we are one when it comes to the Basic Doctrine of the Bible... All of the teachings are only based on the Bible... And our history can be traced back since the time of our Lord Jesus Christ and the apostles... We are not protestants, though some may claim... Accdg. To the Catholic Encyclopedia... It there were not a wide persecution of the Baptists before, they may have been dominant for today.. We are persecuted both by Catholics and Protestants, and History will prove that... I am fully convinced that the Baptist Faith teaches the Truth regarding the Deity of Christ, the persons of the God head, and many more...

I am a Baptist and proud of it. We based our faith, teachings and doctrine to the Bible only which is the word of God.

I'm a baptist who's need the word of GOD and love him very, much.!

The Book and the Blood and The Blessed Hope!

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29 Convention of Philippine Baptist Churches

Imagine if baptist people practice centralization?

Who says that it exposed illuminati? You are very wrong.

A religion where exposed the illuminati

30 UniĆ³n Espiritista Cristiana de Filipinas, Inc.

This is a group of studying spiritism..called spiritista, believing in one God, the supreme intelegence and first cause of everything.Jesus.the role model.holy spirit wich the promising guide that take us in good things, deliver the messge of God through mediumship...founded by allan kardec (internationly) in the phil.founded by don juan alvear and don juan agustin dela rosa...

31 Foursquare Gospel Church

I'm here in th foursquare gospel church since child. No doubt in teachings

Certified! Foursquare

Book of Revelation - The Foursquare City

The teaching is based in the bible or biblical teaching

A balanced Christian teaching (full gospel).

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32 Islam
33 Iglesia Evangelica Metodista en las Islas Filipinas

One of the first indigenous evangelical church that seceded from methodist episcopal church, nationalistic yet bible-based church.

Methodists are following Christ not there Religion because they believe that Faith in God through Good Works can lead us into salvation to are Religion

Salvation is by grace through faith and not of works lest anyone should boast!

34 True Jesus Church

This is the true church the one true church of GOD

True Jesus Church a "oneness" movement that started in China.

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35 Orthodox Church

I just love to be saved when the advent of Jesus comes. I hope to see you all in heaven., we will meet and worship there. We will be holding hands together, singing songs of praise to our Savior, lover of our soul and who comes to us sinners for us to be saved. God Bless us all., please pray without ceasing., the advent of Christ is nearly coming.., be prepared always.,

36 Judaism
37 International Missionary Society SDA Reform Movement
38 Universal Church of the Kingdom of God

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG Help Center) was founded by Edir Macedo in 1977 in Brazil. They claim that the Kingdom of God is down here and that it can offer a solution to every possible problem, depression, unemployment, family and financial problems.

39 Church of the Nazarene

Right sector for the real truth

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40 Iglesia Ng Dios Na Buhay Inc.
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