Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch)


I thank the Lord for the mercy He has shown me. Before I became a member, I am one of the haters of the church. I persecute church members and even ministers. Thanks be to God, when I tried listening to the teachings of the Apostle, I realized that I was wrong. I then decided to be baptized so that I can have my salvation. Now, I am in my 4 years of serving the Lord. I saw how honest is the Apostle in leading the flock. He teaches us things so that our service to the Lord will be acceptable. As of now, my eyes saw how fast the church is growing, this is due to the clean, honest, and wise leadership of the apostle. Praise the Lord

The only religion that follows what is really mention and sayeth in the bible, and believe in Holiness and service unto the Lord. A true religion with a true leader, a man of Faith, and dedication in his ministry, who forget his wealth and offer it all in the service to God. A Goodman of the house. A leader with no material possessions but fully serving God with no question, it is really a true church that every one should know.

The Church that is headed by an Apostle.. The true sent one of God.

True faithfulness is the complete obedience to GOD's word. It is not merely manifested through the looks, culture and tradition but on the true knowledge and obedience of GOD's will that can only be preached by the authentic sent ones of GOD.

Not only that they were given the authority as based on the bible, but also, they lived a life of example. These qualities can be seen in the true Church - the one that has adhered to the signs and standards set by GOD Himself in the Bible. And this - in the PMCC - Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch)!

This is the church that promotes holiness and service. Members of this church refrain from vices and worldly pleasures. The only church that physically meet early in the morning to pray to God the Father in the name of His Son and co-creator Jesus Christ.

The Apostolic Doctrines of the Church is Bible centric. No nonsense but pure words of God that has been entrusted to His Apostle in the End-Time. As a dedicated child in the church I have witnessed how God worked mightily from our humble beginnings to this expanse. Having our presence felt in over 50 countries around the globe in just 23 years before the global evangelism started, no one can deny that God is working with us.

Since I became a 4th watcher I've noticed a lot of changes in my lifestyle because of the gift of the holy spirit. The church has a good man of the house who prepare the church for glorious coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. The only leader who doesn't possess material things and encourage us to pray daily. He leades the church by example his life is devoted to prayer and the ministry of the word like the early church. I am so proud to be a 4th watcher.

To God be all the glory for all the blessings in his church

This is the only church I saw that is united in teachings and doctrines wherever churches locally and internationally. One of the Korean writer says that PMCC 4TH WATCH is the fastest growing Christian church in Asia.

Sometimes it's hard to follow the REAL truth, but Christ didn't say it was going to be easy. I'm glad because this church equips you and really teaches you how to be a disciple. It sounds cliche, but honestly, it's the real deal. To God be the glory!

Praised the Lord... We have a Apostle Arsenio Tan Ferriol The Good Man of the House... Apostle in the END TIME... God to be Glory

Glory to God because He add me to the Church (Acts 2:47) the time when I repent and baptized after hearing the word of God by his Missionary. Church where the complete gift of holy spirit is present and lead by living Apostle.1Corinthians 12:28, all teachings is according to the bible.. We are living as the word of God says.

The true church has the true sent-one of God, the one who preaches the legit and true gospel of God. We are blessed that God has given the sent-one of God in this church: Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch)

Tested and proven to have Christian way of Living. Unstoppable growth proven by there numbers.

We are called in the end time so the watching church is the one that Lord Jesus Christ will return for by HIS Grace...

This is the only one desrving to be the top 1 most faithful religion

I attended many churches but this is the only church I knew that have the complete gifts in 2 cor 12:28. Our leader is an Apostle. He received revelation from God. He is preparing the church for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ by living in holiness and abundant service to God. I thank the Lord for leading and placing me in the true church because I received a true salvation. And now my service will not be in vain... Bec Christ will be returning to the Church that He established. Thank uou Lord!

PMCC 4th Watch have shown me the true meaning of religion. This Church is the pattern in the Bible where the Apostolic teachings is very important in preaching the word of God. They can explain the real meaning of faith thru the bible context and its amazing because all the questions that I have in mind were answered. Praise the Lord!

Being lead by a faithful good-man of the house "the living apostle", we were able to receive God's salvation through the preaching of the gospel in our house... Since then I have seen how the apostle and the leaders of the church remains steadfast in their ministry in evangelizing the lost and edifying the saints... I am very honored to be a member of the PENTECOSTAL MISSIONARY CHURCH OF CHRIST 4TH WATCH!

This group preach the word of God anywhere crowded like being done by Jesus, just like what the bible is saying.

Roman 10:17 Faith comes from hearing, and hearing the words of God

Because only in this church that true holiness and service unto the Lord are being taught. they teach the true meaning of watching for the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Most of us Christians are knowledgeable about Jesus' love for us resulting to our salvation, about His words, about the nearing end of time but one thing others lack knowledge of - the true Sent One of the Lord in the end-time! In Eph 4:11 and I Cor 12:28, the Apostle is the one stated to be the head of the church and, in God's Grace, He has risen a faithful servant and watchful leader of the Church - no other than the Apostle Arsenio Ferriol in PMCC 4th Watch. To God be the Glory!

It shows me how by the grace of our Lord that He died to save me and others... Truly full gospel with powerful deliverer of the words of God.

The church that exhibit obedience, holiness and a life of prayer from its founder called by God who is a true example in faith.