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1 Jesus Miracle Crusade

Proven and experienced. By thy fruits they shall know them. Signs and wonders and miracles are follows... Be part of it!

Matthew 11:5
King James Version (KJV)
5 The blind receive their sight, and the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear, the dead are raised up, and the poor have the gospel preached to them.

We are in the truth because you a havee no miracles, gift of healings, deliverance

This is the True Church of the Living God. With Signs Wonders and Miracles..

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2 Iglesia ni Cristo

"Today, religious sects are flourishing in the Philippines. Some of these have been brought in by missionaries, but others are indigenous having sprouted and grown in the Philippine soil without being introduced or supported from other countries. One of the best known of the latter type is the Iglesia ni Cristo, which came into being in 1914 through the preaching of Felix Manalo. Its more or less distinctive chapels have become familiar landmarks in many cities and towns of the Philippines. Its membership appears to be increasing yearly; and it exercise a measure of influences in the political life of the nation. "

Don't be blinded by rumors and opinions of other people regarding Iglesia ni Cristo. Examine and know for yourself. Give it a chance. Give it a try to understand. Don't listen just once and think you've tried. You have to learn. Ask questions. And when you learn, you can't ignore it. You just can't. And when you choose to ignore it, then you chose to ignore it. But not 'cause it's not there. I invite everyone to check our official websites for the official doctrines believed by the Iglesia ni Cristo. I assure you all that everything is from the bible. Because the bible is the sole source of God's words. May many of you that will read this start to open your hearts and minds and accept the unadulterated pristine truth being preached by the Iglesia ni Cristo.

How can you establish a strong foundation of faith in your heart if your faith has no strong foundation at all? That is my question to the other churches in the entire world except to the Iglesia Ni Cristo where her strong foundation of faith is only from the Bible and nothing else. Now who can refutes that? No one!

Glory to God
Been Here since 2015 And my whole life was changed by Dearest Jesus thru this ministry.Miracles and Testimonies of Healings that no other sect can duplicate. - GIL

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3 Baptist

I think the Baptists need to have more passion, speaking from experience; I tend to be very timid. However one thing I also know from experience is that I never can and never will give up. God has been faithful to me so I will be faithful to Him.

This page talks about being 'the famous religion in Philippines'... It is true that INC happens to be the most popular religion in the Philippines... Hence, popularity never tell whether the said denomination is true or not...I believe that I'm on a right path as a Baptist... Knowing that our doctrine wasn't just about HUMANITY, POWER, TRADITION, or anything that could be defy... Bible Baptist never taught any people of entering into our Church and become one of us in order to be saved... The Lord Jesus Christ as the humankind's the only truth that we can share to others... Shout out sa mga Saved dyan!

We are surely saved

Baptst job is to win souls for Christ and not win an arguments with the other churches..only Jesus saved..Acts 4:12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

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4 United Pentecostal Church

Can you give verse/s that Jesus said that "I am God" If you can give I will convert to your religion.

JOHN 1:1 In the beginning was the word. And the word was with God and the word was God...

WORD of God is the God

And JESUS is the Word of God. So Jesus is the God.. THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD but in 3 persons.. THE SPIRIT, THE WORD AND THE FATHER! 1 JOHN 5:7

" This is the most faithful church ever because they have the true inward and outward Holiness.

SALVATION IS NOT ABOUT RELIGION! IT'S ALL ABOUT RELATIONSHIP AND FAITH TO GOD! Jesus is the only way to Salvation! Accept him in you life now! Now is the time for salvation... BE SAVE NOW!

Because we have holy spirt

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5 Christian Orthodox

This is the only true part of Christianity and we do nothing that is outside of the Bible. We stay true to our God and we lead pious, truthful, and good moral lives.

We love our God and worship him as his Holy word instructs us to and we trust in him, and every thing he does for us.

This is why I voted. I love this religion.

The are he most faithful

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6 Living Water V 1 Comment
7 Evangelical

It is about relationship with the Lord and not a religion. God wants us to have a great and intimate relationship with Him like a Father-child relationship because in God, all believers are brothers and sisters in His family.

You'll be save because you build good relationship with God, not with your religion

No, actually people are saved because God saves them.

Christianity is not religion it is all about transformation in spiritually,mentally, morally

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8 Christianity

Says *Christianity* but no one votes lol. - Call

9 Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch)

PMCC (4TH WATCH) the only religion that the ministers, pastors, teachers, evangelists, and staff has no salary and no bank accounts, no personal tangible assets, they work what the Lord requires preach the gospel in all nations, to rescue the sinners. Their rewards is in heaven. Rescue the perishing, they work day and night, rain or shine.. Truly they are the people who gave their life for Gods mission. They are ready to die for Gods sake. Thank God for this missionaries. They pray day and night, for the souls of the people. Glory to God, Maranatha JESUS IS COMING!

The JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY has no bank accounts, and tangible assets for their workers and preachers. Please take note of that and do not claim in your own.

PMCC 4th watch is one of the Church I saw the different among churches that really Practice whats written in the bible. Though I'm not belong to this Church but I can see the difference. their beliefs and teachings are all based in the bible. they are a true believers I can say. that's why many people doesn't want to go tot his church because it is really hard to be a real Christian. I tried to be Christian but I know Many Christians like me tried to be true but We cannot be as real as PMCC 4th watch.. Its hard to say but From the teaching and the lives has been changed, shows that they are the true church... Faithful servants of God who has a true sent one of God.. I wish I can practice their teachings and belief...

The only Church around the world that has the same attributes of the early believer that can be found in the book of ACTS and has a living APOSTLE like also Apostle Paul who leads the Church alive during his time.. The group who concerns most the soul of people by their nonstopable preaching the gospel publicly, and when you join this group one thing is more wonderful you can live a holy life, you will be closed to God.. Come, observe & join now! God love's you! Praise GOD.

Members live a holy life and have the assurance of their salvation at present..

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10 Islam

I think Muslims are more faithful

Islam is the best religion. Proud to be a Muslim. - yeshal

1400 Years have passed and the Quran is still the same

Muslims are the soul of the universe.

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The Contenders

11 Roman Catholic

With all the rituals practiced in this church, didn't it come to our mind how much paganism has been injected into this church?

"One God, One Nation, One Church"

Proud to be catholic

It just true

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12 Southern Baptist

Blessed is our God, Blessed is his son Jesus our savior

13 Hinduism

Not saying the best or something... every religion is best, but Hinduism is a scientific religion, it's ancient and it's respectful to others. Contains good teachings. Undoubtedly, a faithful religion.

All religions are born from Hinduism, we respect all other regions too. Actually, Hinduism is about teaching that ultimate God is one, religions are different ways to achieve destiny. - amrut

All religions are born from Hinduism, we respect all other regions too. Actually, Hinduism is about teaching that ultimate God is one, religions are different ways to achieve destiny.

Don't compare each other, its ridiculous.

Hinduism has given a no limit's, it 's a relationship between followers and god. Over religion give a full freedom to do any thing but don't break anyone faith and trust that's why over religion is very faithful,scientific and pass over a more than 2092+ years on the this planet..

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14 United Methodist Church

One of the best religion in the philippines

15 Church of God International

To God be all the glory

The true church is in 1timoteo 3:15 which is the true church which the church of God

is true

For the fact that the Church of God is the only church writte in the bible in the time of our Jesus Christ and all of their teachings are bible based nothing more, nothing less and of course the preacher of this church is Manalos nightmare.

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16 Aglipayan

To god be all the glory pentecostal missionary church of christ 4th watch is the most faithful religion in the world

17 Seventh-Day Adventist

This is a true religion. We believe and worship the savior. We accept all.

I love this religion so much that I learned more about Christ and accepted Him as my saviour...

We accept all what?

True religion

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18 Church Of Christ

Iglesia Ni Cristo?

The Most Faithful of all Church on the planet

Church of Christ Believes that Jesus Christ Is really the True God and Savior

Church of Christ( Iglesia Ni Cristo ) a real church of god with true & real God, doctrines are all base on the bible real words of god.

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19 Sikhism

Stay by what they believe stand by there gurus

Scarcely populated yet so distinct, Not just by looks but by deeds and by their rich contribution to the society, treating every individual equally is what has made this Religion truly Rich in culture. Following what our Guru said " Before becoming a Muslim, a Hindu, a Sikh or a Christian, let's become a Human first."

Sikhism is the best religion in the world

Sikhism is the best religious in the world who learnt all religious
Sri guru nanak dev ji explain" god is one "

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20 Jehova's Witnesses

The most caring and sincere people and honest people I've ever known

Let us know more about the true God.

Based their beliefs on passages on the scriptures

They let the bible interpet itself

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