Iglesia ni Cristo


And I quote from one of the greatest actors of all time from one of the greatest of all times, "So shall it be written, so shall it be done." The IGLESIA NI CRISTO is by far the only religion who has everything well founded in the inspired AND documented teachings in the Bible. There are no contradictions and, most definitely, there are no opinions nor speculations. Every matter of faith is complimented by every matter of logic (and vice versa).

The true Church of Christ which was purchased by his own blood.. Never will I depart nor betray my church cause I know and it's the promise of God that whoever believe in him and enter to the fold will inherit the kingdom of God!

Rome 16:16
Greet one another with a holy kiss. All the churches of Christ send greetings.

ACTS 20:28
Take heed therefore to yourselves and to all the flock over which the Holy Spirit has appointed you overseers, to feed the church of Christ which he has purchased with his blood.

Iglesia Ni Cristo faithfully adheres to the teaching of the Holy Scriptures as the sole basis of its faith and practice. For instance. It believes in the biblical teachings that the Father, the Creator, is the only true God (John 17:1,3,1Cor.8:6) that Christ the appointed Savior, established the Church of Christ ( Iglesia Ni Cristo) for the salvation of mankind. (Acts 5:31; Matt.16:18;Acts 20:28 Lamsa translation, Eph.5:23,25 That baptism into this Church is necessary for salvation ( Mark16:15-16, 1Cor.12:13, Col.1:18. That the ones authorized to preach the gospel are the messengers of God. (Rom.10:15) and the congregational worship services, which are for the spiritual welfare of the members should not be forsaken. (Heb.10:25-27)

Our lives deserve to have peace..and it can only be found inside the real church...inside the Iglesia ni Cristo. I together with my family dedicate our lives in rendering worship to God...for our salvation.

This is the true religion built by Christ

I grew up a devout Catholic but after investigating the teachings of the Iglesias ni Cristo and other churches, I have found and believe the Iglesias ni Cristo to be the only true church as taught by Christ and prophesied by the apostles and prophets. Learn more about the teachings of the Iglesias ni Cristo from it's ministers and evangelical workers rather than those wanting to bash the church. With God's will and grace you will come to know the truth about salvation and the Iglesias ni Cristo.

Not just in the philippines, but really in the whole world, and I'm proud being a member of this true church..

I was born inside the church and I don't have plans of going out.

No doubt that the INC is the most faithful Religion in the world on this time All we know how hard the life it is but INC continue to grow, bless by GOD. Even the members of the church was not belong into the prominent family or in the 1st World Country.. But the Magnificent that God made to this church are showed a lot of proof the this Church is True. , And We all brethrens from INC give back the Praises, Glory and our Thanks to GOD..

Only the Iglesia Ni Cristo has the prophecy that written in the Bible... Although other say that its hard to enter to this church because many people can't leave their lifestyles... But if you make a deep examination about its doctrine.. You will see that all of its doctrine is according to the Bible... No doctrines has been invented by its minister or anyone inside the Iglesia Ni Cristo.. Just like what the Bible say "strive to enter to the narrow gate for the gate is small and it will lead to salvation.. And few only find that way...

This is the true religion. It is biblical. Roman 16:16

The members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo continue to uphold its primary doctrines that is being taught straight from the Bible. We remain faithful to the pure teachings of the Gospel. We don't give our own opinions nor do we invent new teachings. We base our teaching from the Bible. - PompeiManuel

We have to accept that Iglesia ni Cristo has a part of the Philippine history. It is the only independent church registered in the Philippine government that has grown tremendously and has reach many countries and territories all over the world. This is something that the Filipino people be proud of, we are not enemies, we are Filipinos, we are one. I strongly encourage every Filipino people to give us a chance, take time to know about the church. After all you have nothing to loose if you try.

I am also a member of iglesia ni cristo

This is the only one written in The Bible.

Politics is not a priority inside the Iglesia ni Cristo, but to vote with one mind and one decision sa commanded by God in the Bible... Everything the we do is solely based on the will of our God and Jesus Christ written in the book... Today we celebrate our centennial years of fruitful existence, the venue, Philippine Arena in which has no connection or help from any Political or Government bodies was built from the voluntary offerings of its members, here and abroad was made possible thru the mighty hands of God and I believe that no other religions can do the same feat ever, because there is only one and there's can only be one... The One True Church Of Christ... From the Far East...

The church of Christ is not fixed their discipline enforced its member in their primary structures and over all the pure and true doctrine of God, only to the scriptures just see all their teaching and commitment to teaching distinguishing and their is only one true God;they also recognized that actually teach the scriptures I am so grateful and I became the church of Christ and understood the truth and God knows the true...

Proud to be an Iglesia Ni Cristo. Today, Iglesia Ni Cristo is spreading already around the world. God never fail to help us in fulfiling his promises to us.

Indeed! This is THE TRUE CHURCH :) NO DOUBT!

Because its true religion, w/ bless by our dear almighty God!

I'm proud to be a member of this church.

Signs that are foretold from the bible are happening in this church that I have been membered of, what, when, who, where, why questions have all been answered from the bible. I have had compared it to all bible professing churches but non of them equals it.

This church is the only true church that teaches true doctrines only writtened in the bible no self explanation just the truth inside the bible. Verses by verses revealed the wrong beliefs of other religion sects... The only religion follows the biblical prophecies all activities are in the bible.. No doubts promise

Iglesia Ni Cristo emergence in the Philippines is unique because it is the fulfillment of prophecy written in the Bible. Please find time to investigate, challenge, raise questions and compare your beliefs by contacting ministers in your area or thru Iglesia Ni Cristo websites. I believe knowing God and worshiping Him is our primary obligation, but being recognized by God as His children is absolutely necessary to make sure our sacrifices will not be in vain. My parents and siblings are converts to this church. They were very devoted Catholics since birth Yuntil they compared their old beliefs to the doctrines of the Iglesia Ni Cristo referencing the Bible. Although I grew up in this church, I also underwent similar doctrinal lessons when I was 12 years old and made my decision to accept and get baptized knowing without doubt this is the true religion. I'm now 65 years old and going stronger everyday in my faith. With God's mercy I will remain forever INC member!