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21 Wicca Wicca V 1 Comment
22 Members Church of God International
23 Christianity
24 Jainism

As simple as this it is most best religion for its basic and straight forward concepts of things... Scientific in various ways... Also for it being pure intended one... By pure I mean no saying that u have to do this for a relief... It says master your senses n karma n your a master of self...

Is best main slogan is live and let live

I am a Jain and very proud to be so

Fully scientist religion,everything clear for past,persent and future. show to simply way for highest touch humans value. Let live to live life.

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25 Gaudiya Vaishnavas V 1 Comment
26 Druidism
27 Shia Muslim
28 Judaism
29 Zen

Chant and be happy
Hare Krishna.. hare Krishna.. Krishna Krishna hare hare.. hare rama hare rama rama.. Rama hare hare..

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31 Amolat Church of Changed In Life
32 Baha'i Faith
33 Mormons

I believe that everyone has a opinion of their own but, precisely I know that the church of Jesus Christ is the true church and we have so any ways to make your life peaceful because that's how we are & we have a temple where families get sealed together forever and when your in the you'll feel like crying forever it's so beautiful how this church is set out

I know that the church is true. I know that the book of Mormon is true.

Was not expecting this to be so low on the list.

Ok this is crazy. I go to church for 3 hours every Sunday, study the Bible and Book of Mormon daily, pray for every little thing, and my church is markes as the 26th most faithful in the world? This site is crazy.

34 Shintoism V 1 Comment
35 Quaker V 1 Comment
36 Presbyterianism
37 Zoroastrianism
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