Most Famous Ahl al-Hadith

Ahl al Hadis also Ahle Hadees is movement of islam.

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1 Dr. Zakir Naik

Dr. Zakir Naik is a famous public speaker, his a hold on Quran and Hadith.

OutStanding Knowledge

May Allah Bless Him

Many People (Specially Muslims) are Aganist Him I think they are not willing to face the Truth. May Allah Show them the right path

Dr Zakir Naik is doing great job, may Allah bless and protect him. He is great scholar of Islam and other comparitive religion.


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2 Muhammad Jarjis

Maulana Jarjis is a Public speaker. His a hold on Quran and Hadith, Ahl al-Hadith.

Assalamualikum actually all are wonderful but moulana jarjis the way he deliver speeches its wonderful to listen him.

He is just mindblowing, the way he speak, he convince the audience

Moulana Mohammed Jarjis Ansari Hafidavullah Shaik, always try to bring revaluation in listeners, he always use power full word's,try to understand him and you will never ignore Him.

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3 Advocate Faiz Syed


Very good speaker and may Allah increase his knowledge in Deen.

He's really awesome man!

Most of the speakers speak in English which many Indians don't understand. And in India, people are really uneducated about Islam.

He is not hesitant in speaking truth and covers all the topics.. He speaks in urdu which is understandable by almost all the Indian Muslims..

May Allah bless him.

Ha ha ha ha what a joke. you are not commenting about speaker. you are just shows your jealous nature towards great Indians. You narrow minded and crack people don't know the powers of Indians and India.

He is my silent master

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4 Sheikh Tousif ur-Rahman

Shykh Tousif your-Rahman is a Public speaker. His a hold on Quran and Hadith, Ahl al-Hadith.

I highly respect and appreciate Sheikh Tousif your-Rahman, because he follows the Qur'an and Hadith and has helped me become a more devout Muslim.



Sheikh tousifur Rahman and sheikh talibur Rahman best

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5 Anees Khan Salafi

Great scholar of Islam his knowledge is good

May ALLAH bless him, I am really impressed from his speeches

Very good scholar...

He's really good man superb knowledge...

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6 Abdul Rahman al-Sudais

Sheikh Sudais is a imam in Masjid al-Haram. He was born in Saudi Arabia. He is Ahle Hadis.

Allah Rohom Him, Because he is a Real Ahl al-Hadith. Not like Other Half Educated Ahl al-Hadith.

Every Body! Do you Know! What did he say? He said, "Inspite of disagreement of any opinion the unity of 4 Imam is perfect for Taklid"

I know it's his indicative about deep knowledge.

We must seek guidness from Mr. Abdulrehman Al sudais. The great personality of the era.

He is top 1 molanA in the world

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7 Sheikh Jalaluddin Qasmi

Shykh Jalaluddin Qasmi is a Public speaker. His hold on Quran and Hadith, Ahl al-Hadith.

He has vast knowledge about ahadith Masha allah, Allah Blessed him with more knowledge.

He is the best knowledgeable person

Dynamic scholar I would say Sheikh ul islam Allama jalaludin qasmi Hiffzahullah

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8 Sheikh Meraj Rabbani

Shykh Meraj Rabbani is a Public speaker. His a hold on Quran and Hadith, Ahl al-Hadith.

People may find him aggressive but his speeches attack the heart and actually bring about a change!

Seykh meraj rabbani is a good public speaker. His is hold on quran and hadith. Everyone is known about meraj rabbani.may allah bless him

I like he is the best daee in urdu language.

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9 IREF Br Imran

He is also a famous in public speaks & he is born in hyderabad & he is also holds on quran & sunnah the ah-lul-hadith

He is a great speaker may allah guide him

May Allah Bless Him

Very great speaker

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10 Sheikh Talib ur-Rahman

Shykh Talib your-Rahman is a Public speaker. His hold on Quran and Hadith, Ahl al-Hadith.

Dr. Talib your Rehman is awesome speaker whenever I watch or listen his debates he crushed the hanafies as well as rawafidh

Very nice lectures
Good style


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The Contenders

11 Mulana Tariq Jameel

One of the great scholar and is liked by the people of all schools of thought

May Allah reward him for his services to Islam

He is one of the popular Muslim scholar..

No fight no Abuse love you only love

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12 Dr. Israr Ahmed

Prominent scholar of Islam with vast knowledge.

He is a best person his speech is in detailed allah bless him

I like.. Nice and haq..

He was super islamic scholer

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13 Dr. Farhat Hashmi

Dr. Farhat Hashmi She is a famous Public speaker. His hold on Quran and Hadith, Ahl al-Hadith.

My Allah Bless her! She is unmatched regarding education of Qura'an majeed and Hadeeth. I salute her dignity and hard work. I does not have the right words to explain what I want to say.

A very good teacher of showing the right path to Woman & Kids. May Allah help her to open her school in every city of her country at least.

Good Scholar

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14 Shaikh Arshad Basheer Madani

I like Shaikh Arshad Basheer Madani lectures a lot. He usually says quranic aayats and hadiths.

The easyest and clear Speaker

Shaikh for 21st century

Arshad bhai you r mashallah allah give you more and more barakah in your life that your outstanding alim. Iam very happy and iam surre every Muslim brother and nonmbrother alsao happy b your a nice and kind man by your face alhamdulillah allah give you rewards here and after

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15 Ahmed Deedat

One of th great orater of Islam.. He was awarded the prestigious King Faisal International Prize in 1986 for his 50 years of missionary work.

Ma sha ALLAH... Very prominent and best scholar of our times... Passed away

Best scholar ever

He is the person Challenges the all Christens to Debet

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16 Shaik Abu Zaid Zameer

A very Knowledgeable person He Should be at Number one. please watch his videos on YouTube

Capable of very high knowledge of Islam as well as other topics of our daily social life. may Allah SWT bless him

Authentic Scholar. good both in understanding the religion & logical reasoning

I appreciate you.Pl explain how can I contact ulema any dini masala.

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17 Shaikh Jalaluddin Qasmi

He is really a great schlor of quran and hadith. I really love him. May Allah grant him success in every field of life.

The greatest scholar of them all, many scholars owe much to him for his imitation of reciting complete hadith in Arabic with reference. He is the forerunner of hadith memorization in this time mashaallah.

He is really great man

The best

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18 Sheikh Afzal Qadri

Shykh Afzal Qadri is a Public speaker. His hold on Quran and Hadith, Ahl al-Hadith.

Very good person may Allah bless him

19 Saud as-Shuraim

Sheikh Shurain is a imam in Masjid al-Haram. He was born in Saudi Arabia. He is Ahle Hadis.

His voice is very very good

He has a lot of knowledge related to quran and sunnah..

the best

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20 Zubair Ali Zai

One of the greatest and well known scholars of our time

I like him and miss him very much may Allah bless his soul Aameen

Great scholar

Masha allah muhddis hai is daur k

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21 Shaikh Hussain Bin Ahmed Al Zehrani

Really his v good scholar... may allah bless you...

A very good scholar...

He is a very famous scholar

Maa Shaa Allah Very Good scholar May Allah bless him

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22 Arshad Basheer Madani

Founder and Director of and pursuing Ph D.
He is from Hyderabad a great speaker and orator. He is also a great scholar Hadith. May Allah increase his knowledge and protect him so that to share knowledge with us.

I like ABM so much...His way of talking and teaching so quite n.Lovely...He is very nice person...
May ALLAH please him best reward n jannatul firdaos r jannat men hmen unka sath naseeb frma ameen

23 Mohd Yaqoob

May allah protect him

Allaha lambe zindgian day in sub ko

24 Shaykh Bin Baz

Shaykh bin Baz, the reviver of sunnah.

Was the shaykh of Haaram sharif.

25 Shaykh Albania

On of the greatest scholars of this time sadly also passed away. Reviver of the religion strong in Qur'an and Hadith. Please read many of his works

I love him... To.M... S


26 Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan

He is very good indeed. I love his lecture.

May Allah bless him well

He is very good scholar, his presentation with authentic Qura'n and the way of representing Qura'n is very helpful.

I felt interesting about learning Quran content after hearing to his tafseer talk.

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27 Dr. Bilal Philips

A great scholar of Islam. One of his best activity is Islamic Online University.

28 Dr. Murtaza Baksh

Dr murtaza bin baksh is deserve for first rank. Because most of his lecture based upon aqeeda & his way of teaching is excellent.

My Allah Bless Him

Authentic, upon the Way of Companions. May Allah bless him and preserve him, aameen.

Jazakallahu khair for DR MURTAZA BAKSH for his beneficial lecture. He is best aalim in urdu lectures. Allah grant him jannah

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29 Allama Abdul Hameed Rahmani

Not only A great scholar of Islam but also practising Islam in life


He was a great and very famous scholar.

He was a famous scholar of Quran and sunna. He knows better history of ahle hedith,

Maulana abdul hameed rahmani barre sageer men tareekhe ahle hadees ke sabse bade aalim the

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30 Br. Nizam A. Khan MBA

Mashaallah young dayee from hyderabad, an inspiration for modern generation youngsters.

Mashallah continue doing the same. May Allah (swt) bless you with more knowledge and courage. We are proud of U.

Mashaallah young dayee from hyderabad, an inspiration for modern generation youngsters.

Mashaallah young dayee from hyderabad, an inspiration for modern generation youngsters.

31 Sheikh Abu Zayed Zameer

Amazing speaker & teacher, always speaks with logic & wisdom, always tells the reference of Hadith whether it is Sahih or not.

32 Shaykh Badee Sindhee

Most greatest of knowledge

Very very most wise man

Great schoolar of past century

Most debtor mufasir muhadith poweful speacher wide knowledge my most most favourite schoolar

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33 Sheikh Karim Abu Zaid

"MashaAllah very good scholar"

Sheikh Karim Abu Zaid is a very Educated Scholar. He is Quran Hafiz in Arabic and English. Masha ALLAH. AlhamduliLLAH.

34 Shaykh Uthaymeen RA

Student of shaykh bin Baz and Abdul Rehman As Sadi RA please read many of this famous works

True beliver true follower of Islam

35 Qari Sohaib Ahmed Meer Muhammadi

Good Explanations

A graduate from madina university and expert in ten readings of quran

Good explainations

The Great person of present century May he live long Ameen

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36 Farooq Khan Razvi

Great scholars of Islam

Biddat maulana...

Top Scholar

He challenged most Gair Mukallid scholars like Jarjis and Tauseef who are the puppets of Saud Family on their payroll. Openly challenged them with debate on who is lying and deceiving Muslims. He proved that these two so called scholars twist and fabricate Quran and Hadith to their desires. Farooq Khan Razvi also answered their Shirk labels from quoting Quran, Hadith and from the works of their own Scholars who they go against. They have simply sold their religion. If they are on truth they would have debated long time ago.

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37 Maulana Mufti Muhammad Ishaq

Sectarian hate mongers don't like him because he hits them where it hurts the most. The criterion is clear, who wants to unite the Muslims under one banner and who is deepening the ever growing division between different sects? This guy should have been somewhere near the top, not at number 38.

No word for this person, he dedicated his hole life for brining unity among Muslims. He had a ocean of knowledge!

Maulana ishaq must be in 1

He was a very knowledgeable and practical person to unite ummah. Allah bless him. I have learned a lot from his lectures on youtube. in my opinion he is number 1.

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38 Dr Muhammad Asadullah Al-Ghalib

He is really a great Ahlehadith leader in Bangladesh

MashaAllah he is the main instrumental in preaching dawah of Salafiah Ahlul Hadeeth in Bangladesh from last 20 years. Most famous Ahlehadith Writer, Thinker, Speaker and Educationalist now in Bangladesh.

39 Sheikh Abu Zayd Zameer Hafizullah

Very good personality

Masha Allah he has very good knowledge.

He is one of the best Ahlul Hadeeth Speakers in India. May Allah preserve him.


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40 Shaikh Abdul Bari Fatahullah Al Madani

No one can compete him in the field of hadith.


41 Mufti Ismael Menk

Representing with fun is one of his best quality.

I don't have words to tell abt his quality of speech, may allah bless him

He is simply best...May Allah Ta'ala blessed him!

The very best - Superb
May allah bless him and his family
Number 1 no question about it. Most humble Aalim

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42 Allama Ehsan Elahi Zaheer

Allama Zaheer was an exceptional speaker and writer and his command on speech and writing is marvellous. He brought thousands of people to teachings of Quran and Sunnah

Writer Orator Great scholar, Brave

One of the greatest

One of the Great Scholars of era. With complete command over arabic urdu speches

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43 Moulana Ajaz Ahmed Nadvi

Amazing speaker and superb speeches masha allah

He is one of the best ahle hadith. May allah bless him.

I love her lectutes..Mind Blowing..

44 Shaikh Razaullah Abdul Karim Madni

His speech is very clear and understandable. He is a good orator OF Hades and after hearing, we fee and makes us to follow by which we hope Allah will for give us and showers his blessing on us. The most important is, he all ways quote with the reference of our Holy Prophet (Sal) saying, which makes us to obey his saying. His lecture carries peace, unity, love among the Muslim's and other brother hoods. May Allah bless him good health and live long. Aameen. em.

Very good scholar is a renowned Islamic the'ee, orator and Hadeeth expert with extra-ordinary command over Urdu and Arabic languages. He is also a famous speaker of Peace T.V. Urdu and Zee Salaam.

45 Bashir Ahmad Nehami Almadni

Best scholar in Kashmir
Degree holder from Madina university.
Great knowledge

46 Dr. Yasir Qadhi


MaShaAllah excellent scholar, may Allah swt bless him.

47 Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza

I like his explanation of hadith

Great knowledge of various sects of Muslims. Spreading true wisdom and light extracted through comparative study of famous IMMAMS. Guiding right direction to everyone. May Allah protect him to continue for showering truthful picture of ISLAM.

Engineer of whole which is greater than parts.

Best Scholar of islam

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48 Kari Shoaib Ahmad

Great knowledge on islaam

49 Sheikh. Sohaib Ahmed Mir Mohammadi

One of the best Islamic scholar Masha'Allah...
Must listen to his lectures...

50 Shaikh Mohammah Yahya Salfi
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