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21 Shaikh Hussain Bin Ahmed Al Zehrani

Really his v good scholar... may allah bless you...

A very good scholar...

He is a very famous scholar

Maa Shaa Allah Very Good scholar May Allah bless him

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22 Arshad Basheer Madani
23 Shaykh Bin Baz

Shaykh bin Baz, the reviver of sunnah.

Was the shaykh of Haaram sharif.

24 Mohd Yaqoob

May allah protect him

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25 Shaykh Albania

On of the greatest scholars of this time sadly also passed away. Reviver of the religion strong in Qur'an and Hadith. Please read many of his works

I love him... To.M... S


26 Dr. Bilal Philips

A great scholar of Islam. One of his best activity is Islamic Online University.

27 Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan

He is very good indeed. I love his lecture.

May Allah bless him well

He is very good scholar, his presentation with authentic Qura'n and the way of representing Qura'n is very helpful.

I felt interesting about learning Quran content after hearing to his tafseer talk.

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28 Dr. Murtaza Baksh

Dr murtaza bin baksh is deserve for first rank. Because most of his lecture based upon aqeeda & his way of teaching is excellent.

He is a excellent teaches us about Islam... Like Tauheed, Aqeedah, Shirk etc...

Jazakallahu khair for DR MURTAZA BAKSH for his beneficial lecture. He is best aalim in urdu lectures. Allah grant him jannah

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29 Allama Abdul Hameed Rahmani

Not only A great scholar of Islam but also practising Islam in life


He was a famous scholar of Quran and sunna. He knows better history of ahle hedith,

Allah give him paradise and make neighbor of nabi (saw) how did great service of Islam allah make us the same way which way gone shahabye keram ajmeen aameen ya rabbal aalmeen

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30 Br. Nizam A. Khan MBA

Mashaallah young dayee from hyderabad, an inspiration for modern generation youngsters.

Mashallah continue doing the same. May Allah (swt) bless you with more knowledge and courage. We are proud of U.

Mashaallah young dayee from hyderabad, an inspiration for modern generation youngsters.

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31 Sheikh Abu Zayed Zameer

Amazing speaker & teacher, always speaks with logic & wisdom, always tells the reference of Hadith whether it is Sahih or not.

32 Shaykh Badee Sindhee V 5 Comments
33 Sheikh Karim Abu Zaid
34 Shaykh Uthaymeen RA

Student of shaykh bin Baz and Abdul Rehman As Sadi RA please read many of this famous works

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35 Maulana Mufti Muhammad Ishaq

Sectarian hate mongers don't like him because he hits them where it hurts the most. The criterion is clear, who wants to unite the Muslims under one banner and who is deepening the ever growing division between different sects? This guy should have been somewhere near the top, not at number 38.

No word for this person, he dedicated his hole life for brining unity among Muslims. He had a ocean of knowledge!

Maulana ishaq must be in 1

My 1st most favorite scholar May Allah SWT bless him Janna I have learn a lot a lot from his lectures - SuperSoul

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36 Shaikh Abdul Bari Fatahullah Al Madani

No one can compete him in the field of hadith.

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37 Sheikh Abu Zayd Zameer Hafizullah

Very good personality

Masha Allah he has very good knowledge.

He is one of the best Ahlul Hadeeth Speakers in India. May Allah preserve him.


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38 Mufti Ismael Menk

I don't have words to tell abt his quality of speech, may allah bless him

One of the finest scholar of Islam... whatever he preach is based on Quran and authentic hadith... Alhamdulillah

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39 Dr Muhammad Asadullah Al-Ghalib

He is really a great Ahlehadith leader in Bangladesh

MashaAllah he is the main instrumental in preaching dawah of Salafiah Ahlul Hadeeth in Bangladesh from last 20 years. Most famous Ahlehadith Writer, Thinker, Speaker and Educationalist now in Bangladesh.

40 Qari Sohaib Ahmed Meer Muhammadi

A graduate from madina university and expert in ten readings of quran

Good explainations

Best qari

A great and awesome way of speech, polite and sweet.. May Allah Shower hus blessing on him. And give everyone such knwoledge and understanding and way of qirat.

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