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41 Job

Worst story ever!? God says to the devil his enemy fine do what you want to him but don't kill him Satan takes everything away from Job his children his cattle his sheep everything! God should've not done that God is the nice guy love kind good power helpful and those other names we call God but God lets Satan his evil enemy Do bad stuff to Job

I love when Jobs friends say to him God is punishing you because you did wrong Job said he didn't do anything wrong to deserve it but his friends say you should curse God and die but Job tells his friends that he is so innocent

Best. Story. Ever!

I love JOB... gives perspective of what true faith in God means and what testing is actually like!

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42 Moses and Pharaoh
43 Pentecost
44 Jesus Chooses the 12 Disciples
45 Elijah on Mount Carmel
46 Jesus Talks About Caesar and God
47 Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah
48 Esther Saves Her People

Esther, in this story, saves her people from a law that could jeopardize the fate of her people. With God on her side, she risks her life to save her people! This is a remarkable story, a story for all to hear!

I love the story of Esther! She had courage to do what was right with God on her side!

49 Lot's Escape
50 Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind
51 Jesus Calms the Storm
52 Nebuchadnezzar's Dream
53 Jesus Raises Lazarus from the Dead
54 Jesus Heals a Man With a Demon
55 Jesus Heals Ten Lepers
56 The Creation of the Tabernacle
57 Jesus Heals Sick People at Gennesaret
58 Jesus Heals a Man Who Is Deaf and Dumb
59 Joseph the King of Dreams

I really love the story so much!

If you ar a king, you ar aking indeed!

60 David and Jonathan
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