Step aside everyone else, if you can dance, sing, rap and perform intense choreography live to the state of perfection, then I will consider you competition for B.A.P. They deal with issues about society, their lyrics have meaning, and are not just love songs or songs about partying or breakups. The members have role sin the production and lyrics of their songs as well as the creation of their own choreography-more than most boy bands even in Korea do. Don't be fooled, they are not some pretty boy band, they are a hardcore hip hop group with pop, rock and r an b laced music

I don't even know where to start... They are just the B.A. P (Best. Absolute. Perfect). It's not about their looks, neither is about their past and how hard they worked to get this far. They are a band, they make music. Honestly there is no songs that they made that I dislike, no one. From their debut they just improve themselves and they still have so much to show. I just want to thank them for everything that they did for me, I love you B.A. P!

In such short time they got so far. Never have I met more hardworking group and I admire them for this because the only thing they care of is that fans will enjoy their music. Also their songs carry messages about serious matters, which is rare nowadays. ^^

B.A. P is the one and only K-Pop boy band that I think they are real artist. They create song about criminal, society, life, love etc,. They tell their fans "please don't send a gift for my birthday. Just use your money for yourself or people that want it more than us. The best gift for us is your love" B.A. P is not the most popular boy band. But for me they are Best Absolute Perfect.

B.A. P are special... Not to mention their music... They are different from the other boy groups... They are doing their music and music is basically a pleasure for them

B.A. P is a group that actually got me into K-POP for their uniqueness especially in musicality. The MV One Shot was just too good, that I had no choice but to be one of their fan (and I regret nothing). Most of their lyrics have wonderful meanings regarding society which no other groups does. I have a lot of respect for this group. Hope to see them bring more success into their career.

B.A. P always do their best for everything, their singing, dance and live performance. And their music have many variations, you can find very strong and powerful song and you also can choose very soft or cute song from them. They are a very talent group.

Best Absolute Perfect match B.A. P very well. Their song 'Badman' contain meaningful and strong message to the society. All of them are so talented! I love their singing skill, dancing skill, rapping skill, powerful performance, etc etc etc. Non kpop fan also know them because of their talent and hardworking. I love BAP... !

They live up just like their name. BEST. ABSOLUTE. PERFECT

I have never been a fan to anyone but when I came across with B.A. P, I can't resist becoming one.

If anyone does deserve to be noticed it's B.A.P.. they work really hard ♥ so good luck to them

When I first knew about B.A. P I was new to kpop.. that was during power era.. I have to admit it.. compared to other groups I knew at that time.. they weren't as good-looking as other bands.. but they were talented.. and their songs have strong and deep meanings..
Living with them for almost 2 years.. I learned a lot.. they could be little tiny things but they have a great effect on my life..
Maybe the most important thing I learned was not to miss chances.. because "you only have 'ne chance you know"..
And not to give up.. even though it was released before their debut as the Bang & Zelo sub group.. whenever I feel tired of something /like a workout or studying for an upcoming exam/ their song never give up starts playing in my head.. and oh yeah.. that motivates me a lot..
There are so many thing a learned from B.A. P and if I was going to write every single thing I will never stop..
They are just the best absolute perfect boy band on Earth..

By the way.. they ...more

I vote B.A. P because the band of B.A. P is hard working in every months B.A. P have a comeback mv and songs and B.A. P hava a 13 songs last february and 3 movie and I shock because B.A. P comeback again last april or may... I hope B.A. P is the number 1 boy band in the world and I hope I see in personal the B.A. P Korean band specially jung daehyun and I hope I watch in personal the concert of B.A. P amen... The songs of B.A. P is dynamic, touching and meaningful.. Go B.A.P...

I'm a hard core kpop fan and B.A.P. is the cream of the crop!

BAP is a Korean group. They're so talented.
Please vote them!

Their music is so eclectic and they're not afraid to take chances. They've gone from a hard hip-hop vibe to energetic anthems to soft and cute and back again. They even touched on a hard rock sound with Bang x2 and a softer rock vibe with Save Me. And let's get real here: Daehyun's vocals are probably the strongest I've ever heard. Combined with Youngjae's softer tones, the two complement one another. I've seen Daehyun sing with others and he can really outshine most other vocalists but Youngjae manages not only to stand out next to Daehyun, he also harmonizes beautifully with his powerful voice. Yongguk and Zelo's rapping together is a perfect complementary blend as well, with the low sultry tone of Yongguk's voice and then the staccato of Zelo's quick, sharp raps.

Honestly, I wish we would see more of Himchan and Jongup. Himchan has a really nice voice, smokey and raspy, that is very distinctive next to many voices in the industry. From what I've heard of Jongup's voice, his ...more

They live up to their name 200%! One would never regret being a BABY.

I agree B.A. P are amazing. my fave group

People don't even take time to see them I love bap so much

Rather than call them boybands I would say they are certified artists. Hardworking boys they really are

Amazing group with a multitalented member

Their dance moves josh they drive me crazy

B.A. P is short for Best Absolut Perfect. This is the best description for those 6 Korean boys. Of course they are awesome as singers and dancers but what BABYZ love is there personality. We love the boys who are: doing a lot of charity work, unsocial, family and food zoned us, don't care on what is mainstream and doing there own thing. We love the leader who told us to pick up trash and the maknae who's obsessed with socks.

B.A. P aka Best Absolute Perfect, is a non-typical Korean band. Yongguk (the leader) writes songs with powerful messages encouraging others to not give up on their dreams and to warns us about society like in their latest song BARMAN. With Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae,
Jongup and zelo they form a Best Absolute Perfect band. In only 1 yr of debut they had their first tour in Malaysia, Japan, Singapore and including 4 cities in the U.S. They also had their Japanese Debut.

This group is just amazing, really. They had help me a lot. I think B.A. P has made me a better person by always encouraging their fans to pick up trash that's on the ground, donate and help the needy. I really recommend to ANYONE to listen to B.A. P! I'm really proud of my boys and also the fandom that are always their to support them. Fighting!

B.A. P is a very popular kpop group. They have a really good fanbase and they have amazing concepts.