Top Ten Most Famous Penguins in Club Penguin

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1 Rockhopper

Snowstorm222 is the best he's nice his life is a giant hole of awesomeness! And that's a fact

He's really cool I bet people are going to put their own name on this list but I can't blame them I would do it to

This has got to be the stupidest list on this website.

Great guy. 10/10 would recommend.

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2 Leothelion 8

Leothelion 8 is a VERY cool penguin that loves total drama island with is best friends. He loves to spend so much time on club penguin and loves the website he is the best penguin ever!

Really nice and very fun

I saw him to he's nice that's why I voted for him

He is the BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST guy ever! He is the best penguin that EVER penguined

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3 Delilah2200

Bunny is my best friend. Being one of the first total drama island members with Leo and Pip, ya got a funny spirt and never gives up in a funny talent and crazy ideals.

She is a awesome friend! She goes bye bunny by the way.

Bunny is super awesome and caring! She has a heart of gold.

I think shes really nice

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4 Thinknoodles

Awesome, great, youtuber, funny, smart

Thinknoodles is amazing. Back when I played CP, I went to every single Think Thursday. I was so frequent, that whenever I went he would point me out as a "fan from the beginning"

Amazing one of a kind

the best

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5 Happy ice 3

He's an awesome friend

A friend of mine

6 Gary The Gadget Guy

He's very original. I remember playing in 2010, my first year. He was always there. I loved that he was in the missions and was a pure genius. However, they make him more stupid every year for the little kids.

My favorite penguin!

He is the best he made nearly everything possible in Club penguin He made Games/Partys and Missions

He love gadget he make a super power at shadowguy

7 Sensei

This is the only penguin I have heard of in this list. He is a ninja penguin, who you have to beat at Card Jitsu to earn your Ninja Mask.

He is the MASTER of Card-jitsu! Who doesn't like him!? He is wise in the ways of science!

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8 Maggie8549

She's getting rarer. And shes awesome!

BEST penguin you could ever meet! Bff! She loves the color purple and loves aa the mascot! She is the penguin that you would want to be bffs with!

She is so funny and crazy! Of course she likes purple so much! She hangs out with Club, Leothelion8, JimmyJames2 (Her together), Delilah2200, and others! VOTE MAGGIE8549!

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9 Rockingyaz

He's not that famous YET. He's a ver popular guy on abominable that makes some pretty cool igloos. He starts advertising for like 3 minutes he comes back and it's full! And he's really nice!

Just went to his zombie survival. He is very committed to his igloo making job or whatever it's called

In other words, he's a great igloo maker and really nice to everyone. Vote for Rocking!

Rockingyaz is awesome... especially at Igloo Making.

Go Rocks! Peggles here

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10 Piplup Man 8

His igloos are the best! He is the funniest person I know and he deserves the title as number 1

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11 Awesomex7

Shut up it's probably the same dude just repeating himself.

Thanks guys this means a lot to me signed AwesomeX7

I am 7 you rule dude
Have you been to that place where you do that jet pack game?

Hi thanks for putting me on the list if you wanna see me ill usally be with leothelion8 piplupman8 delilah2200 happyice3 babymariods blewberry02 or rockingyaz and more people to

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12 Alyssa 18
13 Aunt Arctic

Is the writer of the Club Penguin Times.

She is m friend and I think she's really cool!

😃 agree

14 Cadence

Really? 15th place? But she's an amazing penguin, I Love her songs and her personality. The PARTY starts now!

I think cadence is a really nice, pretty penguin

What the she is awesome so why is she 15

Cadence is my most favorite Club Penguin mascot. Why? Because:

1.) GREAT hair.
2.) GREAT personality.
3.) GREAT dance moves.
4.) GREAT songs.
5.) GREAT parties.
6.) GREAT postcards.
7.) GREAT meet 'n' greets.
8.) GREAT coaching (in dance contest).
9.) GREAT purple puffles.
10.) GREAT DJ.

And who knows? She might actually be a PSA agent! - MillieTrina_Prower

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15 Herbert

He is the main villain of club penguin, I remember in 2012 when herbert destroyed the whole club penguin place and we didn't have light for like a month. I can't wait for another mission

He is the best! But not in old cp and mostly in operation blackout.

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16 Kbj98
17 Sunshine810
18 Efb0412

She's kinda rare to see online now. if you see her you are really lucky!

She wasn't really popular before. A lot of people know her now though.

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19 Kallie 19

She is my BFF! She supports everyone and everything.
She deserves to be on this list!

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20 Earthing

Earthing is really great! MOST AWESOME PENGUIN!

Hi Earthing I am Rocky the rocking guy

Earthing is the most famous penguin in Club Penguin island!

Earthing is very famous! He rules

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