Top Ten Most Famous Penguins in Club Penguin

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21 Mimo777

Oh no how is this on list I met him he is very rude

22 judo09
23 Penguin Band
24 Theflame14
25 CeCe
26 Jennapenquin
27 Mike 92

I love this guy's hacks. To bad he's banned forever.

28 bmxbc3

Bmxbc3 is a great penguin and he's legendary his igloo is awesome and his outfits are always stylish I think he should be the 1st most popular penguin his igloo parties are great and he always has the coolest stuff not to mention his awesome iceberg igloo and his pink candy igloo that has such a homie look and his dance club igloo and the summer treehouse!

29 Hanna1105
30 Sweetbill
31 Yoyo234
32 A5kohli

He is a very hard working non member he always fights for non members all non members should vote for him

Oh my god it's my penguin I never knew that I was popular thank you for everyone who voted me

A5 kohli man he is awesome is he still active I don't think so

I've never met him but he sounds AWESOME

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33 Chrisdog93
34 gtfive

I agree vote for this guy.

Holy crap please make him between 13 and 1 right now I'm sick of you guys not knowing who the best cp penguin is ever

In the time of chimpanzees
I was a monkey
Butane in my veins
So I'm out to cut the junkie
With the plastic eyeballs,

Dude this gtfive kid is probably a 10 year old just adding comments to make people vote for him and this should be removed from the list for spamming and comment I if you r sick of seeing gtfive on this list or like this comment

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35 frosty7906

He is so awesome love him

He is cool

I don't like him he is just stupid was my class fellow he is a clumsy bird alsssooo he was a pokie


36 Amigo TV
37 Heatblast227
38 tazboi
39 Weather44

He is really cool and funny as well. Either teasing his friends or getting a funny laugh, Weather is a cool guy on cp! Add him

Weather44 AKA Zach is one of the first ever total drama crew members. Along with Leothelion 8. So if you ever see him around any of his friends, then add him for his videos on Weather Troop CP with his bro Troop12.

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40 Stoptix

Well my best dude since a long time he loves making new friends and parties he is just so entertaining

The best probably! loves parties and likes making friends! I am his best dude since the start

He is awesome I'm sure if he had a youtube channel he would be on number 1 my best friend

The best there ever will

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